1 Chapter 1 Were It Started

"BUZZ! BUZZ!" the annoying sound of my watch's alarm which it only makes when it is not on my wrist where it normally is, but I forgot to put it on last night after charging it. Reaching over to try to silence it, I knock over one of the many coffee cups that are haphazardly placed between me and the watch, but thankfully it was one of the many Starbucks cups instead of one of my mugs that would have shattered on impact to the ground. Finally my hand reached the desired destination turning off the unholy noise, but in the process I fell out of my bed.

After spending ten minutes trying and failing to free myself out of the heaven that is my bed, I start to make my way to the closet to get dressed. After I am dressed in whatever top piece of clothing which turned out to be a playing white shirt and black sweatpants. Still have asleep I make my way to the kitchen to make myself breakfast and some coffee, unfortunately, I can't drink the coffee due to my "cat's tongue" which means I can't drink hot things, so I put it into a bottle for later when it cools off to a drinkable temperature. When I finish eating my breakfast I make my way back to my room to pack up my backpack for school which starts in 20 some odd minutes. Still, somehow half asleep I make my way to the garage and get on my bike to head out to school.

Somehow I managed to make it halfway to my high school before I start to feel myself falling into dreamland. With myself slowly falling asleep I could feel my bike swerving in and out of the street and with all of the cars around it was a real safety hazard and wouldn't be long before I hit one. After another minute of serving in and out of the street, I lost control of my bike and was thrown off into the path of a speeding car. With a loud "CRUNCH" sound I could feel my rig cage brake as the car tire flattened it.

Well...Fuck...I don't mind dying...but...did it have to be so painful?

My mind was racing about every embracing moment of my life, trying to justify me dying at the age of 15. Which was odd because I thought when your life flashed before your eyes it was supposed to show you why you don't want to die not the other way around.

Well, I didn't think it would be this early...but nows is as good of a time as ever...but still 15...…....................

The world turned black as if none of this ever happened, not my death nor my 15 some odd years of life, nothing, not even darkness, just nothing.