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The True Life of Mana


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Mana the source of magic, the reason mages were born, many have tried to find it’s source but no one could find where it came from but. But no one new that mana was actually a Sentient being. One day a a teen was just watching anime and encountered truck-kun coming towards her house and instead of moving to the side or huddling in fear of death she says “I’m going to be reincarnated yay!” Only to realize that she did not finish her anime resulting in a cry of despair. ———————————————————————— Updates are once a week maybe more and you can make suggestions on what you want to happen next so if I see most of the people suggest something I might do it well other than that enjoy the book. Tags “Reincarnation,magic,system,cultivation,opmc” ————————————————————————


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