The Ultimate Saiyan Warrior Reborn

I am in Dragon Ball, as a clone of Goku and Vegeta made by Dr. Gero. To be honest, this is going to be awesome and horrifying, isn't it? On the plus side, Android 21 might probably exist. I guess I have a goal now. Neutral Evil MULTIVERSE

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In March, I am going to start a Patreon-exclusive fic

There are 3 options to choose from right now

The first is about a guy who is sent over to the DC universe, as the successor of Thor 616, but due to the MC being the last option for a successor, he is unworthy and as such will have to try and become worthy. Obviously, he will be able to lift Mjolnir but he will not be able to use its power and only use it as a hammer and call it back to him. Oh, and the Justice League hasn't formed yet when he arrives

The second is about a guy, who can reach into the TV only once and retrieve any item. The MC chooses the recalibrated Omnitrix from Ben 10 Alien Force. The issue with this one is that I am unsure which universe to send him to and if you guys choose this one please drop down some suggestions

The MC will have the Kaledeiscope, the Second True Magic, but he will have no idea how to use it. Also, he won't have much knowledge due to the setting that he will be born in the late 90s on his OG Earth, he will just know that he is going to other worlds due to the massive differences. To start with some form of power, he will have Magic Circuits. The first world will be Demon Slayer

So, guys please choose one of the 3 options

After, Update

After some thinking it won't be patreon exclusive but it it will be 5 to possibly 10 chapters ahead in Webnovel