1 Chapter 1: Another world

Tyler and Emma were turning 15 this day - since they had the same birthday. They were going to celebrate their birthday together, so they were going to a cinema to watch the new Garvel movie.

Tyler was about 5,9 while Emma was about 5,5. They were smart and athletics, had beautiful faces, and were loners - even though Tyler had communication skills so high he could easily haggle prices down by 10%, everytime.

They were only friends with each other and have been for about 5 years. When going to the cinema they started to shine.


"Welcome heroes, we are in a dire need of your help." A guy who looked like your generic fantasy king.

He looked like a typical king type character you would see in fantasy, Tyler and Emma were pretty excited that they were transported to another world, they had read many light novels about it, but were a little bummed out.

"I wanted to see the movie." thesy said to themselves making sure that no one could hear them.

They looked around to find that they were with their classmates, they were surprised to see that they weren't the only ones.

Then they looked around the room, the room could also be called "generic", it was the audience room you would've expected from a fantasy world.

"Emma, we are transported to another world." I whispered to her.

"Yeah." she answered whispering back.

"Wanna try opening our statuses." I asked her, whispering.

"Sure." she responded, whispering.

Status they thought together,


Name: Tyler

Class: ???

Level: 1/1

Hp: 24/24

Mp: 69/69

Strength: 17

Magic: 23

Agility: 15

Resistance: 12


Fire (Perfect)

Water (Perfect)

Wind (Perfect)

Earth (Perfect)

Title Skills:-



Fire Magic: Lv.1

Water Magic: Lv.1

Wind Magic: Lv.1

Earth Magic: Lv.1


Magic Resist: Lv .1

Physical Resist: Lv .1

<Unique Skill>

[Law of Magic]

<[Legendary Skills]>

<Appraisal: Lv.Max>

<Elemental Lord> (Locked)


Name: Emma

Class: ???

Level: 1/1

Hp: 30/30

MP: 30/30

Strength: 15

Magic: 15

Agility: 15

Resistance: 15


Holy (Perfect)

Title Skills:-



Holy Magic: Lv.1


Holy Immunity (low)

Unholy Immunity (low)

Magic Resist: Lv.1

Physical Resist: Lv.1

<Unique Skills>

[Law of Truth]

<[Legendary Skills]>

<Appraisal: Lv.Max>

<Holy Saint> (Locked)

They were surprised to see that it worked. They started thinking about all the isekai novels they had read; though they didn't show it, they were really excited.

"Why do you need our help?" a guy called Damien asked the king

"Heroes, we need your help to stop the impending doom of the demon king's army." the king answered, in a pleading tone.

Tyler and Emma said to themselves, "This is a generic isekai plot."

They had read so many shitty isekai novels to know where this was going, they needed our help to defeat the demon king and yadi yada yada.

But even then, they would read them because they really wanted to experience this out-of-world experience.

"You heroes shall go out with people we have chose to follow them." the king said that as about 20 people started to walk into the room - the same number as the total students in their class.

The room was big so it could hold them all and still feel free.

Most of class was excited, some of them were a little hesitant.

Tyler and Emma were stoked, they really wanted to live in another world. They had fantasized about it for sometime.


After about 10 minutes, Tyler and Emma couldn't get a single one to join them. It seems like for the person to join them, the person and the them had to agree.

Till now no one had agreed to join them, they tried to check some's status and found out that they all had about 30 on average, while the stronger ones had 50, the strongest one they had seen had a 70 in their status and they were all level 1.

The only things that they didn't have were Tyler's and Emma's unique and legendary skills.

They started to get a little sad, when Tyler spotted a guy.

He was pretty low-key, Tyler would've missed him if hadn't payed attention. The guy was pretty handsome, he had white hairs and red eyes. He wore some armor and had a sword strapped to his side.

Tyler and Emma were about to go and ask him to join them, until another person beat them to it.

His name was Rick, he was pretty annoying and tired to always get on the good sides of someone with high social ranking in the school. He was like a sly fox.

When he went to meet that guy, Tyler and Emma stopped; they didn't want to intrude since just talking to Rick was a chore for even Tyler.

They were soon surprised to see Rick flying in the next second, somehow everyone ignored him. I was shocked to see him throw Rick that far.

So I and Emma nodded to each other and checked his status:

Name: Osiric Rywen

Class: Warrior

Level: 1/30

Hp: 142/142

Mp: 196/196

Strength: 81

Magic: 98

Agility: 86

Resistance: 71


Pure (Perfect)

Title Skill:-



Swordsmanship: Lv. 3

Pure Magic: Lv. 2


Magic Resist: Lv.1

Physical Resist: Lv.2

<Unique Skill>

[Law of Sword]


<Sword God's Blessing: Lv.Max>

<Pure Magic's Blessing: Lv.Max>


Decrease in skill growth (Except Swordsmanship and Pure Magic)

Decrease in stat when not using a sword

"Hey Tyler, what the hell is with that cheat character?" Emma asked me, shocked.

"I don't know, but we got to have in our party. Even if it costs us to get launched like Rick." I said to Emma.

She nodded. We were about to talk to him, when he came started to come to us.

We were a little scared, since he had ruthlessly thrown Rick.

"Was that guy that annoying?" he asked us.

"Yeah, he sucks. I was actually pretty satisfied when you threw him." I answered, without a single hint of deciet mixed in my words.

I really hated that guy.

"He is like a sly fox right?" he asked me.

"Yeah, even back in our world, he always wanted to have an advantage." I answered.

"Oh, so that's why he came to me to ask me to join his party? Oh, by the way I am Osiric, you can call me Os. I like you, so let me join your party. I know you have already appraised me, but if you haven't I am the strongest person you can choose." he said as he kept his hand towards for a hand shake.

I shaked his hands and said, "You are in."

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