6 Chapter 6

100 years later:

The last century has been productive. I am a master in many different types of magic. It would have taken me longer, but fortunately I have created my masterpiece a decade ago. The masterpiece I am referring to is a cloning spell. The spell lets me be able to get the clone's memories after dispelling or splitting my consciousness into the clone so I can control the bodies simultaneously. The amount of clones I can make depends on my magic power and there are other factors at hand like physical abilities and if the clone will use magic which increases the cost of making them.

I mostly use the clones now to do all my studying, which increases my free time, which means Thor is dragging me off on more of his adventures, not that I don't like it since it is quite fun. One adventure a few decades ago on Midgard caused the creation of Norse mythology. Now the people of Scandinavia call me God of Chaos and Magic which isn't completely accurate since we aren't technically gods just an advanced long-lived species, but who am I to deny their worshipping of me because compared to them we are technically gods.

Of course, magic wasn't my only subject of study and I progressed leaps and bounds in the science area. From the movies, you would think Asgard is less advanced than earth because they use swords and other medieval weapons, but that is not the case. We are decades if not centuries ahead of my old world. The only reason people use medieval weapons is because Asgardians are a warrior race that believes that other forms of combat are cowardly etc.

I move towards the room next to my chambers and enter.

"Welcome to the danger room, Sir." My AI Oracle responds. "What mode should the room designate?"

"Frost Giants wave should be fine for now, Oracle."

"Of course Sir."

The room changes to icy and the blue creatures begin to come after me. I equip my swords and begin to slaughter the creatures without my magic. That is how I spend my day testing the limits of my physical abilities and combat experience and I have to say I am not satisfied. Sure I am at the upper echelon of strength, speed and durability compared to ordinary Asgardians, but I am not satisfied with that. As I sit and brood I get the brilliant idea to create a super-serum that could work on me to put me above peak Asgardian level. I figured if they could do it on Steve Rogers why can't I make it work, but I would have to have Jotunns to experiment on since I am one and their biology differs from Asgardians.

As I sit in the room that is also one of my prized possession. It is a simulation room that I created a few years back to gain fighting experience against all sorts of creatures in groups or to refine my skills. The AI Oracle I created a few decades back since I have always wanted one and she quickly proved her use over the many decades. She controls the room so the enemies are difficult since she improves the enemies at every round which lets me improve too.

I put my swords in my hammerspace and use one of my secret paths to Jotunheim. Being seen would be detrimental to my goals so I just used an invisibility spell and quickly knocked a few ice giants out. When I made my way back to Asgard instead of going to my room I headed to a cave underground several kilometres away from the main city. I have built it over the years for my more secretive projects. There are runes all over the place so even Heimdall can't see and will only see an empty normal cave.

I put the frost giants in the dungeons and one by one I began experimenting on them. First I studied their biology and then I analysed their ice powers. Over the next few years, I and a few clones work on a serum that would push me above the peak jotunn levels. Normal people would see what I do as inhumane and horrifying, but in my eyes, anything that isn't mine is not of importance including the lives of others. Sure I won't randomly kill people, but if it comes to my goals I would without remorse.

While I was working on completing the serum I thought about the insane regeneration for example Wolverine or Deadpool and quickly experimented on the Frost Giants to find a way to get myself that type of regeneration. After another few years of making and completing the first serum, I started to experiment on how to combine the two to have both serums functionalities.

After twenty years of first starting, I look at the serum in my hands. With this, I will be above Jotunn level in strength, durability, speed and regeneration. I will have the closest thing to an immortal body since my lifespan has increased indefinitely and I can even survive if my head is cut. As I stared at my magnum opus I released the most satisfying smile. Sure I can still be killed, but it would be fucking hard. I want to inject it immediately, but even though I am 99% sure it won't fuck up since I tested it on other few frost giants before killing them. I use one of the few time spells I have to see into the future a month ahead and see myself fine. Once my confirmation is done I inject it and proceed with the procedure.


I wake up 3 weeks later feeling better than I have ever in my life. It was such a rush that I could feel myself almost get addicted to the rush of power. After finishing basking in my power rush I started to test to see if everything was fine and luckily it was. I move to the built-in hot spring and start to relax in it. The last twenty years have been a pain in my ass, but so worth it. Sure I didn't spend all my time in my lab and took breaks, but it was arguably the busiest I have ever been.

After I am done I move to the palace and I am immediately met by my mother. I move to her and kiss her on the cheek.

"Hello mother, I hope you didn't miss me too much."

"Son, you have been away for longer than usual I was starting to get worried."

"I couldn't help it, I met a few insatiable maidens and they couldn't get enough of me these few weeks." I easily lie to her. Sure it might be a dick move to lie to her, but it is better than saying I have finished my work of experimenting on a race.

She looks at me disapprovingly."Mm, I don't think you are doing yourself any favours with Lady Aelsa."

She easily believed me since I am a bit of a manwhore. At the mention of my longest and favourite lover I perk up." Ah, lovely Aelsa I am sure she would just be jealous she couldn't have joined in."

She shakes her head. "I don't understand how you can get a queen to go along with your acts."

"I would like to think it is my roguish charm." Unfortunately, it took quite a bit of seducing and subtle manipulation to get her to be okay with me sleeping around. She is now okay as long as I don't fall in love, which is fucking easy. "I would like to continue our talk, but I better make it up to her for ignoring her needs for too long."

I move forward and hug her goodbye before teleporting to Alfheim outside of their palace. The guards see me and stop me.

"I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose." 'Banging your queen' I think to myself amusingly.

The guards let me in and I moved to the queen chambers where I know she is watching me from. As I enter her room I see that she is barely wearing anything except elven lingerie.

"Welcome my love, I see you haven't lost your flair for dramatics since we last met, what is the glorious purpose you have come for."

"To satisfy their queen's carnal desires."

"I am sure this is about my needs and not yours." She says sarcastically and gets on the bed.

"Let's ignore the logistics and focus on getting your little ass in the right position."

I move behind her as she gets in the missionary position. I quickly undressed myself and her with a flick of the wrist. I kiss her while my hand plays with her folds to get it wet for insertion. My tongue fuck her mouth and my hand comes to her breasts and fondles them. My lips move from her mouth to her jawline and then neck. I was incredibly aroused seeing how her body reacts to my touch.

As my one hand rubs her cunt I feel that she is wet enough. I don't waste any more time and thrust my length into her welcoming folds. As I begin to slowly fuck her she wraps her legs around my waist to encourage me to go faster. I do not disappoint her as I immediately begin to fuck her faster. As I feel the familiar sensation of her cunt tightening around my shaft I know my dear Aelsa just came. I slowly fuck her so she can ride out her orgasm before pulling out and putting her on all fours.

As she shakes her ass out for me I don't wait long before getting back inside of her. My one hand plays with her breast while my other grabs her hair and pulls her face in my direction so I kiss her once again. We continue for a while and I feel her inner walls clenching. I join her in climaxing, shooting my seed inside her.

We spend the whole night fucking and making love. If I didn't soundproof the room I am sure that the whole palace would have heard her screams. One negative of the serum was that my libido improved its already impressive rate, which meant I had to lend Aelsa my stamina with a spell. After a night of fucking I finally sleep with a contented smile on my face, unfortunately, Aelsa had duties and laze around with me.

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