The Thief (A Percy Jackson Twin Story) Book

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The Thief (A Percy Jackson Twin Story)


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Madelyn Hood has been at Camp Half blood for 5 years now. When she was 4, her adoptive parents were murdered, leaving her with no choice but to go to foster homes. She hated every single one of them, and eventually ran away from all of them. When she was 7, she met a new life on this runaway. She met friends along the way that helped her find her way to Camp. But now as a fully trained demigod, she meets a strangely familiar demigod, Percy Jackson. Join Maddie and her friends on an adventure of love, hate and of course demon teachers! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO RICK RIORDAN. I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS OR PLOT EXCEPT FOR MADDIE AND HER STORY.


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