12 The Exam

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--Madara's Pov--

"Start!" President Mic shouts as we were all Lined up on the starting line.

Instantly everyone in my group burst forth and charges towards the incoming enemies. The robots, designed and programmed to act like villains that have to be defeated, bore me.

I duck below one strike from the claws of a robot worth two points, which is called a two pointer, before slamming my knee into its chest and grabbing it's head with both my hands. Using my momentum I flip over the head and pull ripping it off.

'How boring. These robots, don't interest me.' Are the only things crossing my mind. I feel my wind blowing from the explosion behind me of the 2 pointer. Then, from around the corners, 4 3 pointers race towards me.

WIth a bored yet determined expression, I crouch down low and activate my sharingan. Suddenly, I feel as if the world around me has become clear. Everything slows down, my eyes then quickly swerve back and forth to each and every incoming enemy. Then, I dash forwards with incredible speed.

Ducking the blow of the first robot I grab the writs of it's robotic like arm and pull it towards me while launching a hammer fist into its side with my left hand, destroying it. I then launch a back kick into the chest of the second one before spinning parallel to the ground to doge the third ones attack.

Sweat begins to drip down my brow as I continue to clash with these robots. Within a few moments I have successfully downed 4 of them and am dashing towards the with. As I reach it and land a powerful jumping roundhouse, I hear from my right, "Die!" As the last 3 pointer gets blown to smithereens by a massive explosion.

"Out of my way!" Shouts the cause of the explosion. The cause appears to be a guy. He stands at around 5ft 6 inches, with short spikey blond hair, pale skin, angry red eyes, and a lean but strong build.

Ignoring him, I then dash forwards towards my next target. I spend the next ten minutes casually racking up points by destroying robot after robot.

'How boring. Fighting a robot just isn't the same as fighting a person.' I know am certain that I've gathered more than enough points for this exam, so I am calmly sitting on top a large pile of robots I've destroyed My arm resting on my knee while the wind blows through my long hair.

I calmly look around to see if I find anything amusing. All around I can find wanna be heroes fighting the robots, but most of them are struggling. In articular there seems to be one boy with the quirk to throw some weird purple balls from his hair barely avoiding be crushed by a 3 pointer.

I sigh as I then stand up and leap down from the large pile. I land with my legs crouched and my hands on my knees. I then casually straighten out and begin to walk towards them. As I do so, I address the purple dude, "What are you doing?"

"Waaaa, please help me. EEEK" He screeches as he ducks below a powerful tail swipe. from the lizardman looking robot.

I don't know what, but something about this kid. Annoys me. Really, really annoys me. 'Gah, it won't do to just let him get squished.'

With an irritated look I dash forwards and activate my sharingan. If it had been a two pointer I wouldn't have bothered, but for a three pointer it's better to be safe than sorry as they are significantly stronger.

I stop right next to the robot and grab the wrist of its right claw like hand that is currently swiping towards the cowering purple dude. I then proceed to squeeze as strong as I can. Realizing as the steel is to strong to crush, I simply take a step forward before rotating my body 180 degrees before I am facing with my back directly to its chest.

Then, I duck down and launch a powerful back kick directly to it's chin sending it flying and crashing into the ground disabled.

The purple dude then, with tears in his eyes, shouts, "Thank you! Thank you so much."

I then turn to glare at him, "If you need to be saved from something like that, then you should leave. You couldn't even escape it. What if a civilian's life had been on the line? You would have failed to protect or save them."

With that I turn and dash of leaving a crushed and disappointed looking 3 foot tall purple man looking at the ground, defeated.

I continue to run around assisting others for a good five minutes before finally, I hear a loud explosion from the East district to my left.

"Holy, what the hell?" I mutter as I see a massive 350 foot tall robot slowly rolling down the road. With a swing of its arm it destroys an entire 400 foot tall office building.

This.... Might actually be interesting!

"Hell Yah! A challenge!"

"Hell Yah! A challenge!"

Hearing another voice say the exact same thing as me, I turn to my right and see a tall, 5ft 8inch man, with stone hard pale skin, bright red hair, and razor sharp teeth looking directly at me.

We simply start at each other for a moment before smiling. A single thought crossing both our minds, 'Ah, a kindred spirit.'

"You too huh?" He asks with a large toothy grin.

I nod, "Hell yah!"

"Together?" He asks with a look of excitement.

I nod with a satisfied smirk plastered to my face, "Together."

(Play, 'You Say Run')

With that, we both begin to dash towards it. We run past a massive crowd of fleeing applicants on our way towards the robot.

"What are they doing? Are they insane?"

"Should we help them?"

"Just leave them, their done for."

Ignoring these comments we both continue towards our target with smiles of excitement. The rubble from the falling building is now plummeting towards 3 helpless applicants as they look up in terror. "Yo, Red Eyes, I'll get those guys to safety first, can you hold it off?"

"On it, Stone Skin, you got around 2 minutes." I reply. I then continue racing towards the big 0 pointer. Now, if it's worth Zero points, why would I bother fight it you might ask. If that's what your asking you obviously don't know me to well. You think I'mma tell you why? Figure it out!

Stone Skin then leaps into the air above the other wanna be heroes, and smashes through the rubble dispersing it and successfully protecting the others. He then turns to them and quickly begins helping them out as a few of them are already injured.

'If I can get to it's head, then I might be able to do something.' WIth this thought I gather as much energy as I can mustur and pull my black steel bo staff. 'It may not be the same as a human, but it's at least interesting. I think with a smirk.

Seeing me charging at me and registering me as a threat and raises its large fist before lashing out towards me with a punch. Just as I had hoped.

The massive fist then crashes into the ground completely obliterating the entire area around where it had hit. Unfortunately for it, I had jumped at last second avoiding the attack.

I quickly land on the arm of the 0 Pointer and begin to dash upward towards it's face with both hands behind me with my bo staff in my right hand. Running like this limits the unnecessary motion in my body making it easier to maintain my balance.

'Thanks Sensei Crese.' I silently thank the man who taught me this technique. After I make it about half way up the arm, I then am forced to halt and leap up as the other hand crashes into where I had been a moment before nearly crushing me.

'Shit!' I spend the next few moments trying to get closer to the head, but I am completely unable to make any more progress.

"Stone Skin!" I shout as I doge another blow.

"I got you!" I hear a voice shout from behind me. "Keep going! I'll block the next strike!"

I nod before taking off forward towards the head once again.


--Pov the crowd of applicants watching from safety watching the 0 Pointer--

"Dam. That thing is huge. We'll get crushed if we try to even get close to it." One guy states in awe.

"Indeed." Another girl nods in agreement as it's giant fist smashes the ground crushing anything nearby and causing a large cloud of dust to rise.

Suddenly, from somewhere else in the crowd everyone hears, "Holy Crap! Look!"

They all gasp as they see a figure leap out of the dust cloud and land on the mechanical disasters arm and then begins running up towards the head of the massive robot.

"Holy shit."

"Holy crap."

"Is he running up the dam things arm?"

"Look how he's running, isn't that like how shinobi in our ancient history class used to run? I tried it but my arms were swinging side to side like a weirdo. How the hell is he doing that?"

"Crap he's about to be crushed!" Another kid shouts as the crowd watches the massive hand of the robot fly down towards him.

"Look out!" Another kid shouts.

They watch as he suddenly ducks back and narrowly avoids the hand. "Holy crap! He dodged it!"

"He's insane!" The crowd all continue to watch as he continues to try and push forward but fails as he's pushed back time and time again by the massive hand.

"How the hell is he still on that damn arm? It keeps trying to shake him off but he somehow is still holding on." Someone cries in amazement.

"What's he doing!" A girl shouts while pointing back towards the scene. "He's not dodging!"

They all shout and look on in horror as the shinobi charged up the arm with a massive hand descending towards him.

--POV Madara--

'They better freaking have a plan. I swear if they let me get smacked I'm killing them.' I think while smiling nervously.

As the hand quickly descend towards me I hear, "Tape Slingshot!" I hear. Suddenly, something red flies right past me, and slams into the machines hand. The force and durability of the now confirmed Stone Skin dude destroys the hand.

As I continue to run up I turn to look at where the hell Stone Skin came from. I then see a strange looking tall guy with smooth shoulder length black hair, strang rectangle like teeth, and tape dispensers on his elbows. 'Well, that works.' I chuckle with a smile.

--Crowd POV--

"What the hell!" One guy shouts as they see Stone Skin slam into the robots hand destroying it.

"Kirishima? You can fly?" A beautiful alien looking girl with pink skin and pink hair asks surprised.

"No, look! The guy with the tape quirk launched him!"

"Thats awesome!"

"Look! The Shinobi dude is almost there!"

"Yah, but what's he going to do once he's there?"

"I don't know but seeing he made it this far he's got to have something up his sleeve right?"

"Yah! He's got this!"

--Meanwhile, in the teachers booth--

"All Might, are you seeing this? Look at these kids! There insane!" One teacher shouts in awe while watching the team up of the three heroes on the massive robot.

--Madara POV--

As I have almost reached the head, I can feel the wind blow through my hair and the breeze whipping against my face. I can feel my blood pumping and my heart pounding.

Suddenly, a large machine gun pops out of it's shoulder and turns to face me. I continue to charge ahead as I can hear it revving up to start firing. Right as it's about to unleash a hellfire of bullets, I hear a loud angry scream erupt from my right, "DIEEEEEEEE!!!!!"

The angry kid who I had run into earlier uses the explosions generated from his hands to fly up here at incredible speeds, using the momentum, he then spins as fast fast he cans before rocketing himself at the turret and with one loud *BANNNGGGG*, he destroys the machine gun.

With my path now clear I charge up the remainder of the arm and reach the head. 'I was right. The neck is it's weak spot.' I smirk, I then leap into the air, then I use as much momentum as I can gain, before I then start spinning, "Special move, Leaf hurricane!"

I spin at incredible speeds as I plummet towards the face of the massive robot. I then channel as much strength into the kick as I can possibly generate. The moment I reach the robot, I kick the schin of the robot destroying the chin and forcing it to look up exposing it's neck. "Game. Over." I reply with a calm tone.

With a click of a button, my bo staff turns into a much more dangerous weapon. It turns into a large battle scythe. With a powerful swing, I strain and put as much of my might into it as possible.

The moment the blade reached the neck, I smirked. "Victory."

The blade proceeds to cleave right through the neck of the robot decapitating it and sending the head crashing towards the ground. Using the last bit om my energy, I proceed to kick off the chest of the robot and backlip away around 20 feet landing next to stone skin and tape dude.

I then turn and walk away along with the two as the angry one is nowhere to be seen. After a few steps, the massive robot behind use explodes turning it into ash.

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