1 The Gift of the System

Draig was a jaded youth who carried a chip on his shoulder due to his status as an outcast among the people, it was because of heritage which he was uncertain of himself.

He was born a Vampire in a city of Mortals where they trained the Guilders, those who were lucky enough to be chosen to inherit a Class from the System. The jobs of these people were to hunt down the likes of Draig and any other monster's whether it be in defense of the city or simply for materials or ingredients but it had always been a wonder to Draig as he had not been faced with their wrath for the time he had lived in this city.

Wherever he went he would hear the scathing words of the populace who wished his untimely demise but with this seeming to be out of the question he was deprived the basic rights to live and even banned from shops. It was something he couldn't fight against as there was no one in the city that would take his side on the matter thus forcing him to resort to thuggish means of theft or merely using his superior abilities to get what he needed even further ousting himself from being accepted by the people but that would change on this day.

It was an interesting and regular event that would happen as it was needed, a lottery would be taking place to decide who would be receiving the honor of carrying a class. Draig was aware of this event but he hadn't received a fundamental education so he was left uninformed of many things that involved the Guilders and their practices. Thus he had never realized that the lottery only ever took the shining figures of the generation's at the time of the drawing and thus he believed as an outcast he wouldn't have the honor of being one of those chosen but fate had an odd way of showing it's face.

Draig stood among the crowd shrouded in a cloak to hide himself from the people around him, it wouldn't do for him to reveal himself around this many people. The last time having ended with him actually being brutalized due to the sheer numbers and fear of Guilders getting involved if he returned the favor, but as was said Fate would always reveal itself in the oddest of ways. Having stood there and watched the event's unfold Draig was sure it was about to end when the Announcer seemed to develope a shocked look upon his face.

The announcer couldn't believe what he was seeing as the last name on the list was none other than the resident monster of the city. He looked up into the seating of the Guild leaders specifically a dark cloaked man sitting at the center who nodded his head motioning for the man to proceed and call the name.

"The final one on the list who has been blessed with the opportunity to receive the class and defend our people, Draig..." announced the man causing the crowd to gasp in shock as the cloaked youth made his way onto the stage.

'Someone out there really is watching' thought Draig feeling a bit of vindication and a bit of pride at being chosen.

As the Vampiric youth made his into the System that would allow him to be born anew with a class he dropped his hood and revealed his face to the world with a smirk.

'System activated,.... Analyzing. User scanned, classification suited for host decided. Classification: Enchanter' spoke the System making the class Draig had been chosen for known to the people.

Draig heard the words and felt his heart sink but unknown to him in his blood a bit of darkness smiled in pleasure.

Soon the crowd erupted in laughter causing Draig to cast the hood back over his head and run from the stage in embarrassment, he couldn't believe that with his natural physical superiority he had been classed as an Enchanter but unknown to him or the normal populace the Enchanter class was regarded as a legendary person.

Only the Enchanter could create weapons with magical effects and it was because of this class that the ancestor's of humanity had been able to overthrow the reign of darkness brought on by monsters in the past.

'Damn it, was this the reason. Just to be humiliated like this' thought Draig as he ran back to the old Farmhouse in which he had lived since he could remember.

"You're being to unreasonable, those mortals know not the gift they have given" chuckled a shadowy figure that began to exit from Draig's body.

"W-Who are you" stuttered Draig in shock unsure of what to make of this person before him.

The shadowy figure only smirked as his wispy body took on a semi human shape.

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