227 Illusion Eye

When Jayna realized that what she opened was the call from me, her sleepy face was instantly refreshed. The glimmer in her eyes eclipsed the lamp next to her bed. Afterwards, she looked down at what she's wearing and upon seeing how thin it was she bashfully picked up her quilt to cover her alluring figure.

"Daisuke... I-it's fine to cover myself like this, right?"

Well, I already saw it in full view and was already satisfied.

"It's fine, I'll be able to see that better when I got you by my side again."

"This… you've become shameless, Daisuke."

Jayna visibly blushed and despite her words, she looked more happy hearing those from me. Now, I miss our days together in the World of Spirits.

"I'm just being honest, Jayna. Anyway, anything new there?"

"Un. I'm about to create my second Sea. After that, I will also be able to call the Door of Transcendence."

Jayna excitedly reported with a huge grin on her face.


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