1 The Stolen Heirloom

In a private room of a high-end casino, right in the heart of the city, with grey and pale blue wall texture, were four young men and a young woman seated around a mahogany polished desk. They had cards in their hands and clouds on their brows.

Even in their casual attire they undoubtedly looked 'dressed to impress' which was proof of their origins.

While every man on the table looked rather perplexedly to the man with the turn, the lady on the table seemed bored. She would eventually move her gaze from the cards to the clusters of colors hung on the walls that were the witnesses of ages.

While the man in question would change his reaction with every second which was definitely giving the nerves, after seconds which seemed like centuries, he looked up with knitted brows and an amused expression shook his head and gave his boyish smile, laid his card on the table and leaned back on the chair with his hands behind his head.

"Ahh... My dear Qingqing! You really overestimate yourself, let elder brother show you how it's done" He Zheng said and confidently relaxed."I always knew you were just lucky a couple of time....."

Su Qing didn't bother replying but instead rolled her eyes and with a 'PAK' threw her cards on the table, that earned a thunder stricken face from He Zheng and a sharp intake of breath from others on the table. Why the hell she was too good with at gambling!

Unlike He Zheng others knew when to give up and left the room, knowing what's going to come. He Zheng came from a humble background as he was an orphan. He was a techno geek. He was practically in relation with his computer, for calling out loud!

"Indeed such a good day!" Not even bothering to collect her winning prize, she dreamily said and with a smug look and a half smirk looked mockingly at He Zheng. "You taught little too well for your own good Ahhh..." she sighed dramatically. Indeed there was no ecstasy of the prize of the victory but the victory itself was the prize!

Recovering himself He Zheng shouted with rage like a madman, leaving no sign of the jolly man from minutes ago, "You Bitch! YOU! YoU!... You must have cheated. Yes! You cheated... You horrible woman..."

Su Qing was a second young miss of the prominent Su family. She was from old money. Even though that didn't strain their friendship but his tantrums will not be tolerated!!

Finally losing temper, Scoffing Su Qing raised a brow not a bit affected by the accusation and in deadly cold tone stated, "You are childish! Throwing Tantrums! Ridiculous..... Why did I even agree to come? This is a fifth game! For the love of GOD just because you don't win, you make me play over and over again!" Slamming her fisted hands on the table, she huffed, intending to leave.

Before she could stand up to leave, 'KNOCK! KNOCK!' They both turned to the door but realizing that it wasn't making noise looked at each other.

'KNOCK! KNOCK!" Finally realizing they both turned to the window, Su Qing stepped forward to open the window, and after getting frozen by astonishment she stepped aside, revealing a masked person with a hoodie hanging on the window of the third floor.

When Su Qing stepped aside a leg with knee-high moto boots came inside and with it in seconds the owner of the boots. Noticing the frozen people the person blinked a couple of time and removed the mask and giggled.

Recovering from the initial shock they looked at her unblinkingly and He Zheng decided to break the ice, "Xinxin what the hell is up with you! Climbing a three storey high window, dressed like a assassin, do you plan to get yourself killed?"

Su Qing finding the opportunity said in a serious tone, "I could have pushed you! Or shouted for the emergency! If not for your unusual grey eyes! Are you CRAZY?!"

Listening to them with boredom, with bowed hands Lei Xinyi rolled her 'unusual' Grey orbs with hazel specks close to the bleak darkness and pushed pass Su Qing to sit on the chair with a 'THUMP!'

Then brought her hand on her head to remove the hoodie but her hand froze on her head, with weariness she then turned to Su Qing, "There are no CCTVs. Right?"

Looking at her with the look that says Have-you-finally-lost-it she replied, "No,.... there aren't!"

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With a sigh of relief Lei Xinyi removed her hoodie releasing a wet mess of mid-night black hairs and unzipped her hoodie. She was definitely drenched in rain.

She then put her hand in her pocket to reveal a black silk handkerchief draped around something. She gazed at the handkerchief with pride and with a smirk then threw it on the table with a 'CLANK!', revealing the mystery.

Looking at the material Su Qing released a shriek of shock and He Zheng brought his hands to his chest in utter astonishment, with wide eyes the both the turned their gazes to Lei Xinyi who had a smug look of accomplishment.

"Th... This.. Is This the h..heirloom of the 'Yu family'?" Su Qing stuttered in fear and disbelief.

"Yes! It is!" Lei Xinyi replied with pride and excitement. Su Qing looked at the girl with disbelief who has just signed her death sentenced and was smug about it. The girl has really lost it.

Finally coming to his senses He Zheng looked at Lei Xinyi with worry and exclaimed, "HE IS DEFINITELY GOING TO KILL US! What are we gonna do? We are doomed! Ahh... I haven't even seen the spring of my life yet..." With his head in his hand he started blabbering dramatically.

"Not us, it's me and though I would really like to see you dead but the prize ...." pointing a finger to the bracelet "Is mine so as the punishment. No sharing!" With that she relaxed against the head of the chair with no care in the world.

Narrowing her eyes Su Qing asked her friend sternly, "Xinyi what exactly in the heavens are you spouting? Do you plan to go and submit yourself to 'HIM' and say you did it on a whim and if you really do, then know it, no matter how lenient he has been with you he is a heartless man he will not let this slide. This is a matter of his pride, you have really overdone it this time."

"Ahh.. my dear Qinqin he is not going to kill me...." He Zheng who had finally stopped wailing looked at her with disbelief and Su Qing further narrowed her dark eyes at the crazy beauty infront of her but ignoring their looks Xinyi continued "... because he can only kill me when he finds me."

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