1 Kiara

I was changing my clothes when my parents called me down to talk to me about my 'trials'. Yes, I said 'trials'. This is very complicated so I will explain in brief.

Every year when we turn eighteen, that is, when we officially become adults we have to face some trials, so as, to become fit for the society. Now, the question arises whether they come back alive or not. Most of them come back alive but there are who don't come back. If they don't, it means two things, either they are dead or they have chosen to live at the place where they were sent to for their Trials.

Mainly the latter happens but what if in my case the former happens? I really should stop thinking this way. I can't afford to think this way if I have to go for the Trials.

When I went downstairs, my younger sister was sitting on the dinning table, eating her breakfast. My father was watering the plants. My mother was in the kitchen. A normal day but it would be my last day with them until I came back from the Trials.

"God Morning."

"Oh! Good Morning. Come, sit and eat your breakfast, darling. Your mom and I wanted to talk about the Trials. See, darling, whatever happens don't be afraid. I have complete faith on you that you will do your best."

I smiled. My dad is always looking on the positive side. My mom came with my breakfast.

"We both also had to perform those trials and we both are here, now right? Just do your best. Okay? Nothing will happen to you."

"Umm.....mom are you aware that the system is changed now? In your time, you had one Trial now our trials will last for a whole year."

"Maybe, you will get an easy one, darling. Be positive about things."

"That will be a miracle. In my whole eighteen years I haven't heard anyone getting an easy trial."

"Miracles happen."

"Only when your fate is good. With my luck, I would be getting a trial to kill myself in different ways. Worst of all I don't even know who will be my Trial Partner."

"Maybe, Julian will be your partner," my sister said.

"Anne, no two students of the same school can be eachother's partner."

"Well, you can try to fool the people who will give you your trials."

"Anne, you do know what happened to Charles and Julia last year right?"

"Ah... I totally forgot about it. Please don't get yourself killed. It will be messy."

"Thank you for caring so much about me. I feel honoured. I will try not to get killed."


"Wait a minute, you two. What happened with Julia and Charles?"

"Dad, Charles and Julia were dating each other and so they thought it would be extremely cool to fool the Trial conductors, last year."

"What happened to them?"

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"No one knows-"


"Geez, mom. Let me complete what I am saying." I said with a laugh.

"Go on them."

"Nobody knows what happened to them except their family, well at least till now. We recently found out what happened to them."


"Julia's sister is Anne's friend. So she told Anne about it."

"Oh yes. Mom, its so awesone to know the things only a few people know. You feel like you are so intelligent and special."

"Moving on. We found-"


"Ok calm down. Anne found that Charles and Julia are banned here. They can't come here at all. They have to live with the-"

At the time someone knocked at the door. My dad went to answer it.

"Hello Julian, a big day for you guys, right?"

"Hello, Mr Jensen. Yes, it's a big day."

"I know you guys will do just fine. Kiara, Julian's here."



"Hey. Let's go. Bye mom, dad, Anne. See you guys around one."

Once we started walking towards our sxhool, Julian asked, "Worried about the Trials huh?"

I looked at him. He didn't looked tensed even a little bit. Everything about him was so like.. well like Julian. I wondered whether I will ever see him again. His dark green eyes, hooked nose, those eyelashes that I was always jealous of-




"Oh yeah. Actually I am more worried about my partner because this is all about team work and if we both don't like each other we won't be able to ace our Trials."

"Well, don't worry. We will make sure he suits you otherwise poor him. He will have to face my wrath."

We both laughed.

" What if it's a girl? Still your wrath, huh?" I smirked.

"No, your partner will be a boy."


"Incase you didnt realise, you are a girl."

"OH MY GOD. How did I not notice?"

"Well your welcome."

"Geez, but seriously why?"

"Because they choose a girl and a boy as partners in trials."

"How do you know all this?" I asked him, narrowing my eyes.

"See, lady when you have four elder siblings, you know things."

On reaching our school, our teachers told all the eighteen years old to go straight to our school bus so as to go to the Trial Deciding House..