The Tycoon's Secret Bride
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The Tycoon's Secret Bride


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What is The Tycoon's Secret Bride

Read The Tycoon's Secret Bride novel written by the author SoullessWriter on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, loveatfirstsight, faceslapping. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Cinopec Group Mogul, Duan Chengyu a ruthless and powerful man, who had everything anyone could wish for, except a little contract worker at his office, Liu Rachael! Even if he had to blackmail her, Duan Chengyu would stop at nothing in having Liu Rachael as his bride. Stealing her away at the dead of the night to his secret lair where he could ravish her all night long! --------- WPC #73 Rank: #5 Drawing & Design: L_x and Rc -----‐--‐--------------------------------------- Check out my other novels: Marriage By Fire: All Hands on Deck Revenge of The Boss Lady Ultimate Face Slapping System Revenge Body System Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation: Jiang Cheng & Jin Ling [Fanfiction]


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Dear author this book ain't going bad at all I love reading it but I need more chapters please please I beg..... I love the interaction with our male and female lead can't wait for them to get closer to each other


This is a great novel! I read it all in one day because I couldn’t bear to put it down.🥰 Now I am anxiously awaiting more episodes and update please author help me with this anxiety!


It was the best book I ever read , I really loved the characters enrolled in it. I liked Rachel for her humbleness n decency. I am a huge fan of this book . Please like n share this book.


Reveal spoiler


To be honest, this story isn’t particularly unique. It’s the typical rich man sweeps female lead off her feet while frustrating one another kind of romantic plot. But compared to the other contests stories, the writing is still better and has decently made characters. The back and forth is both comical and sweet too. I appreciate the author for actually updating consistently unlike the other contest entries. Also, the cover is really good! It makes me think Webnovel made it and this is a contracted novel haha. However, the chapters are shorter than I’d like, so it’s good this updates almost daily. Please continue writing and good luck in the contest!


Amazing!!!chang dyong is very sweet. I am exciting for new chapter i am eagerly waiting for next episode Plz jaldi se next episode upload kijiye


I just want to know the beginning...like actually I didn't get that..it was like half starting like how did he love her sry but I dnt get this story😅😅


This novel have a lot of potential. Flow of the the plot is good. It's a pity that each chapter is very short. The description is like touch-and-go. Not much information you can get to imagine what really happen, how is their expression, what's the background is like and it might need to be edited so it can be developed into a more mature novel. I would definitely would buy it if it ever got published after. Good job. Keep it up.


Dear author I started reading this book an so far I haven’t been able to put it down. Every chapter keeps getting more and more exciting🥰🥰🥰


I'm so excited about more chapters, this book has me on edge! The characters are so enticing and I want to know more about them. I like that you get to know each character and theres their points of views as well. This is a must read FOR SURE!!!!


No sé, que opinen ustedes, pero para mí es un poco confusa la historia, en que momento se enamoró de ella? y la madre de él es una vieja desgraciada, creen que el dinero todo lo compra, hasta la dignidad y orgullo de una persona, y no es así.


Reveal spoiler


It's cool... But why does always girl in terrible position.. Little dissapointed but.. I look forward to improve the femal charecter.. Hope so it's good


La verdad que muy interesante el trama... Al muy cliché... Pero.. también muy único jajaja Quien diría que me hace acordar a Doramas que vi de chica.. pero que también con un toque moderno...


I just found this novel and started reading it bit the storyline is not unique and found nothing special about it yet. I will keep reading to see if it will be able to hold my interest. One thing for sure the Female lead will definitely have a big problem with the mothers male lead.


Dear author great book but why the mother so arrogant and stuck up she needs to be seriously face slapped omg she's getting on my nerves I can't wait to see how she's dealt with I feel for her driver omg this woman trying me


Loving this love story...can't help but guess what will be when he would see his mother....I also have a secret love that's why I am enjoying it with my best


Mast author beautifully express everything in this book character of this book are amazing everything just perfect loved it always my favourite book


I addicted to this book wonderfully express everything author portrayed character very well eagerly waiting for next chapter love it 😘 ❤️.......


I am happy with the female lead...but compared to others it is less romantic...IAM enjoying it though but the only odd is the villain is his mother...how ruthless and arrogant her character is


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