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So I’m a few chapters in and usually I don’t do Fantasy Romance because it’s not my thing but I really like your book, and I would continue reading it. Adira is the combination and definition of a born leader who’s strong and resilient with a lot of sass. I like how well thought out and drawn her character is. Moreso, can we talk about how awesome your descriptive prowess is? It’s amazing and very impressive.❤️😌


Nice plot, I really liked the character Adira. The character developments of others are also good. Though I'm not much into the Fantasy Romance genre this book is quite nice. I liked it. But it needs a but if corrections I've pointed out some of them but still I'll suggest you read before publishing your chapters. All the best :)


Right off the bat, this story is very intriguing! I really like the premise, the world building, and the characters. Lenna is my favorite secondary character mainly because I really like parents who are very supportive and encouraging towards their kid's goals. I also really enjoyed the descriptions of the settings, characters, and even their attire. Overall, great story!


Not a fan of reading books but after trying this novel, I can only say that it is the embodiment of the Author's creativity. This book is top-notch and highly recommended for all the fantasy lovers out there. Kudos to the Author


The world is one reflecting creativity. The characters are pretty good. The writing is easy to follow and attentive to detail. I do expect the world to unfold my expectations as it progresses. So far it has done great. Keep it up.


I really liked how the author described the scenes, I mean the description is great. I think you can write quite well so keep on writing and update soon..... Looking forward to it...


this is a very powerful story. I especially like the strengths of your character . The way you describe things is very refreshing. I'm awed with the world you created and I'm hoping to learn more about it as the novel progresses . there's this confidence in your writing . I'm cheering you on . Good luck !