I have spent 20 years without feeling fresh air, seeing the light and even having a peaceful life. This place am in today is not good for anybody to live; I do not wish even my enemies to come here. The first time I was thrown here, I cried and begged for mercy to come to me, I sought for forgiveness but I found nothing. This place is too horrible and it's not good for mankind but surprisingly, thousands of people come here every hour.

My name is Zawn Zolvareign; I was born in 1978 in Moscow Russia. I do not know where to start from because am too far away from home. I have spent 20 years without sleeping due to the tormenting I pass through every day, I thought about escaping away but there is no exit, I just see only the entrance.

My mother used to tell me that "why do you wait for tomorrow to do what is right," I never understood that statement because I cared less to her speeches. I hated everybody who became a burden in my life more so my parents and I wished that they could vanish away one day. I now miss them very much, I remember my brother Samson, Drake, and my little sister Mia, I miss them so much but they are the last people I would want to see because I really disappointed them. For all the hopes and love they had for me, I ended up letting them down.

I really messed up for real and I always ask myself what I was thinking in my days. I did every many bad things that I even feel ashamed to speak in public and am really sorry. The guiltiness has really tortured me and I have asked God to give me only a minutes to let me go back and apologize to all that I wronged and then I come back to complete my punishment in case it has an ending. People who come here shout and cry day to day thinking that these heartless demons which torture us would have some sympathy, in fact, the more they shout the more pain that they feel. To me, I got used to this place however much it's horrible, it's my home now and even if I cry and shout, time will not go back into my living days.

Much as am here, I do not want other people to end up here like me, when you die, God doesn't even judge you but it is the Gospel it's self which judges you. My mother always told me to learn the truth and live by the truth but I used to ask her that "what truth is better than living a prestigious life," until when I left the world that I realized that there lived a man who died for me. It killed me so much that I had known the truth when it was over for me.

Am writing this letter, to all people who may still have an opportunity of a choice. Invisibility is not accepted or believed in the human world so things concerning God are seen as a myth. It is better to believe without seeing than to believe after seeing because it will be late like it was for me.

This is now my life, I can't do anything to take it away but I can do something to save my people. Take this letter back to the world of the living and give it to my brother Samson, tell him that am sorry for everything most especially for the death of our parents and our little sister Mia.


I was born in Russia in the Capital city Moscow, my father was Arnold Zolvareign and my mother was Uzrum Zolvareign. We are four children in the family that is Samson, Drake, Mia and me Zawn. My father was a fisher man and my mother had no permanent job but she usually cleaned toilets of rich people. So, because of was poor standard of living, my parents only managed to educate my other three siblings and I was left out. My job at home was to escort my father at the ocean to catch fish so I never went to school. I only worked for the wellbeing of my siblings so my parents never recognized me as a child at home so I grew up with a degree of hatred.

When I turned 17, I got a friend named Lucas. He was very rich and I admired his style. This is when he started giving me money that I became wild and felt more mature than my parents so I decided to leave home and start a new life of my own. Money blinded me so much that I forgot my parents, brothers and my little sister. Samson I know that you want to know where I got all that money I had.

My friend Lucas always asked me if I wanted to become rich and popular so one day my father looked for me and found me in a bar, he beat me up and told me that I was a loss to him he added a lot of insulting things. Through anger, I slapped him and hit him with a glass bottle. It's hard to believe but I killed my father. His ghost attacked me every night telling me that "wake….. The club is now open, aren't you going to visit it?" I went to Lucas and he gave me black magic to lock up my father's soul. Brother, am very sorry, it was anger which made me to act in that way. I lived with my friend Lucas and he really made me to fall in love with money. One day, Lucas took me to a guy named Lyman. Lyman was in a group called "Apollyon". At first, I thought that it was a group of business people but I realized later that it was a group of rich people with its head quarters in USA.

People in this group had money and enjoyed life. Their boss bought me a car and a new house; he made me move in many countries. All the members had a tattoo on their right hand which looked like this;


I really enjoyed life and I moved the world. One day Lucas told me that if I was to gain more, I had to have that tattoo. I never had a choice to make because money and fame had already blinded my eyes. I forgot everybody at my home including my family. The chief of the group told me that before I get the mark, I had to first accept the terms and conditions of the group.

In the initiations, I realized that I was joining a satanic group but I never cared because I thought that I would live forever, I was promised an everlasting and prestigious life. So I decided to join, I was given tasks to make and one of them was to eat my mother's heart and sleep with a mad woman. I went back home and my mother thought that I had returned home. She was every happy when she saw me and in the evening, I decided to escort her at the well to get water. This is when I did it, I killed her and threw her body into the bush and I also cut myself to pretend that we were attacked by thugs.

When I became rich, I opened up a human trafficking business to sell young girls and boys as prostitutes. This is when I even decided to sell my own sister Mia in Saudi Arabia as a sex slave. So that's the way I began my life.

In 2006/Oct/12th my life started changing. Voices of others that I had killed started to whisper in my ears so I went to my queen for help but she told me that I needed to offer three heads of two month old babies. I began my search and so I landed In Africa and I got the heads but things just fell apart for me. As I was on the airport on my way back, I accidentally forgot my bag in the departure's room. I went back to pick it up but the officer had already found out what was in the bag. I ran away from the airport and went back to the city of Kampala. I was later put on to the news that was wanted for murder.

This is when my torment- ion began. The voices of those that died started to call me time after time and even my god that I believed in neglected me and run away. Everything that I touched was cursed and even water that I tasted became blood. I can assure you that since all my things fell apart, I never tasted water until I took my last breath. Nobody killed me but it was the thirsty which took away my life. I remember that day; I was in Mabira forest leaning against a tree when I saw souls of those that I killed looking at me. One of them told me that "your time is up" then I saw an angel who was black in color and bad looking. When I looked at it, fear made me to sweat blood. It came near me and it started to pull my soul out of my body. The pain I felt was like pilling the skin off a human body. I shouted and for 3 seconds, I realized that it had gone away but I couldn't feel anything because I was out of my body.

I decided to go back in Russia but I never went there by plane. I used hyper speed to reach there. When I reached my home, I couldn't feel my home, my money and even my cars. I lived on to the world for 7 days and the black angel came back and took me away. It took me in a place that I didn't understand. It left me there for 28 days. It was total darkness that I couldn't even see myself. On the 28th day, chains came from nowhere and chained my hands, legs and my neck. I started descending down in a place more dark than I was before. The level of heat started to increase and this is when I realized that I was going in hell but a voice from nowhere told me that this was not hell it was just the BEGINNING.

When I reached that place, I thought that things would be ok because I had gone to my king who would favor me because I served and obeyed him but things did not go as I thought. Once I dropped down, the creatures that I can't define beat me up and stabbed me with knives and spears. I tried to tell them that I was one of them but they paid no attention so a few minutes later, I saw creatures and black angels bowing down then I heard foot step of a man when he came close to me, I started to call him so that he could see me but when we turned to me, he started torturing me and I asked him that why after worshiping and serving you, is this the reward I get?? But he told me that I was nothing but a fool.

He added that "my plan is to destroy mankind; it was because of him that I lost my place in Heaven. I lost my respect, prestige and my greatness. I was the leader back there at my home, when I sang; all the other angels praised me and appreciated my sweet voice. I was the commander of all the Angels back there. So don't think that I will have any mercy on you."

After his speech, I was thrown into the cage where I found a bath of burning magma, and maggots. I was dipped every after a minute and maggots were eating me up. The pain that I am expressing right now I can't take it any longer, I know I deserve it but this too much for me.

Hell is the easiest place to go because its worldly treasures are very attractive and addictive to people who are still living. This place is not good for a human to live so I am requesting you people to behave while you still live on. Life is a journey, this is the really definition of life and the way you end it determines your future destination. Earth that we call our home is just a channel or a road to our destination and the assumption of the world is only one "everything has a price" therefore, in everything that you do, remember that there is a price to pay.

For the time that I have spent here, I have learnt a lot of things bad enough, I can't express them physically. Hell is real, very real and UN bearable. in your life, you must life by these things;



Forgiveness and love are the greatest and most faithful things that man can do to live an everlasting life. For all the other things are covered up in these two words and I know that they are not easy to implement because they need someone with a strong heart and a degree of faith. My fellow brothers and sisters much is happening here but I can't write it all because the piece of a paper that I got is soon getting used up so am just going to breakdown and show you the meaning of love and forgiveness because it is the only ticket to Heaven. You know when you die, you get the ability to see everything so when I looked up, I saw Heaven and what I can tell you is that it was the most beautiful place that I had never seen.


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