The Tower of Test
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The Tower of Test


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What is The Tower of Test

The Tower of Test is a popular web novel written by the author ntokarcik, covering TOWER OF GOD, SYSTEM, WEAK-TO-STRONG, CULTIVATION, ADVENTURE, MARTIAL-ARTS, ACTION, MAGIC, SURVIVAL, MYSTERIES, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 75K readers with an average rating of 4.89/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 10 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Enter the tower at you own peril. True power and treasure does await for those that conquer. Yet each floor is drenched in the blood of thousands of applicants. Can you make it? Read as Jeff unwittingly stumbles his way into a test more dangerous then he could ever imagine. Will he make it and form his own legend within the tower? Or will his bones litter the floor with so many of those that come before him. And is the top really the end?

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I appreciate reading a novel by an author who has a good grasp on English language and its grammar. The story has unique characters, and good descriptions. I like how the fighting scenes are narrated. It's easy to understand. Other than few typos which don't interfere with my reading, everything looks great. … Keep up the good work! 👍 … This is part of the review swap, I hope you don't mind reading few chapters of a romance novel in order to write a review. 😉


This story was very interesting. Mystery and action immediately to engage the reader. The characters caught your interest right away. I will keep reading to see how they develop.


Typical authors review. ;) Please let me know any comments/improvements you have for the story. Working on trying to write a fun/dark adventure inspired by the Tower of God manwha.


The story is very well written and great so far, i wish there was a way you could change font or text for the points when he was purchasing stuff or sperate it out, but i know unable to do that. great web novel look forward to more chapters. Part of review swap please remember to review my story reincarnated into a human?


Really enjoying writing this novel. It takes a lot of inspiration from Tower of God and Terror Infinity. Any feedback is always welcome. Thanks for any support from the readers I hope to keep writing into the coming year. :)


Honest Review I do like Tower of God, but I am not sure how many people will know about it. The Good: After the first chapter, your writing improves dramatically. The action sequences are well thought out and do a great job of painting a picture of what is going on. The Bad: What happened with the first chapter? It feels like it was written by another author. Grammar is awful in places, a few spelling mistakes, and the plot is so hard to follow that I had to struggle through that first chapter. After chapter 1 though it is great! The Neutral: Hard to review after only 6 chapters, especially when the first one is painful to get through.


Interesting start looking forward to seeing how this progresses. Will come back to this review when more chapters are out. Really like the whole tower idea.


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Jeff Is Such A Name....


This story has an interesting concept and I personally like how these death games work. The fight scenes and the characters that I have seen so far are good too. As a bonus the story gets updated consistently. This story is totally getting added to my collection to keep reading. Keep up the good work author!


This is getting more interesting. Very original idea. I am looking forward to the next chapters to see where the plot develops. Trying to understand the purpose of the tests and how they will play out.


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