4 Chapter 4

As I get out of the portal I see Thor admiring the surroundings. I also look over this new realm we have found ourselves in. We arrived in an enchanted forest from the looks of it and I had to admit it was beautiful. I used a scrying spell to see everything from above and saw candy vegetation, rivers and springs of wine, and beautiful gardens. It was as described as in a book I read a few years ago, but only more breathtaking.

"Well, I think I just found my new vacation resort." I quip.

"This forest is quite a sightful, but I can't wait to find out if the rivers are really full of wine." Classic Thor, his brain is only focused on drinking, fighting and adventure. I will let him find out about wine on his own, I don't want to spoil the adventure.

"Yes, we will be here a few months minimum so let's take our time to enjoy this."

"Aye brother, let's race and find who is first out of this forest." He ran before even giving me a chance to speak. I tsk in annoyance and start running because we are quite competitive yet hold little ill will towards each other. For all that our speed matches, my agility is far superior to my brother, which allows me to weave through the forest. As we race we come across unicorns and other exotic creatures we don't see much on Asgard.

We arrive at the end of the forest in 5 minutes and since our max speed is 220 km per hour which is quite impressive since most cars couldn't even reach that in my previous life. Though we didn't run at our max since there were still a lot of things to manoeuvre over. I reached the end first avoiding the obstacles that slowed Thor down a bit.

"Brother I think your statement was right earlier this truly the perfect vacation spot." I look at Thor and see he practically has stars in his eyes as he looks at a river with wine in it. I chuckle at him.

"I wouldn't recommend it, Thor, who knows if the inhabitants relieve themselves in these rivers." He gains a disgusted expression at my words.

"You always find a way to ruin a good thing with your words, even if they don't piss in the rivers. I doubt I would want to drink out of it unless I lose my memories of your words." He says.

"Really? I need someone to practise my mind magic on and you need to gain a defence, it would be embarrassing to find out my dear brother has been enthralled, it's a win-win situation." Not that he can offer a lot of practise since he doesn't have a mental defence to block me out unless you count willpower which wouldn't offer much if I used my better spells on his mind.

"Nonsense none can impregnate my mind for I am mighty." I look at him as if he is a fool and shake my head.

"Nevermind, plus I just wanted to warn you from drinking random wine unless you purify it." I shake my head. "Let's move and go to the capital."

We began to move towards the capital, with me knowing the direction since I read it on a map before starting our journey and the scrying spell I used earlier. As we go on our trek, we cross all sorts of elves, ice elves, spice elves and more. We finally arrived at the entrance of the city and we were accosted by an elf who wore prominent clothes which only a noble or wealthy merchant would be able to afford.

"Greetings princes of Asgard, the Allfather has warned us of your arrival." I was irritated by this but continued to listen. "Come we have to meet the queen."

I had to actively conceal my annoyance. Odin transforming our adventure into a diplomatic arrangement put a dent in my good mood, but I could do nothing but play along. I can understand why we need to speak to their queen since two princes suddenly being in your realm is something you need to know, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

"Lead the way." Thor says, ignorant about my mood change. We began to follow the elf yet to be named towards the palace of the queen. While we walk I admire the surroundings and watch as elves practice their archery and some wood elves traversing a small forest with impressive agility.

We quickly arrive as our walking speed is twice that of humans. As we enter the palace I see a petite woman sitting on a throne. She had white skin and white hair and the usual pointy ears of her race. Overall she was a beauty, unfortunately, I am quite irritated that she summoned me when I only wanted to have fun so I couldn't fully appreciate her looks. This was Queen Aelsa the leader of the light elves of Alfheim.

"Your Highness." I gave a bow though not a submissive one that her subjects would, but one that will at least pass as respectful. "I am Loki Odinson and this is my brother Thor Odinson."

"Welcome to Alfheim princes of Asgard, I hope you will enjoy your stay." She says in that melodic voice of hers that could easily cause the downfall of lesser men, fortunately as Thor would say I am mighty. "I have heard from your father that you will stay for the decennial games, it would be a joyous occasion seeing what you would bring to the events, please don't let me take up your time I will have servants preparing your room."


The months passed and I spent some time practising archery and the other times I spent in hedonism or by explorer Alfheim. I can say I am fairly good at archery at this point because my talent is learning stuff. I am not as good as the best elves, but I rarely miss anymore, which I count as a win. Nothing major happened so far in this trip unless you count the second night where Thor stole a lock of the queen's hair. I pretended as if he didn't exist the following days because it was too embarrassing to be associated with the hair thief.

I also subtly flirted with the queen because if she is going to force us to stay in her castle then I am at least going to get something out of her and her on all fours seems like a worthy compensation. I like to think Thor stealing her hair was him getting her back for forcing us to stay here, but if I know my brother that definitely wasn't the reason, the guy is too kindhearted for petty revenge like that.

The night started well. The queen and I were drinking wine after dining in the evening. My brother was who knows where. We started with small talk then devolved to light flirting and several minutes later we ended in her room with me sitting on her bed with her on my lap making out with me. I explored her back seeking to find any sensitive points on her back that I can exploit later or in future. We duelled tongues for a while before she pulled back and breathing heavily and giving me a coy smile.

"You're quite the naughty boy Loki, desiring someone far older than you and a queen to boot." She says before moving her lips to my neck.

"Age is just number, love and I always thought I would at least be 100 before bedding a queen." I quickly pull her and throw her on the bed and dissolve my clothes with nothing but a thought as she does the same.

She eyed my form and I did the same to her. She had cute pert breasts and her pink nipples were hard showing that she was aroused. I towered over her 5'5 feet with my 6'4 feet and my dick twitched at the image of her being at my mercy. I moved forward and kissed her neck and trailing until I reached her breasts, sucking and giving light bites to her tits.

I moved my shaft towards Aelsa's cunt and teasingly dragged it over her folds without directly penetrating, leaving her to whimper while I feast on her chest. I don't tease her long before thrusting my cock into her tight cunt. As I fuck her 'Bruno Mars's Locked Out of Heaven' plays in my head and that is the perfect song to describe how nice it feels to have her inner walls engulf my shaft.

By the morning I had her in a lot of positions and deposited my seed into her cunt more than a few times. I didn't bother to cast spells to stop the seed from taking since I don't mind breeding someone if they are sufficiently powerful enough, but I doubt Aelsa wouldn't cast a spell to stop impregnation. I lay there with her on my chest and I can't help but smile to myself in satisfaction.

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