The Twin Alphas' Muted Luna Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Twin Alphas' Muted Luna

Tina Freemoon

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What happens when a human is paired with not just one werewolf mate, but two? Eleanore’s parents died when she was young. Since then, she wanted things in order. Sure, she couldn’t speak, but she went along with her life just fine. She worked, she studied and she had her friends; no confusion, no mess. Then, in a whirlwind, the two hottest men she’s ever met entered her life. How was a girl to choose? * “You two have to be very careful so that you don’t confuse and scare her away”, so were the Alpha twins warned when they found out their mate was a human. Would she run away from the werewolf twins and leave them mateless forever? * In a world where werewolves, mages, and humans coexist, there are threats around every corner. The Alpha twins must fight to end the terror. The only question is: Will they be able to navigate sharing a human mate and fight the darkness at the same time? The Twin Alphas' Muted Luna is created by Tina Freemoon, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.


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