The System's Spear Book

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The System's Spear


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With a sword in hand, his eyes lay on the vast world before him. The world infected by 'Their' powers. He watched as this world slowly broke bit by bit, until in the end only he was left to be broken. 'They' broke through Realms and shattered his existence into pieces. But as his eyes opened up to the vast world once again, it seemed like a new beautiful Paradise. This Paradise went by the name of Elegance Online. But this Paradise was twisted beyond recognition. It was his Paradise. No, it wasn't only his. It belonged to all of them. ----- Ariel Grey suffered through many wars and battles all for it be brought to naught under 'Their' pressure. But the system that he constantly fought against brought to him a way out, but was this truly a way out? Or was it a trap? ----- Be warned, things get quite gory. ----- The cover does not belong to me, if you would like me to take it down please notify me. Also please consider voting :D


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