74 [Uchiha Madara!]




'Should have expected that… he has kage level chakra reserves and a doujutsu, of course, the system will just give me back question marks...'

I manipulate my Iron armor and send an Iron spike straight at his chest when it just harmlessly passed through his body and impacted the wall behind his body...

'That's...short-range Kamui's intangibility… another Uchiha!'

I realize this was getting dangerous so I started channeling swift release chakra through my body, ready to dash back to Mom and Dad's room…

"Tobi says hello to Tobi!"

'What the fuck is that...'

He flailed his arms around and squealed like a kid that even I was caught off guard for a second before I realized…

'So he's the one who took Kabuto away… he can literally walk into the most secure locations…this is Kamui? ain't it way too overpowered??? this is bad...'

I took a defensive stance as I was thinking up a plan but my mind was coming up black…

"Tobi doesn't want to fight, Tobi is just here to get his things back, and then he'll be on his way, don't fling dangerous objects at Tobi, Tobi's a good boy!!!"

'...even though he is comically waving his hands there is no change in his emotions… all I can sense is cold vengeance, the kind which I once sensed in Sasuke...'

"Who are you! What do you need!"

I wanted to create a shadow clone to take Mom and Dad away but I wasn't sure how he would react if I use a jutsu… I thought the description of Intangibility provided by the Kamui...

'I can't hurt him, but as long as my reflexes and speed are greater than him I won't have to...dammit I want to use the Sharingan but I don't want him to have more information than he already has... shit I have no choice, I won't be able to do anything if I can't react fast enough or get tunnel vision by using swift release...'

'Mangekyou Sharingan'

My vision changed and I could sense his surprise as his stance flattered for a second before he let go of his ridiculous posture and stood up straight, "Looks like we Uchiha's aren't as dead as the world believes, right Uchiha Tobi?"

'His speech pattern changed and I could see his Mangekyou Sharingan through the hole in the mask… this is gonna be tough, should I try Katoamatsukami?'

"I would advise you not to use your eye's abilities… the Mangekyou abilities are less powerful against another Mangekyou user, here I'll deactivate mine..."

I could sense the chakra going into his right eye lessening and his Mangekyou powered down to a normal three tomoe Sharingan…

'...I don't think that applies to Katoamatsukami...I'll let it go for now...'

I didn't power down my Mangekyou but instead asked, "Who are you and what do you want?"

"It is rather rude for you to keep your Mangekyou activated but I'll give you this one, I go by two names but since you are my descendant I'll tell you my real name, I am Uchiha Madara!"

I felt goosebumps rise on my arms as I heard that name…

'It can't be...he's dead'

"I know you won't believe me now but I'll let you form your own theories… you do however seem awfully protective of the village that killed off our clan..."


"Do you think Itachi did it like the rest of your village?" He scoffed and continued, "Itachi is a peace-loving fool that fell pawn to Danzo's schemes… the Uchiha's were about to revolt so he was ordered to kill off his entire clan and as compensation, his brother will be allowed to alive..."

'...this...if this is true, Danzo could have used Katoamatsukami to sway Itachi's decision… Itachi… no this can be false, why am I considering the words of a rogue-nin...'

"What do you want?" I still maintained my defensive stance and his emotions turned bitter…

"It seems Konoha is getting better in their brainwashing… but it doesn't matter does it, you now work for me Tobi-kun..."

"What do you mean?"

'He is going to threaten Mom and Dad isn't he...'

"It seems you aren't quick on the uptake like Itachi-kun, let me simplify things for you… I can enter your home, your Mom and Dad's room, your Sensei's room, that little Yamanaka's room, or the room of your sensei's unborn child and kill them in their sleep, after all, everyone's not a sensor..."

He seemed to be enjoying the storytelling, 'He's dangerous, I need to try this, we are fucked anyway if this fails...'


I meet his eyes with a challenging expression before a massive amount of chakra was sucked into my eyes as an interface appeared in front of me…

[Enter your command for ???]

'Never step foot in Konoha again!'

This was the first thought that came to my mind as I staggered a little and fell down on the mattress…

'That took 80% of my reserves...'

By the time I stabilized myself there was no one in the room, I checked up on Mom and Dad and they were sleeping peacefully before I jump out of the window and rushed towards Yugao-nee's apartment while cursing the system…

'What the fuck is this penalty Zoey, are you kidding me...'

[You have used Katoamatsukami]

[Recharge time 3 years]

[Susanoo unavailable for 3 years]

'What the fuck is Susanoo anyway… shit I could have given him a better command like protect Konoha, or kill everyone in your organization or something… shit!'

I land on the roof opposite Yugao-nee's apartment and waited for a bit, sensing the condition of Yugao-nee and her baby I jump away towards the Yamanaka's compound… the adrenaline started coming down and my heartbeat slowed down as I slowly did a whole patrol of Konoha...

'Alright now to report this in...'

I jump towards the Hokage residence and I could sense Tsunade-sama sleeping on her desk while Shizune-san was still working slowly on the reception desk…

'Well… nevermind, again, never meet your idols...'

I land in front of Shizune's desk and she looked at me with a confused look, "What happened Tobi-kun, there is still time for your meeting with Tsunade-sama"

I shook my head and said, "Kage level Intruder! Need to raise alarms..."

She looked at me crazy for a second before running into the Hokage's office…


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