1 Death and Reincarnation

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Suddenly, Ace bursts awake and is surrounded by darkness. "What the, where am I? What the hell? Zack? Chris? Where the hell are you guys! What happened!"

Suddenly, a deep but warm voice fills his head, "Hello child."

Ace immediately understands what's going on, "God? Where's Zack and Chris. What happened?"

The voice remains silent for a short period of time. During that time Ace remained sitting there floating in the darkness. He felt the space around him seemingly hold is body, preventing himself from falling.

"The three of you died in a car crash on your way home from the dojo. Zack's mother survived but the three of you were completely crushed. As for where they are, they are currently floating in purgatory waiting for their time to enter heaven." The voice replies.

Ace then sighs before proceeding to ask, "Um then why am I here?"

The voice then chuckles, "Actually, you are here because I am planning on fulfilling the dream you always had but never thought possible. The dream that any weeb would die for! Your going to get reincarnated into the world of MHA with 5 wishes!"

Ace just sits there in shock, "Is this for real? this isn't a joke right?"

The voice hums happily before replying, "Indeed! Now what will your wishes be? Of course there will be restrictions and stuff but I will only tell them to you if you attempt to violate them."

With a look of astonishment and excitement Ace agrees, "Okay. Also, thank you. Thank you so much God." He then scratches his chin while trying to figure out what he should wish for.

After nearly half an hour passes, he declares, "Alright, I am ready."

God smiles before replying, "Good then let me hear them my child."

Ace then declares, "For my first wish, I would like Zach and Chris to reincarnate with me and for us to be triplets. If you could also bring them here right now I would really appreciate that."

A feeling of warmth spreads along Ace's spine as God then replies, "Your wish shall be granted."

Suddenly, one to his right and the other to his left, two people appear. "What the where..... Ace! Where the hell are we?"

Ace smiles seeing Chris look absolutely shocked. "Well, it seems as if we died in a car crash on our way home from the dojo."

Zach then buts in, "So, it seems that we're dead and this is purgatory correct?"

Ace nods before explain the situation to them. Upon hearing each and every sentence their smiles grew wider and wider. "No freaking way! We're reincarnating into MHA? Lets freaking go!" Chris shouts while pumping his fist.

Zach chuckles before nodding his head in agreement and stating, "Yes, this is quite exciting."

God then asks, "Now that you've finished your reunion, may I ask what your next wish is?"

Ace then replies, "For my second wish I want to ask that all of our families live in complete happiness and wealth."

Ace opened his mouth to elaborate, but God quickly cut him off declaring, "That is an unnecessary use of a wish. As you are selected for the reincarnation, yours's and your friends families will be taken care of. They shall have many strokes of luck in the coming years. So please, make your second wish."

Ace sighs, "That's a relief. As for my second wish, I want us to keep all our memories and our personalities from our past life. This also means that I would like you to stunt our mental growth until we turn 14 in the MHA world as well."

Ace asked specifically for the stunted mental growth because, well, frankly he didn't want to feel 30 while only being 15. Some people might argue with this but, He still want's to live his life. Not have it cut off for over a decade.

God then replies once again, "It shall be done. Now, what is your 3rd wish my child?"

Ace then smiles excitedly, "I would liked to be reincarnated with the body and abilities of Uchiha Madara."

God then releases a slight chuckle, "Hohoho, trying to crush the world in a mere few years I see. While I will grant your wish, it will also be heavily nerfed to fit the balance of the world. You will be born with the Sharingan as your innate quirk.

I will also make it so that you will keep all the abilities of the sharingan along with a physical enhancement multiplier. The higher the level of your sharingan the higher the multiplication will be.

I will also remove the curse of hatred and make the Magekyo Sharingan and Eternal Magekyo Sharingan accessible through hard work and training rather than trauma and eye replacement. As for further details, those will all be a surprise."

Zach and Chris then both sling their arms around me while chuckling. Chris declares, "Bro that's awesome! Now we might actually have some challenge! To be honest being too OP too fast will take the fun out of it."

"I agree." Zack states nodding.

Ace nods, "Yep, no way in hell am I complaining about a little nerfing. This opportunity is incredible as is. Now Chris, what about you?"

Chris then asks excitedly, "Yo can you make me Obito? Like with the same parameters as Ace's wish and everything? Also, Could you have me born with the scars? Those things are sick."

The voice replies, "Yes, it shall be done. Now, for your final wish?"

Ace then turn's to Zach, "Your up man. Go ahead and take your choice."

Zach then turns to Ace and bows his head, "Thank you Ace. Thank you for sharing this opportunity with us."

Chris seeing this immediately dose the same before stating, "Yah 100% bro, we will never forget this."

Ace then chuckles, "Stop bowing. Of course I'd bring the boys with me. Hurry up and make your wish Zach."

Zach nods before turning to where the voice seems to be coming from and declares, "I would appreciate it if I could reincarnate as Itachi Uchiha. The same paramotors as the others but also without Itachi's sickness."

The voice then replies, "Good. I hope you all enjoy this opportunity I've granted you. For one last gift, I will make it so that your quirks can't be stolen or replicated. They will be unique to you three and you three alone. At least, unless you eventually have children."

The three boys then smile as they wrap their arms around each others shoulders as they slowly fade into nothingness with smiles on their faces. They now excitedly await their new lives in the world of MHA.

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