1 Three Thousand Years Ago

"The flower blooms with two sides, the Buddha and the devil have a thought, I understand, but it's a pity that everything has no chance to come back!" Mo Daoxing, the ancestor of the Sky Demon Sect silently looked at the masters in front of him.

"Heavenly Demonic Disintegration!" Mo Daoxing yelled, his whole body suddenly enlarged as if it was about to burst open.

"What! This lunatic practiced this secret method, does he want us to die together?"

"Run, I don't want to die here with him"

The other ancestors of the sect, who are not far away from him, lost the appearance of the fairy this time, and they left their spiritual weapons and fled away.

When Mo Daoxing used the Heavenly Demon Disintegration Dafa to explode, a bright red ray of blood was illuminated, and he disappeared in place with his soul, passing through time and space.

"Where is this? Didn't I blew myself and died?" Mo Daoxing coughed twice, still with bloodshot eyes.

Looking at the furnishings around the house, Mo Daoxing felt a little familiar, but couldn't tell.

"Daoxing, how are you? You said that you are in the triple realm of human origin. Why do you have to do with the little bastard of the Zhang family? Thankfully that nothing serious happens, otherwise, your grandfather will kill me." An angry voice passed from outside the door. He came in and a middle-aged man walks in.

"Yu, Uncle Yu." Mo Daoxing wiped his eyes in disbelief, his voice trembling.

"What's wrong with you kid, isn't it just being beaten, our Mo family man is not allowed to cry." Looking at Mo Daoxing like this, Mo Yu educates.

Three thousand years allowed Mo Daoxing to adjust his mood instantly, and calmly said: "I feel a little tight in my chest, I want to take a break."

"Well, you have a good rest. The doctor has checked it. Your injury is not serious. This is a bottle of blood tonic, you remember to take it." After speaking, he put the medicine bottle on the table and left.

Mo Yuren also felt a little strange today.

According to Mo Daoxing's past cowardly character, how could he explain to himself that it was not his fault, and even begged himself to help him 'educate' the Zhang family's people. Although it was strange, he didn't care too much. After all, he had never been optimistic about Mo Daoxing. It was only because of his father that he took care of him like this.

"What the hell is going on! Isn't this something that happened more than 3,000 years ago? Why am I here?"

"I brought you back."

"Who is it, who is talking?" Mo Daoxing's nerves instantly tighten and looked around vigilantly.

"I'm in your mind, come in."

As soon as the words fell, Mo Daoxing appeared in a light red space, surrounded by red air, and the soles of his feet seemed to be splattered with blood, and the old figure turned his back to Mo Daoxing, which seemed very close and far away.

After all, Mo Daoxing was the ancestor of the Sky Demon Sect, so naturally, he would not be intimidated by the strange atmosphere in front of him.

"What the hell is going on, I don't believe I can survive in that situation."

"All your cultivation bases and even your body have disappeared. I just took your soul and returned to three thousand years ago." The old man turned his body and faced Mo Daoxing.

"Who are you?"

"I am not a human being, just a tool."

"Spirit?" Mo Daoxing was a little puzzled. He didn't remember what weapon he had used. Although he had lived for three thousand years and he was proficient in all eighteen weapons, the path he took in his previous life was to overwhelm people, no matter what sword technique. I can break through with marksmanship and swordsmanship. And he hadn't heard of any kind of weapon that could produce spiritual intelligence, could it be a legendary soldier.

"I was originally just an incomplete tool spirit. It has been in your mind since the day you were born. In three thousand years, you have killed countless people. The anger and spirit of these people have become my nourishment. It wasn't until the final explosion that I killed dozens of powerhouses that finally woke me up."

"What? It turns out that the blood of those dead people was sucked away by you." Mo Daoxing finally understood why all the vitality of the other party would be sucked away by him after he killed someone. Even his master thought it was something he had cultivated. He also repeatedly told him to pay attention to the basics and refrain from getting mad. Only he knew that all the anger disappeared after touching his body, but Mo Daoxing, who only wanted to become stronger, didn't care about it, and instead regarded it as a good thing.


Looking at the translucent old man in front of him, Mo Daoxing always felt a little awkward, thinking that the number of sects killed by the people killed in his previous life could not be counted, but he did not expect that they all had been sucked by this spirit, and even he felt a little shuddering, so much vitality was sucked just to make it awake, just what kind of monster it is.

"Why were you there when I was born?"

"I don't know this. I'm badly damaged. I can't remember many things. At the moment of awakening, I found that my master was dead. To save your life, I exhausted all my strength and went back to three thousand years ago."

Mo Daoxing breathed a sigh of relief. He was not interested in whether the spirit in front of him deceived him. The most important thing is that he has returned to three thousand years ago, which means that everything can be started from scratch, and he has the opportunity to change everything.

"Hahaha, I'm back. I can see you again. I will change everything. I will never watch you die helplessly. I will protect you in this life." Mo Daoxing seemed to be crazy. In the unknown space he yelled, he was really suppressed for too long.

After venting, Mo Daoxing sat on the ground, seemingly tired, and asked: "Since you are a tool spirit, I will give you a name and it will be buried. I don't know what your role is."

"Thank you for giving me a name. I am not a fighter, but an auxiliary tool. I can build a different space and adjust the internal and external time ratio for the master to practice."

"What are you talking about? You can change time!" Mo Daoxing was taken aback. He had reached the realm of enlightenment before he died. Even a full blow can only break a certain range of space. He has never heard of anyone who can change the illusory time.

"Yes, but constructing a different space requires a lot of energy."

"It's okay, I have been a demon for revenge for three thousand years, so why not let me be a demon for protection for another three thousand years?" Mo Daoxing laughed. The Profound Continent was originally a place where the weak could eat the strong, and it was common to snatch resources and kill the sect.

Mo Daoxing will not forget who his future enemy is. Even if he has three thousand years of memory, he is helpless in the face of such a behemoth, otherwise, he would not take the risk in his previous life, but if he is given a chance in this life, he will be more confident to fight.

"According to the current time, there are still about ten years waiting for me to make arrangements. I could go directly to the Sky Demon Sect. With my three thousand years of experience, I can become that person's disciple. But now, I can change it. Now." Mo Daoxing returned to reality and looked out the door.

"Master Daoxing, this is the pill that Master Patriarch asked me to send over. It will be tested by the family in ten days. I hope that Master can practice hard at home these days." A maid said outside the door.

This maid named Xiao Cui has been with Mo Daoxing since childhood, but she is more snobbish.

The status of a servant in a large family depends largely on the status of his master, but Mo Daoxing's status in the Mo family has always been embarrassing.

One is that he is not of the Mo family at all, but the ancestor of the Mo family was the child brought back from outside by the grandfather of Mo Daoxing ten years ago.

The second is that Mo Daoxing's talent is really bad. After so many years, it is only the strength of the human triple. It took up the Mo family's training resources, but the strength is so poor, so other people have more or fewer opinions on Mo Daoxing.

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