1 Prologue: Death

On a blistering sunny afternoon, the streets were bustling during the lunch rush. Hundreds of people entering and exiting the different fast food restaurants, lines that extended out onto the streets of the more popular shops, either due to the great food or the low prices.

It was just another average Wednesday for Danielle Hayfield. Meeting up with her friends at the usual spot, reading any new posts on Friendbook her 'friends' made since she last checked three hours ago.

As she turned to cross the road, a truck swerved, avoiding running over a teen boy walking in the middle of the road, heading straight for the street Danielle was on. With a loud crash the truck collided with the wall, missing Danielle by a few centimetres, colliding with a building, crushing a late twenties man.

In a daze, Danielle just stood there, her heart thumping from her close call with death. Explosions sounds from behind, snapping her back to reality. Looking back, she could see smoke billowing out of the building.

Still slightly shaken from the truck, Danielle quickly left the area, not looking back once.


Danielle's phone vibrated.

"..Hey, Jade," she answered the phone, still slightly absent minded.

"Thank god you answered," Jade responded. "I thought you were involved in that explosion."

"Yeah," Danielle responded.

"I can't believe how close it was," Jade continued. "I'm so glad you didn't catch that bus."

"Wait, bus!" Danielle exclaimed, "What bus?"

"The bus you normally take, it was bus-jacked and blown up. What did you think I meant?"

"Oh, err…" She hesitated, "I thought you were talking about what happened at the Ve-something building."

"The Verotech Building! Jack, Tom and Amy went there for testing something. What happened?"

"Ca- mmmff"

As Danielle turned onto a backwater street, she was ambushed from behind. A man covered her mouth with a cloth until she passed out,carrying her into a van before they drove away.


In an unknown, dimly lit room.

Four people were sitting at a table, three on one side and a person tied up and blindfolded.

"So, can you tell me how this woman somehow managed to survive not one, not two, but seven of the plans we executed." The man in the middle said.

"I don't know sir. I've had a look over all the calculations we made, yet she is in all seven of them." The man to his right responded, rifling through multiple documents. "Every other operation went fine with no altercation of any kind."

"The problem is that the planning department doesn't remember the specifics of how she was involved in any of these seven plots." The man on the left continued, " I've had them look at the footage for the Verotech operation. Upon numerous checks, the truck should have hit her every time, even the other six show identical results."

"So, what you are trying to tell me," the middle man grunted. "Is that she is some kind of anomalous variable that you can't predict the future of."

"That's the thing sir," the right man said excitedly. "Before we kidnapped her, I tried to have her killed twice. The first one was right after the truck missed her, I had a sniper ready to shoot her. Yet when the explosion happened: she left when she shouldn't have, took a path that completely avoided the sniper, and the men I had positioned in the event that happened to contact the sniper if that happened had their phones randomly freeze."

"And the second?" The middle man asked with intrigue.

"She was meant to be hit by the fire engine as she walked across the road." He said, "I know it's not our style, but I thought causing her to walk into the death itself would work. Then her phone rang when it wasn't supposed to, just as she was about to cross the road."

"So, are you telling me she has some control over probability vectors?" The middle man asked.

"No, not control,"the left man jumped in. "While we were waiting for the meeting, I tried various things.From lethal to non-lethal, I tried a variety of poisons, shooting or stabbing in various places, I even tried to starve her of oxygen. The only time anomalies occurred was when her life was in danger. For all other instances, nothing special happened."

"I see, a life-saving anomaly." The middle man murmured, "we should have our researchers find out how this works. See if we can predict how it will effect the probabilities, maybe harness its ability to some extent."

After he finished speaking, the two other men packed up the documents and items they brought out and got ready to leave. The middle man had his hand under his chin as he gazed at the bound woman. He pulled out a gun from under his jacket and-


-Pulled the trigger, shooting the bound woman in the head. The three of them stopped moving, staring at the woman who had managed to mysteriously revert death on multiple occasions.


[Life saves remaining:0]

[Host is dead, calculating.....]

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