15 Chapter 15

As Lin Feng sat down on the benches that had been provided at the training field, he felt the eyes of everyone in the area staring at him just like in class.

But this time, the entire class was staring at him with a mixture of shock and fear in their eyes. The area was completely quiet as even the sound of a pin drop could be heard.

Finally, after what felt like hours, the silence was broken by someone. "How did you do that?"

The eyes that had been glued onto Lin Feng instantly moved onto the speaker. There were gasps of shock as they realised the person who broke the silence was actually the strongest student in their class.

Hu Liena.

"What do you mean?" asked Lin Feng in return as he shifted his gaze to the girl standing in front of him.

Hu Liena tilted her head as she moved in front of Lin Feng. "How did you move so fast? Your movements clearly contained spirit energy behind it yet according to the records, you don't have a spirit ring."

"I'm just awesome that way," replied Lin Feng before he let out a smile. "Does that answer your question?"

Hu Liena frowned as she bit her lips. Facing someone like Lin Feng was a relatively new experience for her. Everyone had always been so prim and proper around her, so she treated them curtly.

However, Lin Feng, he seemed to have taken a complete 180 from how he usually acted and now didn't even flinch as he looked at her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could, she was cut off.

"Hey! What the hell are you being so insolent for? You should be honoured that she's even interested in you." came an obnoxious voice from the left.

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The figure of Yan, one of the future members of the Golden Generation arrived before his eyes. There was a ferocious expression on his face whilst he stared down the sitting Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised an eyebrow as he supported his head with his fist. "Why should I be honoured that she's willing to speak to me? She's a human too isn't she?"

Those words made Hu Liena look blankly at Lin Feng in surprise. The gears in her head were beginning to turn as she found herself again reassessing this classmate of hers.

Yan though, was made speechless as his expression turned even uglier than Cinderella's sisters. His skin seemed to take on a reddish hue as his eyes burned red.

"So you really think you're such a big shot just cause you beat a bunch of weaklings huh? Lemme tell you, I can beat your ass six ways to Sunday!"

Standing at the side, Hu Liena's let out a tsk as she heard Yan's words. 'He's overreacting again… I should stop him…'

Before she could do so though, Lin Feng had already replied.

"Oh really? In that case, why don't we go for a spin?" Lin Feng had an uncaring smile on his face which only made Yan even angrier.

The two stared at one another as flames sparked on Yan's skin. Several students had to wipe sweat from their forehead from the increasing heat, but Lin Feng wasn't even affected in the slightest.

Seeing this, Hu Liena's intentions of stopping the two of them stopped immediately. Instead, she found herself curious as to what Lin Feng was doing.

With the type of person that he had been in the past, surely he wouldn't choose to antagonise Yan for nothing right?

Just as the two seemed as if they were about to spring at one another, Xie Yue suddenly popped up in the middle of the two of them.

"Ok guys! Let's all cool our heads—" Xie Yue looked at Yan. "— especially you Yan. We're all getting a bit too heated here."

"You—" Yan began as he sneered. However, he suddenly paused as his face turned incredibly pale.

Yan clenched his fists as he forcibly suppressed with anger in his eyes. "Forget it. Since you're standing up for him, I'll spare him today."

A laugh suddenly emerged from Lin Feng. "Who the one being spared will be has yet to be determined you know…"

Yan felt a heat rise to his head as his body tensed up. Nevertheless, he calmed his head before he sat back down on a bench a few metres away.

Watching Yan walk away, Lin Feng's expression turned slightly sullen. 'He didn't take the bait…'

This small change went unnoticed by Xie Yue, but Hu Liena, who had remained relatively quiet throughout all this, did.

'This guy's actually kinda interesting...' A smile appeared on her face as a gleam flashed through her eyes.

However, she quickly hid this expression as he felt Lin Feng suddenly glance over at her. Putting the information that she had gathered in the back of her mind, she gave him an apologetic look before she returned to her seat.

"Dude, what were you doing just now?" Xie Yue abruptly asked Lin Feng when the two of them were the only ones sitting close together. "You just Houdini yourself for a few days, become Superman and then you come back and pick a fight with Yan like a young master?"

"Houdini myself? Well, that's a term I haven't heard before." Lin Feng commented.

Xie Yue ignored this. "Don't you know that Yan's definitely going to hold a grudge over this?"

"Meh, I'm not particularly worried about him. That guy only knows how to bully the weak and suck up to the strong." Lin Feng said as he waved Xie Yue off. "And I must say, he's being really smart with who he's sucking up to..."

"What do you mean?" Xie Yue asked with confusion evident on his face.

Lin Feng smiled as he whispered into Xie Yue's ear. "Look at how he's sucking up to your sister..."

Xie Yue just stared at Lin Feng for a few moments before the implications of his best friend's words dawned upon him. "You don't mean…"


"That bastard…" Xie Yue hissed out. "He's trying to be a fucking gigolo!!"

The fact that Hu Liena was the disciple of the Pope Bibi Dong was rather well-known among the students of the Spirit Hall Academy. That was actually one of the main reasons that most of the students looked up to and treated her with such respect.

Obviously, Lin Feng was the exception here.

Lin Feng let out a chortle. "That's a very… strange way of saying it."

Xie Yue didn't respond to this. Instead, he looked at Lin Feng with gratefulness in his eyes.

"Thanks, man. If you hadn't told me that, I wouldn't have even known what Yan was planning to do with my sis…"

"What do you mean? I didn't tell you anything though? You came up with this conclusion yourself! I just asked you to think about what Yan was doing with your sister." Lin Feng feigned a look of surprise on his face.

Xie Yue instantly understood what Lin Feng was thinking as he nodded his head. Being a disciple of one of the elders of the Spirit Hall, he had been groomed since he was six to look between the lines.

As everything calmed down, Teng Zun decided at this time that he would stop being a completely incompetent teacher and actually start his class.