The Two Hero’s Book

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The Two Hero’s


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U ever wonder wat u would pick if u got 2 choices at hand? What if your born into a wealthy family and have everything u wished for but it also brings misfortune. Or into a poor family where u fight everyday til death to survive. Will u choose the hard or easy life? Not everything is free or easy to gain u always gotta work hard to obtain or to get to ur goal. Saru is a young 17 year old boy who died protecting an old woman but got reincarnated into a 12 year old boy. What can a simple 12 year old boy do in a world to kill or be killed ? How can a weak kid become strong and protect the family he loves? Who can defend him when he’s alone hunting? What if he was born into a wealthy family and didn’t love the life of a poor person? Is the life of a poor person worser than we think? Is injustice or inequality really anything to worry about? Can humans really be all the selfish? This book will get into all these topics and there will be parts where u feel said or wanna throw up or wanna close the app but trust me u would t wanna do that. I’m writing this book to share some experience I’ve been thru and some experiences others been thru. I want people to know there is someone out there who will lend u a hand or will be by ur side forever. I hope u enjoy the book!!!


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