6 The Tail Of Twins

Episode: 6

What? (Gong Taegwang) School? It's no fun. That's why I'm always looking for something fun. Gosh. I died. But do you know something? This interview is even less fun than school. Please leave. What is it? Actually, I have a problem. I don't want to hear about your problems. Find someone else. When I was in Tongyeong, there was an infamous outcast in my class. She was the class president and popular in junior high, but she didn't know her place, and her life was ruined instantly. I mean, friends can fool around. But she killed herself so I had to transfer when I did nothing wrong. So? What do you want to say? Can someone who died come back from the dead? Pretending to be someone else and fooling everyone around her. So I want to look into whether that outcast died or is still alive. Your friend died, and that's all you can think of? I feel sorry for you. Since the day you transferred to my grade school, I have been feeling sorry for you. I knew you'd say that. Our little outcast. You haven't changed a bit. Hey. Lee Eunbi. It's been a while. Do you have any idea what I went through in Tongyeong because of you? Do you have a death wish? Gosh. I hate being woken up from a nap. Sorry. I have something to say as well. About my twin sister, Lee Eunbi who lived in Tongyeong who you mentioned. My friends here don't know about her. I only recently found out myself. I went to Tongyeong after I heard she died after being bullied in school. So it was you. What? I know everything that you did. What should I do with you? I need to think it over. Next. For example... For example what? The movie "Twilight"... It's about the movie you guys like, "Twilight". The scene when Bella realizes... Realizes. Become aware. What did she become aware of? Do you want me to tell you a secret too? Don't believe anything I say. I'm a total liar. It comes after "that". Edward has a superpower... You know my name is Go Eunbyeol. So Bella finds out that Edward has a superpower... Much less is lesser than "much"... It is much less in the book... Kwon, has Taegwang gone crazy? Isn't he always crazy? He's actually paying attention to the class. You're right. Gong Taegwang, Leaves out. What does that mean? That's more like it. Park Minjun? To exclude something. Right. To exclude this and that. So what did they exclude? Let's find out. To exclude. Some important parts from the book. They excluded something from the book. What was it? Hey. Eat with me. Sure. Why not? Does the new girl like Taegwang? I feel bad for her. He's a total madman. Right? What are you thinking about? Nothing. What I said earlier... It was a bit ridiculous but interesting. Have you told anyone by any chance? Don't worry. You must not know me yet. I'm an infamous madman here. No one would believe a word I say. Really? I'd like to ask a favor, please pretend you didn't hear anything. But you know, I am not the one you should ask. Do you know what kind of temper Eunbyeol has? No one in school can touch her. You should fix things with her. You said you wanted to eat with me. Why aren't you eating? What a waste. Sumi, I have a favor to ask. What is it? Go to House of Love and get me something with the outcast's handwriting on it. That's easy. Okay. I'll give you five minutes before calling you up. - What are you doing? / - Mr. Kim. Oh my gosh. I got it. I got it. I'm going to be in an advertisement! What? Wow! Well, congratulations. Since you're up already, come and do the quiz. Excuse me? Hey. I know you have a lot of questions for me, but can you hold off? I have nothing to ask you. Then why are you following me? You are so full of yourself. I'm going home after school. I'm headed home. But my home isn't this way. What do you want to know? Gosh. I said that's not it. I'm not curious about anything. I'm not interested. Then why do you keep following me? Because I'm worried! Or not... Me? What? Why would I... Why would I worry about you? You've been saying "next month" for months now. I'm so sorry, Madam. If you can't afford it, you shouldn't have renewed the rental contract. I raised it by only 10,000 dollars because I felt bad. You can't get a house like this for such a low deposit. I really mean it. I'll get it to you next month. This is the last time! I'm sorry. I'll give you a call. Father. Hey. What's going on? She's raising the deposit again? No, it's nothing. You don't need to know these things. Let's go in and eat. Aren't you hungry? Come on. I think it's the highlight of the national competition. The two swimmers' duel is almost over. Go, go. That's it. Almost there. Nice turn. A little more. That's it. Yes. The gold medal! Han Ian in lane three has won the gold. Good job. Good job, my son. Ian, play it back for me. - Again? / - Yes. How many times is this already? I can watch it 100 times and I won't get sick of it. Son, can I look forward to the competition in May? Of course. Whose son am I? Good. Yes, that's it. Nice spurt. Go. Go. Nice. Turn. Turn. Nice turn. A little more! We can't find a rising star athlete who is as popular as you. Please call me if you change your mind. Hello? This is Han Ian. Yes. About modeling in that ad you mentioned... Yes. Eunbyeol, let's go. Where are we going? On a date. Let's go. Why am I so happy that training is over? What should we do? Computer game? I have somewhere to go. Sorry. Are you going to see Eunbyeol again? See you later. Eunbyeol. Isn't this totally your style? What? Yes, it's pretty. I'll try it on. No. What you have on now looked good too. Get what you like. Just a minute. (Han Ian) I was surprised that you wanted to meet here. Do you remember now? Did I come to this library with you often? Yes. Our grade school is next door. We had a class here, too. I see. Before I went missing, did I ever mention being followed or harassed by anyone? No, why do you ask? By the way, you know the wound on your neck? I think you got it just before I saw you. Really? What is it? Nothing. Whatever it is, if anything happens, you have to tell me right away. Got it? Okay. Come with me. You don't remember? No, sorry. Wait a minute. Ian, I'm sorry. For what? For making two people's memory a memory only one person remembers. That's why I said to work on your memory. Hey. Hey, Eunbyeol. You don't need to remember. I will tell you everything. Even if you get sick of it, bear with me. It'll take time to fill you in on 10 years of memories. Minjun, let's eat! - Minjun. / - Coming. Aren't you going to say hi to your dad? Good morning. Morning, punk. Don't call him a punk. You must respect your child for them to be successful. We gave him the master bedroom. I can't watch TV because it's too loud. I can't breathe too loudly in case I bother him. How much more respect can I show him? You have no right to say that. You know I make all the money thanks to Minjun. What a great family. A girl named Soyeong transferred in, right? How did you know? Her mom heard of me and contacted me. If you lose to a kid from the countryside, it will be a disgrace, got it? Okay. I couldn't say a peep when I was with women with successful husbands, but I get to walk tall thanks to my son. Here. Eat up. What are you doing? Hi, Minjun. I dropped something. - You're here early. / - Yes. I woke up early. Really? Oh my gosh. They're exactly the same. I'm so thirsty. Hey. Stop taking from others. Buy one yourself. Gosh. Hey! Taegwang! Just sleep like you usually do. Why do you keep bothering people? Give it back. Hey. You know that charges repel each other, right? A crazy person won't go near another crazy person. Got it? What is he babbling about? He's so weird. Let's go. Okay, that is all. Thank you. Hello. Guys, I have a shoot today. - What shoot? / - A shoot? I have to go. Sorry. It's not even TV. It's a magazine ad. Give it a rest. My Hena is much prettier. Right? Hey, Gitae. You start in magazine ads and work your way up to TV and movies. That's how it works. Once I'm in the ad, agencies will be calling me non-stop. Good luck. Good luck. Crush them all. Hello. Hello. Hello. Ian, thank you so much. - My pleasure. / - Good luck. What? Ian. What are you doing here? I have a shoot. Really? Me too. Maybe we'll be partners. That's awesome. Okay! Let's get started! Everyone take your places. Please wait over here. Gayeong is in the center. - The uniform is so pretty. / - Thank you. It looks tailor-made. Ian! Please come this way. Okay. - See you later. / - What? Okay. Say hi to each other. - Hello. / - Hello. Hey you. Go change, and do you see them? Wait there with them. Okay. Okay, be confident. Let's go. Smile. Have fun. Look happy. Good. Looking good. You're having fun. Nice. Give me a bigger smile. In the back. Smile. Wow. Ian's poses are great. Gayeong, you too. The main models are doing great. Okay, have fun. Big smiles. Pose a little now. Okay, good. Hey, you're back there. Smile. Smile. Hi. Hold on. Cut. Cut! Who is she? Hey! Hair Up! You! Yes? Did you step on some poop? You're the only one not smiling! I'm sorry. Our main models looked great, but we have to redo it because of you! I'm sorry. That awkward brat. Ian, I'm sorry. We'll be done soon. I'm fine. Let's go again. And cue! Okay, hi! Hey, Hair Up! Smile! Okay, good. Eunbyeol. Let's talk. You punk. You haven't learned your lesson yet? Sorry. What is it? Did he get scared off after being beaten up? It is the power of my punch. What I said last time wasn't everything. I don't know what your sister told you, but I'm the bigger victim here. So? I'm sure it was hard for you, too. But what happened to Eunbi breaks my heart. I was hurt too. So, let's just bury it. Bury it? Do you think it's that simple? Then what? What will you do? I have to think about it. I haven't decided yet. Not because you have something to hide? Why don't you two just come clean? Eunbyeol admits to having a twin, and you admit to being a bully and getting transferred. What do you think? It's fair, right? Do you want me to call others and tell them? What? Should I tell them yours first? See you later. Hey! You started it together, so end it together! I can't stand being curious! Call me whenever you see her from now on. Got it... We've prepared special lunch. Let's all cheer up. Thank you. - This looks so good. / - Oh, this is tuna kimbap. Is yours tuna kimbap? Can I have some? Director, will you excuse me? Sure. Enjoy. Thank you, you too. Go away. This is more insulting. Let's eat. I'm hungry. I'm pathetic, aren't I? Why? I bragged to the kids about becoming a model. You deserve it, Cha Songju. Ian. You're so lucky. For what? You have a dream, and you're talented. You're so blessed. When you first start swimming on the first day, you only get familiar with the water. You practice holding your breath underwater. Then you learn how to breathe, float and kick. If you skip one, you can't advance to the next. So consider this learning how to hold your breath to become a great swimmer. You know... Your poses were pretty bad during a shoot. I just couldn't show my stuff, that's all. I'm much better than you. I didn't say anything about that. I'm just saying. Fine, Hair Up. You too? He doesn't even have hair. He's so... - Taegwang... / - Hey. Save it. Go inside. Why are you coming from there? Don't call Eunbyeol out tonight. Hey, Taegwang. What is it? Did something happen to Eunbyeol? That's none of your business. - Hello. / - Hello. Prosecutor Kang Ilsang, correct? - Yes. / - It's nice to meet you. Please take good care of my daughter. Dad. What? Isn't that Soyeong? I'm grateful to have an honor student join our school. I wonder how she knows the director. - Let's go inside. / - Sure. It's time to change seats. The previous seating arrangement isn't working, so I figure we'll use an old-school method. Come up and take one starting from the back row. What are we, little kids? Get moving. Did you all check your new seats? Yes! Then take your stuff and move. Darn it. Stay in the designated seat. No switching. Okay, that's all. Can you do anything else other than swimming? What about you? Shorty. Stop him! Give it up. I'm just getting started. Why? Are you tired? Fine, let's do this. Do it right. What's wrong with them? Are they filming a romance movie or something? It's a mini-series. - I can't see. / - I really can't see. - What is this? / - I can't see. Look at them drooling over Ian's picture. No, we're not. Look. - Who is it? / - Cha Songju. Cha Song... - Isn't this awesome? / - Wow. Awesome. You guys are more incredible for finding this. I thought she was doing something huge. Even I could do this much. Right? - I know, right? / - The first person to find Songju will win a 10-dollar gift card for the school snack bar. Find Songju! - Isn't this her? / - Wrong. Isn't this Songju? The one sitting here with her forehead out. Here's Songju. Here she is. The bald-looking girl. She's here. - She's pretty. She's my type. / - She's cute. - Songju. / - Songju. Give me some time. I just want to be alone right now. Don't come after me. Are you okay? Would you be okay? The first time I walked into our classroom when I transferred here, you were all I could see because you were so pretty. Whatever. You're much prettier than that main model. Stop it. My uncle runs J Entertainment. Do you want me to introduce you? He's been asking me if there are any decent kids at school. Really? Songju. Are you feeling better? I'm better. I wouldn't let something like that get me down. That's our Songju. The pay was tiny, but this is some delicious stuff, so eat up. Okay. - It's so good. / - Hi Ian. - Why are you so late? / - Sorry. Order what you want. Want some of this? Have some of this. There she is. Who? What? Sorry, I'm late. It's okay. Ian just got here, too. Sorry. But I'm going to go. What? Eunbyeol. Eunbyeol! Sorry. I'll see you tomorrow. Ian. Ian! Han Ian! What on earth? I shouldn't have come. I don't think Eunbyeol likes me. It's okay. Let's just eat by ourselves. By ourselves? You never hide it when you're upset. Your old temper is coming back. What do you hate so much about the new girl? What? Does she get better grades than you? Does she? What's wrong? Something's wrong, isn't it? No, nothing is wrong. I said to tell me first if anything happens. Please stop asking me questions. - Eunbyeol. / - Ian. There are things I can't tell you, and things I don't want to tell you, and things I don't want you to find out! So please, don't ask me anything! Do I... Do I mean that little to you? What can't you tell me? What do you have to hide from me? Is our relationship so insignificant that a few words can change it? Eunbyeol! - Eunbyeol. / - Did you sleep well? Yes. Really? There's Songju. Right. Soyeong is introducing her to an entertainment agency. Her uncle runs it. I think she's auditioning tomorrow. Hey, stop that. Why are you doing that? Are you teasing me? Songju. I'm sorry about yesterday. Forget it. I hear you have an audition tomorrow. - Yes. / - Is that place okay? Did you look into it? What are you trying to say? I mean... I'm just worried. Eunbyeol. Stay out of it. Soyeong may not be someone you can trust. Hey, Eunbyeol. Enough already. You're not the type to split friends up. Stop disappointing me. Eunbyeol, Songju must have been very hurt. I just set up a meeting for her because it's something she wants so bad. If you hurt Songju, I won't forgive you. Eunbyeol! What took you so long? Let's go eat. No, I don't have an appetite. You should go. Okay. Mr. Kim. What are you doing? What? Nothing. Why aren't you having lunch? Just... I wanted to be alone. Hey. I really want to be alone today. Exactly. Really, Taegwang. You're really bored, aren't you? Hey. Should I just leave this boring school? But if I quit school, you'll miss me too much. Why did I hate you so much before? You said I was pathetic and that saying hi to me was a waste of time. I did? Rude brat. What? Is this also a total waste of time? No. I think now I can understand why you do that. I didn't want to be hated, so I tried to be angry, hold back, and just about anything else. Just like you. Don't say things like that to others. Don't look at me like that either. What is it? What's going on with my request to withdraw from school? You signed it so confidently. But why? What are you doing? Don't worry. Even if I cause trouble here, nobody knows that I'm your son. Let's talk at home. I've... changed my mind. I won't study abroad. I thought this conversation was done already. I'll just go to school here. Why? Humiliating me until now wasn't enough? Think about what you'd like. You must be afraid someone will see us so I'll go now. - Did she die? / - Oh my gosh. - She was bullied, so she killed herself. / - She died? She doesn't look that way. Wow, she's scary. There was a reason she transferred here. - What on earth? / - How frightening. She's got some nerves. - What a thick skin. / - Tongyeong, right? Yes. Look at this. - Nuri Girls' High. That's it. / - What a witch. It is her. She was forced to transfer out then. People say this is you. It isn't, is it? Good morning... or not. What? What is it? - Was it you? / - What? The one who started the weird rumor. What rumor? You and Eunbyeol are the only ones who know. Right. Should I say she's Eunbi, pretending to be Eunbyeol? Hey. She is Eunbyeol. You're so strange. Do you want me to introduce my psychiatrist to you? Look at this. They are Lee Eunbi's and Eunbyeol's handwriting. They are exactly the same, aren't they? I'm going to ask my dad to have it checked out. Given what happened, I guess I'll come clean as you said. Right? That's only fair. Yes, you're right. I don't know you and you don't know me. It's fair. That's nice. Do you want me to tell you a secret too? You know my name is Go Eunbyeol. Hey. What's wrong? Eunbyeol, let's skip school today. No. Have you lost your mind? Just come with me. Hey! What are you doing? Hey, Taegwang. Have you lost your mind? Let go of me! Hey! What is it? Tell me, now. Later. A little later. Hey. You can have at least one person, right? Someone to call you by your real name. Can I be that person?

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