3 [Itachi Uchiha!]

[Itachi Uchiha!]


The Interface in front of me changed to mimic that of a games shop. There were various tabs named, Weapons, Bloodline limit (Kekkei Genkai), skills, and Equipment on the right side of the interface. On top of the interface were various categories in which the tabs were divided. For example, The weapons tab was divided into Standard, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The Kekkei Genkai tab was divided into Body, Chakra nature manipulation, and Doujutsu. The skills tab was divided into a Bronze tier, Silver Tier, Gold Tier, Epic Tier, and Legendary Tier. And the equipment tab was similarly divided as the weapons tab.

'Wow...there is a lot of stuff here I mean, they have everything I could ever need from skill books to weapons to...wait weapons.'

I switched over to the weapons tab and there it was innocently sitting on a shelf in the standard section, a set of kunai and a set of shuriken at 10 Ryo each.



'I hate you, Zoey...'

I looked through all the stuff in the shop and divided the items available into Ryo categories.

'So, A Standard weapon can range from 1 Ryo, a shuriken, to 1000 Ryo, a two-handed broadsword'

'A Rare weapon can range from 100 Ryo, a rare shuriken, to 100,000 Ryo, a rare katana'

'An epic weapon can range from 10000 Ryo, a chakra metal shuriken, to 10,000,000 Ryo, Chakra-conducting trench knives'

'A Legendary weapon can range from 1,000,000 Ryo, a Minato Namikaze's Kunai*scream* That's fucking Fourth Hokage's Kunai, to 1,000,000,000 Ryo, Uchiha Madara's Gunbai'

'This is just for the weapons, the equipment tab had a similar price range whereas in the Kekkie Genkai and the skills tab you need to spend Shop points to get them. And the only way to earn SP was through missions and one for each level up.'

'Although I did flag several Kekkie Genkai that were interesting...'

'Like, Sharingan for 20 SP, Byakugan for 20 SP, Mokutun 100 SP and Swift release for 20 SP...'

'So many things but I can't buy them...' I finish taking a bath as I imagined myself flashing through enemies like a yellow flash with Sharingan in one eye and Byakugan in the other while burying my enemies under trees. I probably looked creepy because of the laugh and stuff because mom smacked me while saying, "Stop daydreaming and finish your vegetables, I don't want an idiot guarding our village."

I grumble while shooting death glares from my eyes while dad laughed at our antics. After having dinner I quickly ran to my room after commenting that it would be nice to have a little brother or sister…

'You should have seen those red faces...heh that will teach you to smack me when I was about to crush the whole of Iwagakure beneath a wave of trees...'

[Maybe you should not daydream Tobi...It's not good for health]

'Shush you! Let me sleep go away...'


I woke up exactly at 6:00 AM like always, with the same old message that the HP and CP have been restored after sleeping in my own bed.

'Thanks a lot, Zoey, I fucking didn't notice...'

[You are Welcome, Tobi!]

'One day I'll make you shut up remember this…'

[I am sure you will, Tobi, your progress is astounding]

*gritted teeth*

'Fuck you!' And with that child-friendly content, I got out of bed and went to the washroom. 10 mins and I am ready for my morning run and exercise. I say, okay shout a 'Bye' towards mom and ran out of the house and towards my special training ground.

'How do I level up...All this time and the amount of time I leveled up in the past 2 and a half years is kinda pathetic...plus mom thinks that I am a little screwed in the head because of my random dance after completing a quest for her and leveling up.'

As I was running laps around my normal training ground I notice a squirrel on a tree. 'Let's try my awesome Ninja aim, two shurikens either side of the squirrel.' I took out two shurikens from my pouch and with a firm grip on the center of the shurikens, a sudden snap of wrist in the direction of the squirrel, and what greets me is the sound of a dead squirrel getting nailed to the tree, another sound of the system notification and the last sound of a metallic clang from the bushes behind the tree into which the second shuriken flew.

[Common Squirrel killed: Lv 1- 10 EXP Gained]

'Wait, what you mean if I kill 20 squirrels I level up...can it be rats? I hate rats and there is an abundance of them in the old district.'

As I was mulling about what to do next I notice a masked shinobi standing in front of me. I jump back in order to create distance as I tagged an Inspect in his direction.

[Itachi Uchiha]

[Lv: 126]




'An Uchiha...safe...' I drop my stance to notice that Itachi had left the scene and there was a note stuck to the tree next to me with the same shuriken that I just threw. I tiptoed towards the tree while leaning back, ready to run at a moment's notice…

Good Defensive Stance, Keep Practicing and protect your loved ones…

-A fellow leaf shinobi



I came down from my adrenaline high as I look around and finally used inspect on the paper out of habit…

[Message from a Legendary character to the user detected]

[Hidden Stat Reflex +5]

'What, Legendary character...Hidden Stat...well he was Lv 126 and that's the highest that I have seen...Wonder what's the level cap...Zoey?'




I once again look at my level, A cold 12 stared back at me and I just shut the interface and continued my morning run…

'Where are you squirrel-chan...come say hello…!'

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