2 New Life part 1

[Life saves remaining:0]

[Host is dead, calculating.....]

[Points acquired: Nine hundred and forty]

[Please select your bonuses]

What? Where am I?

[Please select your bonuses]

Errr? Where is that voice coming from? I can't even see anything, it's just black everywhere. Have I been kidnapped? I remember someone pressing a cloth against my mouth, everything after that is a blur. But why would anyone want to kidnap me?

[Please select your bonuses]

Why do I keep getting asked that?

[Please select your bonuses]

What bonuses!?

[Please select your bonuses]

[Unique Abilities]


What even is this supposed to be?

[Please select your bonuses]

Is that all you can say? Why?

[Please select your bonuses]

Grrrr, fine if that's all you're going to say, I'll go along with it for now. Not like there's anything else I can do right now.

[Please select your bonuses]

[Unique Abilities]



[Upgrade system options - One hundred points]

[Upgrade system intelligence - One hundred points]

[Upgrade system interface - One hundred points]

[Keep memories – One hundred points]

Can't I just be given a list on paper or something. Being told in a dull monotone voice makes it feel like I'm in a lecture.

[Upgrade system interface Purchased]

[Points remaining: 840]

Oh? How does this work? It came up as glowing white letters in front of me. Is this a dream? No, that can't be it, you can't read in a dream. Then what is this? Everything has felt off ever since I woke up. I can't even feel anything.

I thought it was some kind of paralysis, but I can't even blink or move my mouth. Wait, how can this thing even understand me if I can't speak. This must be some kind of brain machine thing for... something? The question is, how do I get out, maybe there is something to spend points on that will let me out.

[1.Unique Abilities]


I think there was one to do with memories in 'Auxiliary'.

[Upgrade System: Options 100p]

[Upgrade System: Intelligence 100p]

[Keep Memories 100p]

Hope picking that keep memories will allow me to get out of this.

[Keep Memories Purchased]

[Points remaining: 740]

Hmmm, maybe I'll have to spend all the points. Let's go for the 'Unique Abilities', since there isn't enough to spend it on in Auxiliary.

[1.Life Save x1 10p]

[2.Copy Power x1 40p]

[3.Elemental Boost x1 50p]

[4.Skill Fusion x1 60p]

I'll buy them all

[Items purchased]

[Points Remaining: 580]

They didn't disappear from the list this time, guess I can buy as many of these as I want.

[5x Skill Fusion Purchased]

[5x Copy Power Purchased]

[8x Life Save Purchased]

[Points Remaining: 0]

[Reincarnation sequence activated]


Looks like I managed to get out of that mind machine. I can finally feel again, though it does feel slightly cramped. Feels like I'm being pushed through a tube

"Congratulations, it's a girl!" A rough masculine voice sounded.

Are you messing with me. "Baa ruu crucraaa aarr."

What? Why can't I talk?

"So, what will you name her?" The same man asked.

""Petal,"" two voices sounded, one exhausted, yet both filled with joy.

Petal? Why would you give me a different name to the one I already have! My name is Danielle, not Petal.

"Can I see my little Petal? I want to hold her." The tired voice asked, clearly a woman.

"Of course," said the other voice that gave me a name. This one was a man, deep and calming.

I'll remember your voices, don't think you will be able to get away with this once I'm out.

Woah! Am I being lifted? Why? You can't just treat me like some object, I am a living person! I have rights!

"Honey, I don't think she likes me," the woman panicked. Of course I don't like you, I hate you.

"I'm sure that's not it. Maybe she's hungry?" The man said, trying to calm her down.

Grrr. Don't treat me like a child! I'm a twenty-one year old university student! And if it wasn't for what you've done to me, I would knock you both out!

What is this warm thing being pressed against my cheek? They've dulled my senses so much, I can only tell it's warm, I can't even see either.

"She's not suckling," the woman whined. "I knew it George, she does hate me."

Suckling? Why would I drink from a breast, I'm not a baby… No… Wait a minute… I've been unable to move easily, I babbled like a baby when I tried to talk, my sense of touch is dulled and I can only just see blurred colours.

Am I still in that mind machine thing, and it's making me experience the life of a baby. Is this some kind of experiment to see how much they can simulate real life on a computer. Was that why I was abducted, for an experiment. Then what was with that screen before, it has to be important. Maybe it's a type of consent form and I missed all the explanations or they never gave any and just selecting one of the options was classed as consent.

If that's so, how do I get out? Do I just go along with this? If I try to kill myself will I escape? No, that's too risky without more information. Killing myself in here could lead to brain damage or just outright kill me. However, if I stay inside for too long, that could also have the same outcome.

I just don't have enough information to go off, and I probably never will. So I need to make a choice now. One, live a life here normally and hope to find a way out. Two, actively look for a way out and interact as little as possible with these… programs, I guess. Three, kill myself.

For now, option one feels like the only choice I can make. I can't move freely, so I have nothing I can do. If I don't interact with these programs, I'm going to be bored out of my mind. And if I do interact with them, the brain computer thing will get the data they want, probably. So they might let me leave the machine if I cooperate, though I know that is just wishful thinking. And trying to kill myself is just scary.

Guess that's that. I've been ignoring their voices for a while now, they were getting annoying, but it seems like they've put me down in a bed. Since I wasn't reacting any more, maybe they thought I was tired. I should probably see if I can actually sleep then, since I have nothing else to do.