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The Uchiha's in MHA (AU)


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WARNING:  This will not be an OP mc fanfic.  They will be strong but also not unbeatable.  Please remember that these are kids!  While they are averagely smart they are not geniuses and will occasionally make stupid mistakes.  (They won't be idiots either.) DO NOT expect them to act like Madara would or ect.  They are still just your average 15 yo kids.  While they might show some resemblance's to their characters and receive some their personality traits, they are still their own person. As for how the dynamic of having 3 MC's will work.  It won't be 3 MC's.  Madara will be the MC with Obito and Itachi being major side characters.  Like Saskue and Sakura from the original Naruto. With that out of the way, I hope you all enjoy. --Synopsis-- When Ace Dies at the age of 15 along with his two best friends in a car accident, all three of them are given the chance to reincarnate into MHA. With three wishes of course. How will this change the future? Will it be for the good? WARNING: IF YOU LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW THAT HAS ITS MAIN POINT AS NERFED MC’S, YOUR REVIEW WILL BE DELETED BECAUSE I HAVE GIVEN YOU PLENTY OF WARNINGS ABOUT NON OP MC’S. (Characters from other anime’s will make their appearance in this MHA Fanfic.)


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