1 What the hell is that thing?

So I'm trying not to freak out here but I can't tell if I'm high or hungover. I keep looking around and all I see is a beren red desert. Pacing in circles this ingering rotten smell follows me.

Okay get yourself together Scott how did you get here?

Clam down Scott this is all a dream just a bad trip. All you have to do is pinch your self and you'll wake up. Ouch... what's going on here that really hurt this isn't a dream is it.

There's that damn rotten smell again. Did I step in dog crap or something? Looking down and inspecting my shoes I start to hear this clicking noise coming from all around me. Maybe I shouldn't have had that last shot of jack. Then I noticed the sand moving as if there's something swimming underneath it.

Bam pop boom out popped three worms. Now you might be thinking oh what a wimp afraid of some little worms. Wrong these worms are the size of my leg oh and I almost forgot to mention have razor blades for teeth. Yep I'm screwed!

Time to high tale it out of here running like I've never ran before. After running twenty yards while lookimg backwards I noticed they were all gone. Where the hell am I and why am I being chased by worms!!!

Thankfully a rock mound was within fifty yards. Okay Scott all you have to do is get on top off this rock mound and then you'll be safe. Just as I aproch the rock mound my ears hear the dreaded clicking followed by the bam pop boom sound.

This time five worms grace me with there presents just my luck. Okay if there was any other time to pry this was one of those times. Please worms don't eat me I swear I don't taste good.

Wait now that I think about it I have some gum in my pocket maybe they like gum. Damit Scott why are you even thinking about this right now. Screw it I don't have any other ideas. Go gum I chose you! As I reach into my pocket the worms start to diverge onto me.

Once I threw the gum I turned and started climbing like an animal. Next thing I know I'm on top the rock mound. Holy crap I made it in one piece.

Overlooking the edge I see the worms fighting amongst themselves. It seems like gum was is effective. But really who would think that worms liked gum.

So now that I'm free of the worms let's take a breather and figure out what's going on here. Come on Scott what's the last thing you remember. You were are your friends party having a good time, then you called a Nober for a ride home.

Why is that all I remember! Best believe that Nober drive is getting a bad review. Okay enough jokes.

Sitting down and looking up into the sky I notice two suns staring back at me. Closing and opening my eyes rapidly hoping I'm just hallucinating. I'm not earth anymore am I.

Thinking back to when I awoke in this barren red desert all the clues have been around me but I couldn't put it together. Here I'm stranded, only god knows where I am.

Wait I still have my phone. Please work you stupid smart phone. As I reach into my back pocket I feel my phone and a ring that wasn't there before.

After inspecting my phone i come to the conclusion that the battery is dead. There goes my only hope.

Analizing the ring showed that it was made out of some glass like substance kinda like obsidian. Looking closer to the interior of the ring I noticed scribbles that look like Japanese. Who am I kidding they only Japanese I know is from anime and the subtitles always cover it up.

The next moment the ring slides onto my finger by itself. Wtf can this day get any weirder because I can't take any more.

Pulling with all my strength the ring doesn't budge. Just as I'm about to give up I notice the ring start glowing. It started on the top and then slowly rotate around like a loading bar.

Curse you stupid ring won't you just come off. Now pulling like my life depended on it I noticed the light moving faster. Is this really going to be the way I die. A virgin on some foreign planet from a magical ring bomb.

As the light was almost finished. I closed my eyes and though of all my friends and family wondering if I would be missed. DING...DING...DING!!!I'm alive, I'm really alive.

Scott opened his eyes to see the ring back to its original appearance. Arm outstretched trying not to have another fright while looking for clues on what just happened.

:::Sync Complete:::

:::Hello Travler Scott Walker:::

Frightened by the voice in his head Scott tumbles and trips over some rocks. Looking down at the ring attached to his finger speechless thinking if he should say hello back.

Hello magical ring are you a bomb or something that will hurt me?

:::No I'm The Unbroken:::