1 Awaken

Everything seemed to spin, I was surrounded by a circle of stars, and they spun faster and faster around me, it was beautiful, but it was sorrowful, my memories were vanishing as time passed by, everything seemed so vague, I remembered the concepts but no the details, but it couldn't be helped, after all, I had passed away, I knew it. But for some reason, I felt like I was being pushed into a void... Like if I was falling from the sky into the earth... that continued to be the case until suddenly I felt it all stopped and then... Cold! I opened my eyes.

"Wake up you stupid, useless husk!"

Someone threw cold water into my body. That brought me back to my senses, and forced me to sit down, I felt so weak, like I could pass out at any moment. But I was alive, that seemed wrong, after all, I knew for a fact that I had died in that gas explosion.

"Hey, miserable rats!" The man that woke me up seemed angry, but he wasn't talking to me, I looked at him, he seemed in good shape and was wearing... old clothes? "It's your lucky day! She survived the travel! It seems you guys don't have to die in her place!"

"But boss she was out cold!" Someone shouted back with worry.

"Bring her to the doctor you idiots!" Exclaimed the man that seemed like the boss here.

"Yes!" Two men answered at the same time.

Everything was so confusing, my visión was blurry, but I felt as they picked me up and moved me with haste, I wanted to throw up but there was nothing in my stomach, as I come more and more into my senses, I felt my throat sore and my stomach empty, also I felt so cold. As seconds passed by my senses betrayed me, and I slipped in and out of consciousness.

In the next hour, I was brought to an old man that wore black tunics, he made me drink a disgusting sour liquid and gave me some hot stew, I had to eat very slowly so I don't throw up. When I finally had some time to rest and contemplate my situation I felt like I wanted to cry, my memories were almost inexistent, I just remember tall buildings and a loud explosión inside a room full of silhouettes, why was I given a new chance to live?

"In this new life... I want to live my life to the fullest" I said with a broken voice, almost a whisper, I felt like I had to declare it.

Over the next hour or so I tried to collect any memories of this body, but it was impossible, there was nothing, but I had a chance to look at a mirror, I seemed like a kid, no better than 8 years old, black hair and red eyes, with pale skin, and I was wearing some rags... I didn't have much time to think about it, because two old guys showed up, both of them had long beards and had this malicious aura around them, they seemed like dangerous people.

"So she is alive, grandmaster" Said one of the old guys, "The doctor said that there is mental damage, but her body seems fine"

"Is she retarded now?" Asked the grandmaster "Her eyes seem fine first elder"

"Her memories are broken beyond salvation" Said the first elder looking at the girl with a grin "But that works out for us"

"Welcome to our [Shadow Crow] sect, little girl" Said the grandmaster looking directly at me "From now on, you will work for us, disciple"

I stood there trying to understand the situation.

"Hey, stupid kid!" Said harshly the first elder "Paid respect when you are talked by your elders!"

"That's enough first elder, she is like an empty husk that will be filled over time" Said the grandmaster "She will be a valuable tool"

I had to gather all my valor to talk up to those two persons, both of them seemed wrong... evil, like if they oozed this dreadful sensation. My body almost moved on its own, and I saluted them like a martial artist, maybe muscular memories.

"M-May I ask for my name, elders?" I said with a trembling voice "I can't remember my name"

"When you are asked for your name" Said the first elder "You must say [Shadow Crow] Mei, grab that in your hearth stupid kid, now come with us, you will know your brother and sisters".

That's how I got into [Shadow Crow] sect, one of the lower demon cultivation sects of the unruled lands, in a night of swords and sorrow for the world. Many years passed before my eyes after that moment, but I still remember it clearly.

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