41 A Dragon Traveling to the land of Peach

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" I...want you to have all of me. "

Hearing such words, Athan felt thousands of horses running all over his heart and mind.

He was genuinely attracted towards her and after hearing all things she said before, How could he not feel anything?

When such a beautiful girl comes to you, confess her love with such eyes, Kiss you and on top of that, say such words.


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There was an explosion in Athan's mind as he grabbed her waist to pull her towards him and kissed her.

Lost in affection and Euphoria, The kissing did not stop until they were out of breath.

The sound of panting could be heard as they pulled their mouths apart and stared at each other.

" Athan, will you accept me? as weak as I am, I still want to stay with you. " Tiana spoke as she panted with a red face but her eyes not changing from the previous unwavering determination.

Athan didn't know what happened to him or Tiana, But right now the more he looked at Tiana the more he found her attractive, especially those eyes, he didn't know why they were filled with such strong light but he could not stop himself from getting attracted towards her.

" Tiana..."

Athan took a deep breath to calm his beating heart but to no avail as he spoke seriously, " My journey is going to be very tough and filled with danger, You might be put into danger, But...I still want you. In fact, I already love you!! The you right now is so breathtaking that I..."

Tiana put her fingers on his lips as she stopped him from speaking

" That's enough...." Tears fell from Tiana's eyes when she heard Athan's words. She thought given how he was so powerful, he would not accept a weak girl like her.


Currently, Athan and Tiana were sitting on a bed.

Both of them were somewhat embarrassed but Athan took the lead as he removed her robe slowly.

As the robe slowly slid off, Athan could not help but get attracted to the two big melons which she hurriedly covered with one hand while her other hand covered her pink peach.

" I-it's your turn...."

Moments later, Both of them were naked on the bed as Athan could see everything except her peach fruit and pink nipples which Tiana covered with her hands.

Athan's dragon hardened even more as he looked at her perfectly carved slim body that looked just like a piece of art. Her skin was smooth and jade-like white and the tints of red & pink on her just made it even more enchanting.

Her perfect body was without a single hair as she looked just like a beauty out of fantasy.

Athan stretched one of his hands forward asked, " Can I? ", Seeing Tiana nodding her head with a blush, He gently touched her ripe breasts.

" Aaah..."

It felt like an electric shock to Tiana when Athan's hand touched her breast but as he started to caress them more, She started to feel good.

Athan felt like he was in heaven, The feeling of touching boobs was absolutely divine, he squeezed them a bit, explored the cleavages, and massaged them as he touched the short but pointy nipples, It felt magical.

Tiana wasn't to be outdone as she also suddenly stretched her hand and grabbed Athan's dragon.

Athan flinched a bit when he felt Tiana's hands touching his rod but he focused on her breasts as he slowly moved forward and gently pushed her down.

He asked if he could suck on her breasts, to which she shyly nodded but she didn't remove her hands from Athan's rod as she kept touching it.

Athan opened his mouth and gently sucked her nipples which sent another zap in her body as she trembled a bit due to sensitivity.

As they both played with each other's objects for some time, Athan's other hand approached the lower-half of her body which Tiana had covered with her another hand.

When she felt Athan's hand coming there, she removed her hands from there allowing Athan to feel her pink flower as she used both of her hands to touch Athan's rod which looked like a divine object in her eyes, It was long and thick like a dragon.

' Will this big...rod really fit inside me? ' Such a thought surfaced on her mind seeing the meat rod of Athan.

After a while, Athan moved his mouth downward as he kissed her belly before slowly going downward.

' I've read in a book that one should first explore the girl's pink world with tongue before proceeding with real exploration and make her wet, especially if it's her first time. '

Athan didn't have experience but he had read about many ways on how to pleasure your girlfriend despite having no girlfriend at all.

As he moved downward, Tiana lost her grip on Athan's rod. She was looking at where Athan was moving his mouth towards but didn't stop him as she closed her eyes.

Athan finally arrived at her peach fruit and without further ado, he pressed his lips against her peach fruit and sent his tongue forward to explore her pink world.

"Ahhhhh!!!" Tiana could not help but moan as she felt Athan's soft and slippery tongue inside her pink world, causing her body to tremble violently as she felt one more zap of electricity coursing through her body, the most intense one so far.

Athan continued to explore her with his tongue causing Tiana to feel waves of pleasure as she suddenly felt something coming out and moaned.

As Athan didn't see this coming, Clearwater like that of heavenly spring came out from her pink cave as it sprayed onto Athan's face.

Tiana was very embarrassed as she said with a small voice, " S-sorry..."

Athan got up and tasted the liquid with his tongue before saying with a smile, " That was my purpose in the first place, now...we can move to the final step as we connect our body and soul together, are you ready? "

Tiana embarrassedly nodded hearing that.

Athan moved forward a bit as he rubbed her entrance with his thick rod for a few seconds before slowly pushing his dragon-like penis inside her pink cave.

Tiana felt tearing pain as waterdrops formed inside her eyes, but she didn't even let out a wince as she forcefully enduring the pain. She could feel something tearing apart by Athan's thick rod and a very small blood trail found its way out from inside as Athan's thick rod almost did not leave any gap.

Athan didn't want to let her feel more pain so he pierced her tight vagina and broke her hymen in one go quickly. Her insides were tightly wrapped around Athan's big sword as he continued to penetrate her pink world before reaching the end.

It was a very novel experience for both of them as none of them had experienced anything like this before.

Athan didn't start to move immediately and asked, " I will move now okay? It will not hurt that much anymore. "

He then slowly moved his hips, thrusting very slowly at first as he carefully looked at Tiana's expression.

He then gradually increased his speed.

After a while, as he was not too fast nor too slow, he heard.


Hearing the extremely alluring moan and looking at Tiana who was showing passion and pleasure.

Athan's inner fire ignited completely as he increased his speed and intensity.

"Aaaa....harder...I want it harder and faster." Tiana spoke passionately as she grabbed Athan's neck and pressed her perfect voluptuous breasts tightly against Athan's chest.

Athan completely lost it with this and grabbed her waist before moving her up and down along with his hips, increasing the speed and intensity.

Tiana moaned loudly as she felt intense rapture with Athan's dragon hitting the end of her hole repeatedly sending waves upon waves of pleasure to her.

While feeling intense pleasure she felt something coming out as she moaned while speaking, " Something...something's coming out...Aaaaaaaahh...! "

This moan filled with pleasure only served to increase the speed of Athan even more as he also came at the same time as Tiana.

The moment both of them reached the climax, The black whirlpool absorbed some kind of energy from the semen of Athan and Tiana both which was obviously not noticed by Athan.

He looked at the blissful face of Tiana and also felt extreme happiness, Tiana looked at Athan before she suddenly exclaimed, " It's still long and sturdy, and feels even bigger than before.

He had not pulled his penis out of the hole so Tiana could feel changes immediately.

Athan smiled mischievously as he spoke, " Well guess it's time for the 2nd round then. " saying this, He spread her legs apart and held her waist as he started moving his hips once again.

Tiana had no objection as she also wanted to savor this feeling and taste of Athan as much as she could before she enters her trial of 9 deaths and 1 life.

She then forgot every other thing as she let her lose herself in intense pleasure before letting out passionate moans caused by Athan's dragon moving inside her.

Athan then yanked Tiana upward as he grabbed her ass while she wrapped her arms around his neck before going for a session of kissing and riding at the same time.

While they were having fun, The black whirlpool suddenly released milky white energy that traveled inside both Athan's and Tiana's body.

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