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My story started long ago, in a time of royalty and poor. I was born in the jungles by a strong waterfall. My mother was a brave tigress who battled many foes. My father was a highly skilled tamer of all beasts. The tribe life wasn't hard I mostly for my youngest days remember the beautiful sky's and wild creatures and tribes that romed outside the walls of the jungles. At a young age I was taut how to fight and survive in most terrain. Me and other young Tabaxi will. Face of in challenging tasks to see who will be the next great warrior. My tribe was different than most Tabaxi tribes. The reason was we were not taut how to be traders and merchants, we were born to be warriors. Humans and others never need or wanted to come near us because we would use the jungles for training grounds. If a tribe was wandering to close we would hide with bows and quivers at ready. Looking for any movement. Then once spotted fire one storm of arrows dowsed in narcotics. Once it confirmed that all tribe invaders were asleep we jumped from our hiding spots in the trees and the strongest carried them home to be contained.I never liked it when the oldest warriors brought home unconscious body's through the town.. It always made the air silent and everyone who was around stoped to look and exchange thoughts on what will happen to the captured tribesmen. One thing you should know about my tribe is we don't kill our enemies by savage ways, we fight them with reason and give them a worthy death. So killing when they are asleep are not in our ways.

How do I know all this you ask my name is Ren neatu first class warrior and tamer and the daughter of the greatest Tabaxi race of all. This is my story whats yours? Only time will tell how long we all will stand together in the race for survival.

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Everything above is my own story and book prologue it's still a beta but this is a sneak peak in the life of a young Tabaxi she. End of sneak peek.

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