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The Tyrant Emperor's Wife


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What is The Tyrant Emperor's Wife

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~ “I never should have married you.” I swallowed down another mouthful of blood. “I never should have loved you.” My eyes glistened with tears. If only I could go back in time and change it. Even if it cost a thousand lifetimes, I would give everything up to do this again. ~ After her family is murdered at the hands of her tyrant husband, Emperor Roman Eirik de Aenon, Valerie Aedile goes back in time in order to protect her family. Blessed with this opportunity, Valerie swears to do everything in her power to keep her loved ones alive. Even if it means embracing the tyrant Emperor all over again.


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I hope the author finishes this book! Exactly my cup of tea. FL is sent back in time to before she is married and killed by MC. Pretty standard setup that I love. Strong points of this novel: -The relationships in this novel are really convincing. I buy that the FL and ML were deeply in love and vulnerable to each other. I buy the teasing banter and genuine concern shown between the siblings. Characters and their relationships feel developed. -The author revels information in layers. This is usually done with flashbacks of FL's memories. They are short and hazy, making the addition of new information feel really natural. With every question that is answered, three more pop up. I'm hooked. -It's fun to hate the villain. It's fun to root for the FL and ML. As of ch. 14, no second ML or unnecessary relationships.


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