5 Chapter 5

It is months after my acquisition of the queen and the time I used to lessen my more hedonistic tendencies and focus on more productive work, such as convincing the queen to let me in the library. It took quite some time, but I managed to convince her.

That's why at the moment I am reading a book about light magic while Aelsa is busy cuddling by my side. I am truly astounded by her neediness, but it appears being queen is so stressful it was why she so easily surrendered to my charm and it is not like she can easily find comfort in one of her own people, her subjects won't respect her if she slept with them unless she is into femdom, but I doubt that seeing as how are our nights are going.

Compared to the library on Asgard, their library doesn't have the quantity or quality, but they have more books about light magic, plant magic and surprisingly sex magic. Of course, Asgard didn't have more than the basic sex magic and how to counter it since most comes from Odin or Frigga and I doubt they are interested in that. Even though the aesir are more prejudiced against magic, Odin isn't such a fool to ignore magic and if Odin and I have anything in common it is our desire to always be the best. That is the only reason I can see why Asgard has so many books about magic.

So far I have only read a few hundred books here, which is about a sixth of the content in the library and in Asgard I also have only read about a sixth of the books that just explains the difference of quantity between the two nations. Though I am only taking account of the magic-based, if we account for all other subjects the number of books would span in the millions.

My other training is going extremely well. My archery level is quite bizarre. With the ability to use magic as binoculars and my brain to use math to figure out the trajectory and other calculations such as wind etc and you have a Hawkeye 2.0. The only way I can miss now is if an outside influence messes with my shot like the other day when Thor pushed me when I took a shot or if someone teleports the target out of the way. I have made myself a small wrist bow to incorporate it into my fighting style since it is such a fun and effective weapon. I will upgrade it when I get back to Asgard, but now I am satisfied.

My nights with Aelsa are satisfying for me and a great stress relief for her. I can play her body like a fiddle, I have all her sensitive spots and preferences memorised that an uneducated person would think I am using sex magic to fuck her, but the truth is it is all-natural. I doubt I would ever use sex magic for anything other than adding variety to my sex life since it just takes the fun out of seducing someone and finding out how to become a natural aphrodisiac to them.

She has grown fond and dare I say in love with me. If I want I think I have a massive chance to become king of Alfheim, but being king is only something I would consider a few thousand years into my existence or if I create a clone spell. Plus the kingdom is a matriarchy and I would rather not play the role of a queen.

As I read while fondling my lover's hair I think about tomorrow. The games on Alfheim are officially beginning and I have to admit I am quite excited since I get to compete against people from all the nine realms and maybe beyond in different events. The event I am most excited about is the free for all which is basically a battle royale. It just fuels my minor battle junkie urges that I have developed on Asgard. I soon finish my book and join my lover in slumber.


It is midday and the first event is soon to begin. The first event will be an underwater race which will allow fighting to happen and since I know I can't compete with most aquatic species so I decided to move to the pavilion where the audience sits. As I wonder how they will let us be able to view the event a light sizzles into existence in front of us.

As it takes the form of a 3d screen I sigh in nostalgia of it reminding me of a TV, something I quite enjoyed viewing in my previous life. The screen is created by combining illusion and scrying spells to let us be able to view the event, I figured as I sat down and watched as the screen shifted to an underwater setting.

The match starts as I watch as all sorts of aquatic creatures race such as mermaid, water elves etc. As I see them start to fight while racing I am truly glad in my decision not to participate in this match. Sure maybe I could race underwater, but my combat capabilities would be severely limited and as I watch a mermaid be injured and forced to forfeit I knew I made the right decision.

The person who won was a water spirit and I had to admit the first stage was entertaining. Watching people viciously fighting to win was highly entertaining and I had to wonder again if I was a sadist first with pranks and now people getting beaten down.

The games progress as I watch certain games such as the maze where the participants had to navigate to get a treasure that they would keep. To participating in archery and shooting moving targets, which I almost won if it weren't for one elf who probably practised the bow for centuries. I go to find Thor since the next event would be something both of us would be participating in. It would be a standard 1v1 one elimination battle until someone wins.

As I move where Thor was chatting up a few brutes I greet him. "Ready for the next event brother, I will try not to beat you too badly."

"Ah Loki, unfortunately, I am going to disappoint you brother since I don't plan on losing today."

"Oh, we shall see."

I moved to the arena and began to see my opponent ready for me. He was a wood elf so I presumed he was at least proficient in controlling wood or nature. He also had a bow like most elves and a one-handed sword. I entered the arena and summoned my dwarven made dual short swords. It wasn't made of a special metal like uru, but the next best thing so I didn't have to worry about quality.

"Start." The announcer said.

I went on the offensive to feel him out since I knew I could easily back if he has anything tricky. He shot an arrow at me and I dodged before using my wrist bow to shoot him in the stomach before capitalising with my swords by disarming him and putting the other on his neck for him to surrender. I was disappointed, but it was the first match so I didn't expect much, but still.

This continued into the day and the next, with the competition becoming ever so more competent. Unfortunately for my competition, my memory allows me to observe their fighting styles and easily discern their patterns. With my jotunn physique of one of the most powerful species in the universe, my strength and speed can easily match them. My illusions also help confuse people so it wasn't too hard to beat my opponents.

As I move on to the finals I am not surprised to see Thor. Sure he didn't have the experience that most people here have that have centuries of experience, but we both had the best teachers to teach us since we were able to walk and Thor is a combat prodigy with a physique even above the best Asgardians so I could see him winning against all his opponents.

I grin as I see my longest friend entering the arena. He also had a grin on his face with the dwarven axe he had battled with these few days. He also had a small shield on his arm and I had to assume it was for my wrist bow and I had to give it to Thor for coming prepared instead of just winging it.

"I see you actually made it little brother, I hope you won't be too mad when I defeat you." I probably shouldn't have taught him thrash talking. I shrug my shoulders at him.

"Don't get too cocky before I wipe that smug grin off your face." I say before summoning my two swords.

As soon as the announcer says we can begin we charge at each other and let caution to the wind since we know our capabilities and don't have to be overly cautious. His axe clashes against my swords and I fire my wrist bow at his arm. The problem with using arrows on him is that Thor reaction time is good as well as speed so just because I have near-perfect aim doesn't mean he can't dodge or block, but luckily he didn't see the arrow coming and it deposited itself in his arm. He backs up and lets out a grunt.

"I told you I would wipe that cocky grin from your face." I don't give him time to reply and push on the aggressive again.

What I didn't expect when we started clashing again was a tiny bit of lightning coming out of his axe. I had to do a double-take at the display that would let him gain the moniker of God Of Thunder. Fortunately, he couldn't control it and even though his weapon is dwarven made it doesn't mean it can channel magic as it isn't made of the more magical conductor metals such as uru.

I back away and start firing arrows at him and use my illusion magic to get behind him while he is distracted and kick his back and send him flying 10 meters. Just as I am about to go and stab him, he picks up a tree and smashes it into me and I am sent flying several meters. I

cast an illusion to make myself look more injured than I am and show that I drop my weapons far away. I shoot him with the wrist bow while standing up and pretend that I am buying time for myself. He blocks them with his shield and fights me again thinking I am weaponless, but while his attitude changes to more confident in his win by how relaxed he is I dispel the illusion and stab him in the belly and leg to avoid dangerous areas. His expression changed to shocked.

"Rule number 1 of fighting me brother don't believe what you see." I whisper in his ear before knocking him out. As the crowd roars, I ignore them in favour of taking Thor to a healer before going to my room to sleep off my exhaustion.

The next day I participated in the free for all. We were thrown into the forest and had to fight until every but one was defeated in 4 hours or the survivors would be put into a limited area to fight there if they hadn't finished before the time was up. The magic users were the most annoying but fortunately, most of them didn't have the average strength of their race and the people with above-average strength didn't have a defence against magic. The event was fun, but unfortunately, I didn't win due to one of the elves ambushing me.

I collect my prize money and spend the next few days with Aelsa; exploring or reading the magic books. After a few days, Thor and I made our way back to Asgard, him fully regenerated. He was upset I stabbed him so sneakily, but as I said to him all is fair in love and war. Damn, I love stealing cool quotes from people in my previous life.

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