1 Prologue

Elena walks down the road, thinking the novel she read yesterday was not good (Editor: IG. @yukkishino99). Reincarnation and transmigration are popular topics lately.

She chose to read "The CEO moonlight" because the book cover was good, but she didn't know the story would not be that good. (Editor: IG. @yukkishino99)

The male lead likes the female lead so much that he goes crazy for love, but the female lead is very arrogant and thinks that she is better than anyone in this world. She likes other people, but she tempts the male lead and has an ambiguous relationship with him. She distanced herself from the male lead when he was close to death. When he recovered, she realized her stupid mistake and returned to the male lead. (Editor: IG. @yukkishino99)

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The stupid male lead leaves his wife, who loves him wholeheartedly after getting the female lead.

He is a stupid scumbag. I don't want to marry a man like him but I didn't know that I would get hit by a package delivery car and I would be transmigrated to the blood dog novel where the stupid male lead is my husband. (Editor: IG. @yukkishino99)

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