The Twin Swords Book

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The Twin Swords


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500 years ago the head of the Tiang clan, the first immortal and the one who wields the divine sword of a Seraphim, with his 10 generals he killed the demon king and unified the entire world. Before his death, he separated the sword into two and gave it to his two sons, Tiang Son and Tiang Ah. Tiang Ah, the rebellious son, wanted to seize the other sword so that he can be without equal in the entire world. In order to seize the sword he killed his other brother and destroy his entire lineage but he didn't know that there is one person who had survived the massacre. This is a story about Tiang Bai, the remaining survivor of the lineage of Tiang Son, make his way back to the capital of Palaran Continent after he left the tutelage of his Master, the seraphim.