1 The Tail Of Twins


Oh, school? Um... I don't want to go, but I get anxious if I don't go. If I could never to go school again, I'll probably really want to go. Strange, isn't it? (Lee Eunbi, Tongyeong Nuri high school) My least favorite time in school? It is break time. I have three jobs. When I graduate, I need to leave House of Love and move out. My dream is to become a teacher. One who understands what kids are saying, hiding and what they're lying about. (Tongyeong) (Nuri high school) Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Soyeong Happy birthday to you Ta-da! Surprise! - What are you doing? / - This isn't all. Let go. Let go. - Step one. / - Ba-bam! Crack open the eggs. First, crack open the eggs. - Step two. / - Ba-bam! Then pour on a lot of flour. - Step three. / - Ba-bam. Add plenty of the special sauce and the special cake is complete! Soyeong. Happy birthday! It's a shame we have no candles. But thanks. I'm so moved. I love you. - I love you. / - Me too. (Lee Eunbi) The Seoul-Busan line was built by Choi Namseon, who studied abroad in Japan returned in 1908... But hey. What was that special sauce? That? What is that? Fish sauce? It stinks, right? I washed it with soap several times, but the smell... Will you move away? Sure. Excuse me. I think someone farted. It smells funny. Quiet! We'll end here. Lee Eunbi, come to the office. How many times is this? Why are you always in your gym uniform? I gave you a warning last time. Is someone picking on you? You need to tell me, so I can help you. No, there is nothing to tell you.Yeongho and Seungmin. What are you doing? - This is mine! / - It's mine! It's mine! There's plenty of soup. Why are you fighting? This one doesn't have many scallions and radish. If you don't finish your vegetables... This is all so... You can grow to be strong! Still. Just once, can't you leave out the scallions? Please? Your cute little things. Then I'll give in or so you thought but not a chance! Finish every last piece of your vegetables. Everyone hap! Hap! Put the dishes in the sink and brush your teeth well. Can you do that? Yes! Challenge accepted. Challenge accepted. Rajin. What's happened here? I fell. How? How did you fall? How? Just, while playing with some kids. Look me in the eye. It's okay. Kid, the kids were just playing. What's the big deal? Ma'am, when you play, both sides are supposed to have fun. But our Rajin didn't have any fun and got hurt! So what? Dongu, apologize to Rajin. Promise not to bother her anymore, too. I'm not moving an inch until you do. Eunbi. Why are you hiding? Just apologize, then! Do it! Sorry. I won't do it again. Promise. Are you happy now? Let's go. That stubborn mule. Maybe it's because she has no parents. Why were you playing with someone like... Ouch! Mommy, that hurts! Want a piggyback ride? Rajin. Even if it's a really close friend, you should say if it hurts or that you don't like it or that it's wrong. That way, they won't treat you badly again. Okay? Like you just did? Yes. Thanks, Eunbi. You are a gift from heaven in place of a mommy. Magical things happened to Sara every day. Every time she opened her closet, there was a new thing or her shabby attic room was transformed into a beautiful princess' room. No matter what happens I know for sure that there is someone who cares about me. I am not sad or lonely anymore. Eunbi. Can you come out for a minute? This came for you this afternoon, but I forgot. It's from Gangnam, so it must be that person who sent you sneakers before. Yes, I think so. Whoever it is, she must have really liked you. She always sends you gifts. I was at the department store shopping for my daughter and thought of you, and bought one for you, too. Song Migyeong. Try it. What do you think? It's pretty. It's incredible. She got my shoe size perfectly last time, too. And this is totally my style. (Seoul) Eunbyeol. Go Eunbyeol! Mom. It's not a trip around the world. It's three nights in Tongyeong in Gyeongsangnam-do. We'll take a bus, take some pictures and come back. Did I say anything? Why do I need all this stuff? I took everything out in case you forgot something. Pick just what you want to take. Keep your word. You don't trust your own mom? What, that's it? That's it. Still... - Mom. / - Hold on. Hold on. This. Just take one more then. You'll get bored of playing after a while so read it when you get bored. You are impossible. Here. I haven't seen this before. I got it with a friend. What is with that cold attitude? Will I get it dirty if I touch it? Here. - Bye. / - Oh, Eunbyeol. Hold on. Wear this at night when it gets cold. You catch a cold easily since your respiratory system is weak. Okay, I will. Mom, you know... Never mind. Get lots of rest while I'm away. I will. Have a safe trip, my precious daughter. Bye, Mom. I'll be back soon. Cha Songju isn't here yet? She's probably late putting make-up on. Here she comes. Here. I'm so annoyed. This stupid uniform hides my body too much. It's okay. Your body itself is amazing. Great observation, Eunbyeol. I like your sneakers. Tada. What? Oh my gosh, how embarrassing. Are you two dating? Do you think it ends there? We are wearing matching underwear, too. - Right. / - Hot pink. - You forgot? / - I wore it. Liar. You always get defensive when you feel guilty. - Let me see. / - What? - Let me see what color you're wearing. / - Stop that. Get over here! Hold on. What is it? What color is it? Show me, too. Show you what? Get lost. Show us! - Attention! / - Show us! - Show us! / - Attention! I'm warning you again. The most important thing for a fun school trip is... First, safety. Second, safety. Third, safety. If you feel sick or anything is wrong, let the teachers know, so we can take you to the hospital. Don't just take off without telling us... He just loves being the class president. Is anyone missing? Gong Taegwang had a personal matter. Han Ian has a competition. Other than them, everyone else is here. It's the high school male 400 m freestyle. The swimmers are warming up. This 400 m freestyle is unusual because some of them have won big competitions. That's right. Lane three. Segwang High's Han Ian. - Yes! / - Lane four. Uhyeon High's Kim Ujin. They are the strongest favorites. - That's right. / - I can't wait to see them swim. It is about to begin. And they're off! As expected, the two of them are neck and neck. It's close. Han Ian is in lane three. Kim Ujin is in lane four. They are fighting for first. Their times are good. 28.14 seconds. Five meters. Han Ian. Kim Ujin. Han Ian. Kim Ujin. Han Ian came in first! Han Ian set a new record and won the gold. Han Ian has written a page in high school freestyle history. Gold medal. Han Ian in lane three won the gold. Four minutes three seconds... What are you listening to? Nothing. - Let me listen. / - Your make-up got smeared. What? Where? Thank you. - Let's go. / - May I touch your gold medal? This? Wow. Congratulations, Ian. You're lucky. You're always winning medals. Is that real gold? Can I have one? No. You should win your own gold medal. I can't swim as fast as you. Cheapskate. I don't want it. I don't want to give you this. When I win my first medal in a national competition, I'll give that to you. Okay? Whatever. I don't believe you. You won't give me this small medal, but you'll give me the medal from something that big? Silly. I won't give this to you because it's small. Whatever. Forget it. I don't know how you do so well in school with that brain of yours. What did you say? Got the gold medal. So what? Just saying. Oh yes. We're at a rest stop. Tongyeong is close to here. So what? Just saying. How do you feel? You're lost for words, right? Do well on the 100 m tomorrow, too. Yes, Sir. Excuse me, Coach? What is it? Nothing. There. The one in the beige trench coat is Piggy Mom. Why is it so hard to meet my kid's classmate's mom? She's harder to meet than Zo Insung or Won Bin. - Right? / - I know. Thanks, honey. Buy dinner. Something expensive. Let's go in. Hi. Come in. Did you wait long? She's Eunbyeol's friend's mom. Her husband runs Gukje Plastic Surgery Hospital. Wow. I'd believe it if you said she were a model. A mom has time to look that good? I'm jealous. What's your secret? I don't know. My secret? Being born with a great body? Just kidding. Sit down. I need to go. I have a lecture out of town. - Shall we go? / - Sure. We just got here. Stay 10 more minutes. I need to get to the shop, so I can't stay. Yes, we just got here. Then just 10 minutes. Fine, 10 minutes. Well... I've really wanted to meet you. Okay. But it's too bad, we can't even eat dinner together. Give me a call sometime. Oh my. Thank you. Thank you. Oh my gosh! Hey! Eunbyeol! Hey, Ian won the gold medal! Isn't he super cool? Is that right? Good for him. - What? That's it? / - What else? - It's not like I won it. / - Brat. You guys fought again? Why are you guys always fighting? It's because we've seen too much of each other since childhood. What, should I dance or something? Like this? You're impossible. (Past is the past. You can't make it unhappened) Jeong Suin? Do it again. You're so clumsy. Hey. Hey, Eunbyeol. Oh right! I saw Suin's mom yesterday. - Suin? / - The incident at the school a year ago... Oh, her? She moved back to Carriage Tower. I live there too. But what happened at the school a year ago? Ask Eunbyeol's mom. Didn't you say Eunbyeol and Suin were close? Oh... no. They were in the same class before. Did something happen? There was no time for anything to happen. Eunbyeol. What's gotten into you? It's nothing. Give me that. Did something bad happen? You're killing me. Eat this and talk. I'm not hungry. Doesn't the smell make you hungry? Open your mouth. I said I don't feel like it. Are you okay? Eunbyeol. You're out of line. Kids. It's Tongyeong! Rajin, that's enough. I'm fine. You're still hot. I mean it. I'm all better, thanks to you. Were you worried? You have lots of friends at school and are popular here in the House of Love but if you get sick, I'll have nobody. Okay. I promise not to get sick. Want me to make your favorite spicy rice cakes? Yes, extra spicy, please. Okay. Who is that? Eunbi! Come quick! Please, have some. Hi Eunbi. Eunbi, are you feeling okay? We were so worried. How did you... We were supposed to volunteer at a senior center today, but we heard Eunbi was sick, so we thought we'd visit and changed volunteer locations. Is that all right? We'd be grateful. Since you're Eunbi's friends, you're always welcome. Thank you. Please, eat. Hey, Outcast. You do this. You're the one who will eat this. Isn't this place run by our parents' tax dollars? So, if you have any consciousness, you should serve us. Right. Stop trying to receive it all the time. Got it? Eunbi! Oh my. It's you. Eunbi has told me a lot about you. Your name was... What was it again? - Rajin. / - That's it. Rajin. But why were you doing that to her? Rajin, it's... Can't you tell? We were playing. Playing. When you play, the other person is supposed to have fun too. Eunbi, are you having fun? Or does it hurt? We really were playing. I'm having fun too. Oh, I see. True, you are so popular. This is how you play? With innocent kids? There is nothing Eunbi can't do. She makes spicy rice cakes really well, too. Right? Right. Really? What do you put in it that makes it so good? Is it fish sauce? Thank you for today. Not at all. Anyway, I'm worried because Eunbi still looks very ill. Smile a little. Look at her sweating. Are you okay? - Director. / - Yes? Oh right. My father's scholarship foundation is looking for a new organization to sponsor. So I was thinking of suggesting House of Love. I would be so grateful. Her father is Prosecutor Gang Ilsang. - You know of him, right? / - Of course. Everyone in Tongyeong knows of him. I didn't know you were our benefactor's daughter. You must get your caring heart from your father. Not at all. I owe Eunbi a lot. She helped me a lot from the day I transferred here from Seoul. Is that right? You must be tired. Please, eat. I won. - So pretty. / - I know, right? How can you use the exact same tricks I used when I went on school trips? I'm disappointed. I'm taking all these. I thought you'd let a couple of them slide and pretend not to see them. We're disappointed too. You poor things. You're stuck with a clueless teacher. Good night. Put them in. Someone. Can we talk? You've got some nerve. How dare you called me this late at night? What is it? Earlier you said your father's scholarship foundation is looking to sponsor someone new. Is that true? Why? Are you interested? I thought you'd say no because of me. The director is having a tough time with finances right now. It's not for me to say yes or no. What are you babbling about? If you're going to ask for a favor, do it right. So what? Do you want me to help or what? Help us, please. I wonder if my dad is home. Let me call him. Oh, I forgot my phone. Lend me yours. You seem anxious. Where did she go? What? Who is that? A guy... (Get your butt in again and I will...) - What did he say? / - What? There will be good news soon. Just wait. You have a call. Answer it. - Hello? / - Eunbi! You little punk! Do you want to die? You disgusting, good for nothing... (I'm gonna beat you someday so keep it quiet) What? Scholarship foundation? You're so funny. That kid Rajin said she wants to be a cool girl like you when she grows up. She has no idea you're like this. I'll pray for Rajin that she ends up just like you. Later. Gang Soyeong. You are incorrigible. - What? / - You think you have everything you want, don't you? But do you know something? In my eyes from the day you transferred here in grade school, you've looked pitiful. Is that right? And you've been keeping it in this entire time? Keep going. What? Keep going! Get away from me. Getaway! Hit me, if you can. You can't even look me in the eye. What? Pitiful? Soyeong! Well... Eunbyeol. Here! Thank you. Where's Eunbyeol? How would I know? Just leave her. She's so annoying. Hasn't Eunbyeol been acting weird? Actually, last night... I know, she was in the corner of the room studying by herself, right? She's my friend, but I can't stand her at times. She gets all angry and ruins our mood. How could she study after doing that? Hey. That's true. Don't worry about Eunbyeol. Let's just have fun ourselves. What should we do? (House of Love) Hello? Is this House of Love? Hello, I'm Eunbi's friend Gyeonga. A friend from middle school. Can you give me her cell phone number? - What would you like? / - Two americanos, please. Okay. Here's your receipt. Thank you. How could you do something so frightening? Go see Soyeong in the hospital and apologize before she presses charges for assault. Isn't that your phone? It keeps ringing. Number 27. Your coffee is ready. Thank you. Excuse me. May I leave early? I have something urgent. - Sure. / - Thank you. Close your eyes. Are they closed? - Yes. / - Okay, I'm putting it on. All done. You won't be disappointed. One, two, three. Tada! What? Don't touch it. You look totally sexy. You said you'd make it like yours. Let's go. Oh okay. Let's go. Is someone there? Is it you again? How long will you keep this up? Hey, Lee Sijin! - Cha Songju. / - What? We're trying to take a group picture. Hurry. Okay. - Let's go. / - Okay. Let's take a picture! Get in! All together! Is everyone here? Who's missing? Raise your hand. Here! Three people are missing. Okay, just one person now. Who is that? That would be me. Stop joking. Who is it? Who's missing? Who is it? Eunbyeol... Eunbyeol isn't here. - Call her. / - Okay. It's off. Where did you see Eunbyeol last? I saw her. I think she was pooping in the bathroom. Go Eunbyeol! Eunbyeol! Eunbyeol! Eunbyeol! Eunbyeol, I know you're in there. Come out. Eunbyeol, let's talk... Where did she go? Eunbyeol. Go Eunbyeol! - Go Eunbyeol! / - Eunbyeol! Go Eunbyeol! Eunbyeol! - Go Eunbyeol! / - Please be advised that the cable car will stop running for the day. - You can't find her? / - No. - Over there. / - If you're taking the cable car down please head over now. Stop. Stop right there. You'll never find a person like this. There are dozens of cameras and thousands of people. Did Eunbyeol say anything unusual or act differently than usual? She seemed to be in a bad mood, but you know how she gets sensitive at times. And you, Sijin? Did you notice anything unusual? Well... What is it? Tell me. Last night I saw her fighting with some guy. What? Some guy? That brat. She doesn't even call. Is she sleeping already? No way. She's probably having fun. Your call is being forwarded to voicemail. Hello? Ms. Song? Eunbyeol... My keys. Next up is the high school, male division. The finals for the 100 m freestyle are coming up. Competitors, please come to the pool. Han Ian is creating waves all through the competition. That's correct. Not many people were interested in Han Ian before this competition. Yes. I have a feeling Han Ian is going to become a huge star after this competition. The race has begun. But wait. Han Ian hasn't jumped in. Did he not jump in or was it that he couldn't? Eunbyeol, where are you? Ms. Song. Bye, Mom. I'll be back soon. Sir. Where... Where is my Eunbyeol? We're still waiting to hear. The other kids are all here. Why is my Eunbyeol the only one missing? You all left together. Why didn't you bring my Eunbyeol back? Why... Why is my Eunbyeol the only one who isn't home? Why? Why? Please, you need to calm down. No, let's go. Let's go. Let's go, now. Don't just stand there! Let's go! The police are patrolling, so if you'd wait... Who knows what could've happened last night? Eunbyeol... Eunbyeol... Eunbyeol... Eunbyeol... Soyeong needs psychiatric therapy. Imagine how frightening and painful it is for her to be in the same room with her attacker. Lee Eunbi. Apologize to Gang Soyeong. I did nothing wrong. I thought about it, over and over and over again but I am justified. - Why you! / - Honey. Calm down. I request that you use your wise judgment and punish her strictly. Let's go. - Prosecutor Gang! / - Prosecutor Gang! You will be officially expelled from school after two weeks of consideration period. You may go now. Ma'am. I'll stay until the end of the day. It's my last day in school. I don't want to feel like I'm being kicked out. Eunbi. I heard you were expelled. Considering the threatening texts you sent us and hospitalizing Soyeong they went too lightly on you. Eunbi. Don't be too sad about not seeing me anymore. I'll go visit where you work and play with you often. What a friend. There is something I really want to ask you. Why do you do this to me? Do you want to know? Then I'll have to tell you. Well... Just because. I just hate you because you're Lee Eunbi. Ugh, I smell Lee Eunbi. Isn't that the fish sauce smell? - I made that. / - Impressive. Gang Soyeong. Just how low will you go? - You're already the worst. / - Why you... Girls. Close the curtain. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it! Smile, will you? Act out again, and I will release this video. (Lee Eunbi) (Lee Eunbi) Bye friends. I have nothing to fear right now other than the fact that my daughter is not with me. Nothing changes because Eunbyeol is gone. Hi Eunbyeol! It's cool seeing you like this. - It's Mom. / - Mom? I'm her mom. I was a happy kid. Do you really not remember or are you pretending? Hey, Eunbyeol! Who are you? It's okay, since you're back, Eunbyeol.

"End Of Episode 1"

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