The Treads of Fate Hang in Witches’ Hands
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The Treads of Fate Hang in Witches’ Hands


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What is The Treads of Fate Hang in Witches’ Hands

The Treads of Fate Hang in Witches’ Hands is a popular web novel written by the author Purplish, covering FANTASY, HISTORICAL, FATE, TRADEGY, SISTERS, OMNIPOTENTMC, OLDPROTAGONIST, OMNISCIENTMC, OMNIPRESENTMC, Fantasy Romance genres. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The threads of fate hang in the hands of three individuals. Clotti who spins the thread Lachette who dispenses the thread Antropy who cuts the thread The lives of all intellegent life hang in their every whim. See as thoughout history as these three witches change the flow of fantasy and history. Our story begins in a dark space with many glowing threads. . . ___ So, to anyone reading this. This is just a school project that I decided to put on here for some reason... Basically the idea for this piece of writing comes from the three witches in the play Macbeth by Shakespeare. I also took inspiration from the Greek myths of the three fates. I’m trying to go for a feel of “Deal with the Devil” if you know what I mean. ___ I’m sorry to anyone that reads this, as it’s my first piece of writing that I decided to not throw away in my Google drives. I hope that I don’t make too many grammatical mistakes. By the way, I’m also not too sure on how to properly do character development... so, sorry on that in advance. ___ If you do decide to pick up on this piece of writing, please tell me if I can do better in any area and how I could improve. Thanks, I hope you enjoy!


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Hey author, I think that your writing is pretty good. Keep up the good work!👍 I hope you can post a little more because I want to see what you do with the characters. Although this was a school project as you said in the syno**is, I hope you could include some more, say world building and more depth to the charcters’ personalities, this is because I personally found that the three witches that you wrote about were a little hard to distinguish between. Although your writing has a few flaws. I didn’t find too many blatantly obvious grammatical errors and also your use of imagery was good as it allowed for me to imagine the scene you’re describing well. All in all I think that you should keep up the good work!


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