1 The Beginning

8 years ago

"I love you Hope will you marry me?"A stranger asked."Yes"She answers, tears rolling down her face."Ahhhh!" yelled hope."Its just a dream"She thought to herself,lying in her bed,as tears are coming down her face."I will find him agian" Hope thinking to herself."I promised myself.""Hope get up I have a job for you"."Coming Grandmother"Hope answered."I need you to go to the train stop to deliver a package to a customer".Nana never tells me who the customers are she says it's a policy for her not to talk to anyone about the information."Yes Nana"Hope replies to her grandmother.As Hope arrives at the train station she sits on a bench,an hour later she is still waiting and waiting and waiting,suddenly,there's this shadowy figure across the tracks suddenly she feels like she cant breath.Next thing she knows shes sitting in a dark room more like a cell of some sort,she sees a window but theres no light whatsoever to be coming from the space. She scapes the walls and all she can see is pitch black darkness. Suddenly she hears the bar door open.She gasps, its him...

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