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(A/N:I got motivated to write a Tensei Slime FanFic cause of the few ones out there. I was going to put the title as "The Time I Got Reincarnated as Milim's Younger Brother" but there was already a Tensei Slime FanFic titled like that.)

(So I ended up with the title "The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Dragonoid)

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In a bright forest filled with tall trees and healthy green grass, you could see 2 kids playing with a small dragon.

"No not there!" A pink haired girl exclaimed, as she saw her little brother run towards a cliff.

"Wait Velgaia!" A boy with golden eyes yelled, as he tried to stop their pet dragon, Velgaia, from jumping off the cliff.

The girl was named Milim Nava. She had long pink hair and golden eyes, she was a beautiful and cute little girl.

The younger twin boy was named Vilir Nava. He also had long pink hair and golden eyes, he also had a cute face just like his sister.

Vilir approached their pet dragon named Velgaia, the dragon was atleast 4 feet long including its tail, and the dragon had a standing height of 3 feet.

Vilir was then followed by Milim as she tried to stop the two from going farther.

"Guuruuuuu!!" The little dragon let out a childish roar.

"Come here!" Vilir exclaimed as he went to hig the little dragon.

Unfortunately for him, Velgaia was able to dodge Vilir's hug, Velgaia then flew behind Milim as he pushed her towards Vilir.

""Huh!?"" The twins were stunned as got pushed of the cliff by Velgaia.

""Velgaia!!"" The two sibling yelled at their pet dragon, they completely forgot the fact that they could fly.


The twins fell to the ground bellow, and ended up creating a large crater as they crashed in an awkward position.

"Mmph!" A sound was heard beneath Milim's chest area.

Milim felt a strange movement on her stomach going up to her chest as she looked down with a "huh?"

"Vilir!" Milim exclaimed as she saw her brother's face stuck between the little mounds of flesh on her chest.

(A/N:They are Kids, they are innocent, and this is Not Incest)

"Sister your chest is so hard!" Vilir yelled.

"Hahahaha!! Of course! My body is stronger than you after all!" Milim got of her brother and exclaimed as she put her hands on her hips.

An annoyed expression was plastered on Vilir's face. He and his sister would often engage in fights for their own entertainment and sometime to prove who was the stronger twin.

Milim ended up winning 7 out of 13 fights, just 1 win more than her younger brother. Their sibling rivalry caused Vilir to constantly challenge his sister, which led to Milim teasing him everytime she rejected.

"Hmph! You only won because you cheated you 'loli'!" Vilir loudly stated while emphasizing the word 'loli', and the reason as to why he said that?

It was one of the things his older sister disliked the most. His sister Milim never wants to be called a kid, and just recently the word loli kept popping out from Vilir's mouth.

When Milim asked Vilir what the word 'loli' meant, she only got angrier and banned her younger brother from calling her that.

Milim heard her brother call her a 'loli' and just scoffed as she retorted. "Hahaha! Says the boy who's even shorter than me~" she ended her statement with a teasing tone.

"What did you say!?" Vilir yelled at his sister.

"I guess older sister has to teach her baby brother some manners" Milim said.

"Why you!?" Vilir and Milim ended up butting their head together, fortunately for the forest, Velgaia was able to calm the twins down and prevent them from damaging the their surroundings.


In a certain Kingdom.

In a large castle, an old man wearing a white robe with golden markings, was sitting on a throne.

Beside him was his youngest son, the 3rd prince of the Westanic Kingdom.

Being the youngest held a lot of privileges, and the 3rd prince was someone who was spoiled since he was a little child. Everything he wanted was given to him without question.

He was his the Kings favorite child afterall.

Right now they were in the throne room, listening to a knight report about something interesting.

"Your Majesty, it seems that a dragon has been spotted by out watchmen near the forest." Said the knight clad in gray armor.

"A dragon?" It wasn't the King that spoke but the 3rd Prince. He continued to ask. "What kind of dragon?"

"It has been confirmed to be a child dragon, my prince" The knight replied.

"Did you spot its owner or any companion it might have?"

"No, sir"

The 3rd Prince had a thoughtful look as he said "I see"

The King saw his son's interest in this dragon and asked his son for confirmation. "Do you want to have it, my son?"

The 3rd Prince looked at his father and replied "I do indeed" with a smile on his face.

"Then I shall make it so you would have the most prestigious pet in all the west!" The King exclaimed.

The 3rd Prince let out a mischievous smile as he listened to his father order the knights for the capture of the little dragon.

"I wonder what it feels to wear your skin" The 3rd Prince muttered, as he imagined about making his own clothes from the skin of the little dragon.

(A/N:Dont know if this is possible but might as well find a reason right?)


"I have a bad feeling" Vilir stated as he watched his sister play with their pet dragon.

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