8 Cobra Kai

(Author- Hey I hope you all enjoy! If you do then please remember to feed this book power stones and spread the word of this fanfic. Also, I decided to make the instructor Crese as I feel he fits this new MHA world better than Johnnie. While Crese will be extremely similar to the one in Cobra Kai and Karate Kid, he will be slightly more hero like.)

"Class! Turn and face the new students." A large late middle aged man shouts. His voice radiate confidence and power as it travels through the room. He has short well kept grey hair and stands at a towering 6 foot 4 inches.

"Sir yes sir!" The rest of the class shouts as they turn uniformly to face us who are standing in the doorway.

"Welcome to the karate school Cobra Kai. He then slowly walks over to us as the older students watch eagerly obviously excited on what will happen next. The younger students on the other hand are much more serious and some even look nervous.

Once the man reaches us he then declares, "I am Sensei Crese the lead instructor of the Cobra Kai Main Dojo. Your names."

I then step forward and stare the man in the eye with a slight smile, "I am Uchiha Madara. I've been looking forward to this." (If you get the quote you are a man/woman of culture.)

"Uchiha Itachi."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Uchiha Obito"

"Hello! I hope we get along! I am Uraraka Ochako."

Crease then smiles, "Now! To see if you fit in here, or you will be sent to the secondary school."

Crease then turns and shouts, "Ojiro! Get up here!"

A young boy looking around our age with blond hair, a decent build, and a powerful looking tale sprints over and stands at attention, "Sir yes sir!"

Crese, then proceeds to turn back to us. "To join the main dojo you must defeat another student of the dojo at your age group. If you lose, then you'll be sent to the secondary dojo that in the back." He then turns and points to a door which leads into a large hallway.

"So, who will challenge Ojiro here? He is currently our top performing student for his age group." Crese declares.

Hearing this, I step forward without missing a beat, "I will challenge him." I declare with a large excited grin.

He then directs us into a sparring area with the rest of the class surrounding us. "Good, now. Begin!"


"I told you to give me the information on this weeks children that manifested quirks. So why is there three files missing? Didi you think I wouldn't notice? How dense do you think I am?" A strange mysterious voice echoes through a radio sitting on the floor in a pitch dark room.

Suddenly, a familiar voice replies, "I told you already, I am not giving you their files. I made a promise to the kids parents to look after them. I'm not giving up on that promise. I swear they weren't even that impressive. I have never failed you before have I? Then please let this one slide."

The raspy voice then replies again, "It's true that you haven't failed us before, but have you forgotten? Your in no position to negotiate. Unless you want...."

"No! Please no! I promise I won't fail you again so please let this one slide." The familiar voice pleas.

"No. You know what will happen if you don't give me those reports. You've been perfectly cooperative up to this point. I highly recommend you don't stop now unless you want....."

--Back to the Cobra Kai Dojo--

--Madara POV--

I duck beath his kick and launch myself forward in an attempt to close the distance only to be wet with a powerful attack form his tail. I manage to throw myself back just in time to avoid the attack but I still feel the wind pass by my face from the attack.

Dam, that tail must already have the power of a full grown adult! That's not going to be easy to deal with. As I finish that thought Ojiro uses his tail to launch himself into the air before spinning his body rapidly to gain moment for his strike. He then slams down towards me with his tail quickly closing the distance.

No more holding back I guess. I then doge back once again managing to avoid the attack. The students around us cheering from the spectacle obviously enjoying the show quite a bit. From their perspective it looks as if Ojiro holds complete control of this match.

To say their wrong would be incorrect, but luckily for me, I am still holding back my trump card. My sharingan! I swiftly activate it causing my eyes to glow red with two black tome appearing in each eye.

"What the."

"Bro that looks sick!"

"I wonder what it does?"

Were some of the comments from the crowd. I smile, but then pull my attention back to the fight. Even with the sharingan I am not even close to matching the strength behind that tail, but that's all I am concerned with. The tail is the only thing I really need to be cautious of. If I can close the distance and force him to fight me within a foots distance then I can win.

Ojiro may be skilled, but I also have the martial arts experience from my previous life along with my sharingan. This fight is mine! I feel the blood rushing through me as a smile creeps it's way onto my face. This is fun!

I then make my move. With speed that far supasses what I had been using previously I blitz into close range of Ojiro before he can even make use of his tail. We then clash.

Our fists collide with each others bodies as we began were now engaged in close proximity. While he manages to block a decent amount of my strikes, using the sharingan I have been able to block nearly all of his with only a few landing.

Finally, I can see the desperation in Ojiro's eyes as he realizes that he can't take much more my strikes contain significantly more power than his and he is already covered in bruises.

He then pulls off an interesting trick as he launches a knee towards my gut. I smile as I catch the knee and repair to throw him, but what he does next catches me off guard. He then uses his tail to break his knee free of my grip, then places his foot on my arm and uses that to launch himself back up again.

Crap! I can't doge, and I definitely can't block. Even with the sharingan a strike from that tail will completely shatter my defense. Just as the tail descends, I then activate it just in time. A blue spine suddenly appears around me protecting me with a powerful aura.

"What the!" Ojiro shouts as he strikes it with his tail only to realize that it has done almost nothing to it.

I stand there with a massive grin and a look of excitement as I feel energy rushing through every fiber of my being. Yes! Finally! A real fight! As soon as Ojiro's attack collides with my susanoo I lower it and leap into the air behind him. As if in slow motion, I can see his face turn with a look of fear and defeat in his eyes as he knows he can't turn fast enough to block my next attack.

With a final kick I feel it connect with his back as I put all my might into it. With all my strength I slam him into the ground from the force of my strike. There, he lays unconscious from the attack as I land onto the ground next to him.

"Winner! Uchiha Madara! Take your place among my students." Crese declares with a excited grin.

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