The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer & The Heir
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The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer & The Heir


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What is The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer & The Heir

The Two Lives Of Aaron Wade: The Gamer & The Heir is a popular web novel written by the author Anone, covering KINGDOM BUILDING, VIRTUAL REALITY, DRAGONS, ELVES, POLITICS, DRAMA, CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS, SPACE, FATHER, Video Games genres. It's viewed by 1.3M readers with an average rating of 4.37/5 and 45 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 200 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Dragons, elves, pirates, and magic...in space! Follow Aaron as he travels through a game world to gain clues to his dead mother's past, clues that would open up a new world for him. All while trying to balance a child and a multibillion corporation left to him by a grandfather, who was more father than grandfather. A scheming family, an assassin old maid, and a possible romance, all lead to a wild ride as two very different lives clash to make up the life of Aaron Wade. Disclaimer: don't own the image, just got it off the internet. Also if there are any similarities to persons, living or dead, or to other forms of media, I'm in no way whatsoever connected to them, unless it's to my other novels. There would be mentions and similarities to other media works, I repeat this is a completely original work and I don't own them neither am i connected to them in anyway. Support Me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/KelvinCoKing


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Well from what I have read this novel keeps you in the dark most of the time. And I swear the Mc has multiple personalities from the way he acts. He mercies an opponent in an arena and in the exact next paragraph he says that that he will not give mercy as it’s a death game, and again after he says that he tells the opponent to give up. The way the author implements humour is excruciating, he would be threatening someone and the next second he’s getting smacked in the head like a comedy skit. The story progresses pretty fast and the world building lacks considerably compared to it creating situations where a person would be introduced as the relative of your arch enemy, but we don’t know who that arch enemy is. The switch in moods makes it so readers have a hard time imagining the mood and frankly it irritates me. We are not even given the technology level of the world and what we have to do is put bits and pieces together to make up one. there are too many times things just don’t add up, and in the end contradicts eachother.


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Anone is a new writer, with fantastic stories built from an endless imagination. While he still struggles a bit with syntax while writing, it can normally be overlooked in the excitement of reading the story. Aaron Wade finds himself immersed into a dual world, one where he has to overcome family drama and claw his way to the top of a multibillion dollar company. Partnered with a fantastical line of side characters, from the strong willed love interest, the unfazeable and crazy bodyguard grandma, to the cute and lovable three-year-old son, he goes up against a despicable father who is willing to stoop to the lowest of the low to undermine all of Aaron's goals. In the other world, he has to build his in-game character up despite one unfair situation after another. The in-game world is exciting, well thought out, and draws the reader in, until they (at least I was) can't wait to see what happens next. Aaron is set up to be a very in depth character, in a well thought out world, trying to accomplish the impossible in two very different worlds. I've read to chapter 13, and I am not disappointed! I will definitely be reading more!


I normally LOVE criticizing novels! Hell, there was a time I was criticized for being too harsh to the authors due to my critiques! But hell if I don't love this story … A BEAUTIFUL execution of a new premise in a story, no overused reincarnation/transmigration/back-in-time or anything of the sort. A child inheriting his grandfather's empire while having to fight for his rights with his other family members (father, mother, brothers) be it in real life or in a VR game. I normally write reviews either due to disappointment (unfortunately, on this site, this is the most prevalent review one can expect from) or potential of the story (normally due to writing quality being really bad, but its premise being way too great to ignore). Guess what, this story falls under NEITHER. It's got AWESOME characters, world background and story development (at least for now) and stability of updates seems to be on a daily release (again, for now). Writing quality is also really nice; it has nicely split paragraphs and very good sentences' structures. Rich enough vocabulary and grammar is pretty nice. The only critique the author still has to work on (for now) is proper tenses usage. He messes them up from time to time, but it is NOWHERE NEAR the mix-up most other novels on this site have. Unfortunately, due to me being me, that still warrants one less star on `Writing Quality`, making it a total of 4. Other than that? It's 5 star for now! Making the overall rating a 4.8. Cheers.


Consistently good story, with a very nice blend of the deep dive aspects of the genre. Also like the route of not going into making a guild at the beginning, that route isn’t as explored in the novels I’ve read. P.S Naija for life ✊🏾


Good book 😎😎😎😉😋😁😃😊😎😊😃😁😃😎😊😎😎😉😎😁😎😊😎😊😃😊😉😎😊😃😎😊😎😉😎😁😎😉😄😉😎😊😎😊😃😎😊😎😚😎😎😉😃😉😉😊😎😉😎😉😊😃😊😎😊😎😊😎😉😉😎😎😊😎😉😎😃😚😊😎😎😉😎😉😎😊😊😎😉😉😎😂😃😎😉😎😊😄😎😊😎😎😊😎😚😍😚😎😎😊😎😊😎😊😎😙😃😍😙😃😊😎😎😉😎


This novel is definitely going to be op. Like just the background itself was amazing. And then the MC is obviously a little erratic but still intelligent. He might have went to the army or marines I believe so it shows he’s hard at work. But you can tell he’s charismatic and not your regular Mc who is very arrogant and gets angry because someone just and I quote “slap their face”. And his character build is clearly crazy op but everybody has the chance to makes their character built like that and not just Mc. Can’t wait to see where this novel goes.


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Not many chapters yet so its an early review. Minor grammatical errors but nothing that makes the story unpleasant or unable to be fixed. Great start to the story and can't wait for more. So far this is one of my favorite reads on web novel.


• Writing quality ? 3* There’s room for development. The writing looks too superficial and not deep at all. I can’t seem the be hooked by the story. The writing style is more descriptive than narrative. • Story development ? 3* A good directive line but with lot of inadequacies, doesn’t feel like how people normally react and behave in those described contexts and situations. A lot of surprising developments but the bad kind of surprises, or maybe very badly written. We don’t feel a sense of flow. The events feels rushed and not finished, we pass from one to another without a sense of cohesiveness. • Character Design ? 1* The author want so badly the MC to be calculative, smart, funny or intelligent. But it’s gross, disgusting and totally the opposite. There’s no consistency in his personality and so his actions. Sometime he’s dumb or smart, calculative or emotional. We expect here one reaction but it’s totally the opposite. I don’t understand this MC, I can’t identify myself in him. I’m not that dumb and incoherent as a person. • World Background ? 3* There’s so much potential in that world background but the author completely messed it. He don’t seems to use that potential. The quality of story messed up the background. I want to know more about that world but not how the author brings it to us. Overall, a big disappointment. It could have gone so much better. I don’t know the author, his experience and age. But it looks very very immature. Sorry 😐


The background of game is not very well defined and is progressing too fast compared to real world which is way better . Also comparing MC and saying things that I'm not same like other novels characters or movie characters again and again makes annoying just remove that its not like i won't refuse like novel mc or rich boy bla bla things


Was this dropped, or just on hiatus?


Normal,not bad a bit cringe thought.


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Lovely imagination. Annone is gifted and talented in displaying his imaginations. Reading his story gives you an image of which he has drawn in his mind. Keep it up.


In short this is a very good....no amazing....no the best novel I have read in a long time It's got everything you could ever ask for. So you should read this book. Also it's got dragons which are the best mythical being there is. So what's not to like.


Exceptional story, decent story building, though leaves much to imagination for now. An awesome story with a good amount of action and plot even though its tempo can be a a little mixed at times ( too fast, or just slow enough to feel frozen sometimes). Not gonna say too much as the story hasn't ended yet but this is a must read for those who want a good story without a template to follow like most novels out now.


The story is exquisite, adding in more detail over time while making large changes at the drop of a hat. It is a extremely fast pace book where the characters ter could experience a roller coaster of highs and lows within the same chapter while keeping a steady flow keeping the story on the proper path. It is an adventure for the maniacal as well as the romantic. Though just a warning it can get gruesome quite often.


Having read a sample of chapters, it's safe to conclude that this story tries too hard to do too many things at the same time. Here's some of the gamut of tropes that the author tried to squeeze into his story: 1. Having an unknown love child 2. Conveniently having said love child's mother dead 3. Having a new "stepmother" for said love child. 4. Introducing vr elements as a major component of the story 5. Introducing corporate politics. 6. Introducing crime/mafia elements into this story. 7. Trying to include humorous elements. I could go on and on. My advice for the author is that while it's great that you're inspired by various ideas, it's more important for a newbie ******* writer to write his first story with as small a scope as possible. Frankly, even bestselling authors like Butcher will struggle and fail at incorporating all the elements in this story. I mean VR plus corporate politics plus crime/mafia? This could be three standalone novels rather than just one. This is without mentioning the terrible prose/dialogue and cardboard characters. I see that the author has written about 200 chapters of this dross. My advice is to take this current story as a learning project and start over with a brand new idea.


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