The Throne
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The Throne


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What is The Throne

The Throne is a popular web novel written by the author mjayauthor, covering ACTION, FANTASY, SUPERPOWERS, BATTLE, MAGICAL, FANTACY FICTION, ADVENTURE-ACTION, ADVENTURE-FANTASY, MAGIC-TECH, FANTASY MAGIC ADVENTURE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 102.4K readers with an average rating of 4.94/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 170 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


The ancient god of Athlos has once again come alive wanting to once again be whole. The leader of Athlos is bent on being one with the creator once again, however there are those who stand against him and his ideas. Once news of rebellion approaches the Supreme's ears, he calls for the ancient rite of the guard. The question is... Is the calling of the guard to unite the ancient god, or to set the people free from the ancient god? The Throne follows the lives of five different people losing something important to them, and how they react to the events that evolve around them. It shows them in their weakest of moments as they learn how to rely on themselves finding strength in the strangest of places. It focuses on their weaknesses and desires for revenge throughout the fist part of the novel. Fear and doubt in their abilities is revealed to characters as they’re pushed away from others. They learn how to see things from a different point of view as they become stronger, preparing themselves for what only few can see. It all begins as a normal day for each of them, until something happens in each of their lives that causes their weakness to be shown for everyone to see. Its their responses to these events that their hidden strength starts to reveal itself. Mouse is a street thug, and a known thief in the city causing headaches to the guards and merchants he steals from. His quick wit and sarcasm shines when he has everything, however, loses it all when he’s attacked. Star a circus performer reveals her dark side when she loses the closest people in her life, and revenge is the only thing she can think of. Harnio has Asperger’s and savant syndrome, causing him to not have the ability to connect with people, yet when it comes to information and learning there is no one greater. Drummen a loud, proud, lover of women and wine has only one desire in his life and that is freedom, yet he can't escape from the ones pulling his strings. While Stannir following the footsteps of his grandfather maybe strong and talented, yet he has no belief in himself nor his abilities that are forced upon him to survive. The main plot pushes the characters together to complete the ritual by fighting a mysterious army that’s being created by the Supremes’ order. Their actions can either repair Athlos leaving it as it is or returning it to how it once was long ago in the past when the Creator was walking on its lands. Each character faces stress, pain, suffering, rejection, love and hatred. Its how the characters react to these situations and how they deal with the problems they face.