The Tylingariea Epic
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The Tylingariea Epic


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What is The Tylingariea Epic

The Tylingariea Epic is a popular web novel written by the author Brandongould94, covering FANTASY, MAGIC, ANIME, MALE HERO, ACTION, SCI FI, SWORDS, EPIC, ADVTURE, TYLINGARIEA, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 499.6K readers with an average rating of 4.64/5 and 18 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 208 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Hundreds of years ago in the world of Tylingariea the mighty king Enji the ruler of Kal'gorrack has died, but before his death he gave his kingdom to his youngest son Calingar who was told that at some point a great and powerful evil will come to the worlds ten days from when six diffrent figures will arrive to Tylingariea to destory the evil and save the Worlds.

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A excellent and awesome concise plot summary of the book. My evaluation of the work is that it's great Iwill recommendation it for the audience that uses this app.


Cool story, congrats on writing the entire book, I like the characters and world building you did very much, and the names were cool too. Some chapters were a little strange as they would sometimes only be 1 sentence long or a regular length but a single long paragraph. I am glad I read it nonetheless but fix those things and people will enjoy the book much more.. Great work author


I would honestly say, without the grammar mistakes, this book would be 5/5, with good narration, decent story development, character design, and world background. The author definitely put a lot of work into this, and it shows.


So far, so good. It seems the author have written this book and outlined years ago. The concept and plot speaks for itself. I can’t stress that enough. I could tell that the World building is pretty expansive as well, much as the character design. Grammar could use some work though. I suggest getting an editor would do, or to proofread. Best of luck in your writing.


Yeet!!! Sorry for the late review, I fell asleep, hahaha. Anyways, I read the synopsis at first and It's really interesting, hahaha. I noticed a bit of error here and there but It could easily be proofread, brother. The characters, as well as the MC himself was amazingly portrayed, good job on that!!! Also, your naming sense is weird and unique, but because It's unique, readers can easily remember It. Keep up the good work!!!


This book has an interesting plot. The writings are well thought and creative, the world background and characters are profoundly described. Nice work👍👍👍


First I would give this book a 5/5 because of your world building is lit, interesting character design, and the story line is interesting. Your writing and description skillz are off the charts I am recommending this to my friends continue doing you.


The story has great potential, the plot is good and very intriguing, I like it. I also want to say that I really admire your naming style, very unique and memorable. However, the story is not that easy to read, I had to repeat some parts 3 times to fully understand the meaning of it, and you don't want your reader to misunderstand what you are trying to say. I believe that you should start editing the story and you really should focus on grammar mistakes. but overall it's great ^^


Well I consider it a Pretty good novel. But there are many place it needs Improvement for like Character development and The Background Outline. Yeah sometimes in the novel the communication between the author and read can be hard but the potential is very good. It will take you attest first few chapter then you will get hang of the story and it won't be too confusing.


When I started to read it, it felt little overwhelming with some of the lines being quite a long and you tried to make sense what was happening as the first five chapters felt like they went from one to hundred really quickly but when you slowly for used to it it was a little bit easier to read. But yeah, the first chapters left me somewhat confused about what was happening that I had to backtrack slightly and pick up the important parts. Then it made sense again, so I would suggest to split some of the larges lines into two and place focus on the dots, spacing, and commas to make it somewhat easier to read. Otherwise, the world background was interesting, and it could be improved still, but I'm at chapter ten still, so I don't know how it looks at the later chapters. But the character development was good, and the focusing on feelings, etc. was well written and really good, so it's obviously one of the strong points of this story.


The idea is interesting, with trying to set up six characters' backstories and try to show how they merge together to tell an epic. There is a lot of creativity and a deep interest in building up the lore. My biggest problem is that there is a little too much plot and very little character at the start. It felt like the entire first part was "This happened, then this happened, then this happened." But not really giving a lot of reason to get invested in the cast. It was kinda overwhelming. Also, the plot kinda moves a tad too fast at times.


I will explain each category and why I rated things the way I did. I should note that I didn’t read everything. Of over 200 chapters (which is impressive), I read about 10. Writing Quality: Well, I could read it. I hate to give such a low rating here, because everything else about this book is good, but it was very hard to understand what the author was trying to say. For the most part I was able to figure it out, but the grammar, spelling, typos, etc were numerous and everywhere. I suggest proof reading and taking care to clean up the writing you have. It is a really good story that is marred by writing that is hard to decipher. 1/5. Stability of Updating: This category seems useless, in my opinion, but the author writes and updates frequently. 5/5. Story Development: The story moves at a good pace. I love that it is organized with a prologue that hints at the main plot, each backstory first, then the characters all together for the main plot. There were some holes in the plot, such as characters that were introduced in the prologue and then didn’t seem to age over the 100 years until the story starts, but over all the story is fantastic! 4/5. Character Design: Once again, the author did a good job here. The characters are all distinct and different. They each have their own chapter to give their background and why they are even in the party (why don’t more people do this is long novels with a ton of characters? It made it possible to remember who the characters were despite having a lot of them). One note, where the author lost a point from me, is that it seems like more love was given to the background stories and worlds than the characters themselves. This could change as the story goes on, but initially the back stores are more about the worlds they come from than the specifics of the characters. Still, I got the jist of what each character was supposed to be like or represent/do in the party. 4/5. World Background: Yeah. This is a 5/5. The author didn’t create a world. He created something like 7 vivid worlds that each had their own culture, lore, races, histories, etc. even if everything wasn’t explained the the reader, enough was implied that the worlds all felt real. I believe that the author spent a lot of time thinking about these different places and described them well. Overall, this is a good idea and a good start. You wrote a lot and have created a fantastic world to play with. I would just take some time to make sure you are conveying that world with out typos, misspelling, etc ruining the readers view. This was like looking at a beautiful landscape through a dirty window. Fortunately, it should be relatively easy to fix with proofreading.


The synopsis sure was very interesting and got me hooked up. The world background was very well described making it easy for readers like me. The plot was unique and immediately piqued my Interest. The story development was also well in pace. Not too fast nor not too slow. I could feel the author's unique writing style and I liked it.Author did a great job in describing scenarios.All in all author did a great job and looking forward to read more. I will definitely give 5/5 to encourage author and for his hardwork.


Hello this is the Author i just rembered that it might be confusing when you look up my book that there are four books under Tylingariea. The Tylingariea Epic is the main series, Demonsong is the sequel series you don't have to read it i have stopped writing it and transfered the lore into the Tylingariea epic. just wanted to clear that up


Ok. I read so that I could have an idea about the story. Although there's still plenty to read and I enjoy your story, I want to finish with the review. The story is great, the characters are great and their names, even though for me they are unusual, are powerful and unique. The only thing i could complain about are some typos and the fact that there are paragraphs that cut words in half. But these things, with a bit of editing can be solved. Great story author


This is the author i am not reviewing the book, just writing a brief note. i have been working on this book for eight years it is a combione of five books. If you read this book, could you leave a commont and tell me if you enjoyed it. it just helps cause then i know if pepole are actly reading my book. thank you Brandon Gould


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I have read about 6 chapters. The first chapters has a bit confusing at first. But maybe that is due to the long paragraphs. As far as the writing quality goes, it is good except for a few typos and grammar issues. The typos and the grammar do not interfere with the reading of the book. Try using an online grammar checker. The story is developing well. The Characters are well designed and so is the world background. As far as the stability of updated is concerned the book has already 263 chapters. All the best.


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