1 Chapter One: The Mysterious Transient Student - First Summoning

Have you ever had anyone you could truly call a friend? That question, in the back of my mind, forces my scattered thoughts to focus. As I opened my eyes the world I see before me is pitched-black. It's a world completely void of everything.

As I try to figure out where I am I realize something. I can't remember anything. Not a single thing at all. Not my knowledge, my experiences, or my memories. . .

I can't even remember the ones I love most

Suddenly. . . I hear someone calling out to me. I don't know who this voice belongs to. Perhaps it isn't even a voice. But it guides me through the darkness. And I follow, only because I have nothing else to grasp onto.

Soon, the darkness begins to fade from my vision. I hear a voice call out to me in a whisper.

"This world has called you here. Now, open your eyes. There is no need to be afraid. This is the beginning of a story. . . The story of your true self, and even truer friends."

The voice disappeared and I am surrounded by a blindly light that force me to close my eyes. When the light fades, I opened my eyes to find myself in a forest I don't recognize. The entire area is dark, not a person in sight. The only light is a soft glow illuminating the trees.

As I look around the area I see no one around who could help me make sense of this. I have no idea what is going on. . . I realize that I am holding something in my hand. It's my phone. I can tell it is my phone due to the way it feels in my hand.

I start to panic as my thoughts begin to race as I ask myself 'Where exactly am I? And what am I doing here?' Before I fully start to panic I stop myself. I need to calm down and try to get my bearings together.

After I gather my bearings back together I look around to see if there is a sign nearby. I maintain to find one that tells me that I am in Shinjuku Central Park in Tokyo. Now that I know where I am, I need to figure out who I am.

My name is. . .

It is . . . Masato

That's the only thing I can recall. I can't seem to remember my surname but at least I figure out my name. But the most important thing I have to deal with right is why I am here. "Okay, let's see what I remember before coming here. . . I was playing something on my phone. . . And then. . . And then. . . Shit. My memory's all hazy. . . Like. . . something important disappear. . ." As I rub my chin mumbling to myself I heard laughter.

"Hehehehe. Have you finally notice me?" A voice nearby called out to me causing me to jump in surprise and look around for the source of the voice. "There's no reason to be afraid! Would a voice this charming hurt you? Come on, take a look at your phone! The app already running." The voice calls out cheerfully to me which feels strangely out of place in the rather quiet forest.

For some reason I started to feel really worried. Very, very worried. My guts is screaming at me that no good will come out of this. But even with the bad feeling I have about this I need info. I need someone to talk to. So even as the bad feelings get worse I unlock my phone. As soon as I do, a hexagram appears with a bright flash.

"Tah-dah! Whoa, does it feel good to be outta there! Master! How can I be of service?! There must be something! Your wish is my command!" Coming out of my phone a rather cute goat creature question me cheerfully with a big smile on it face. The goat creature was wearing a butler suit while holding a golden staff in one hand and a book in another.

"Aww, how cute!" I said this as I put both my hands on my cheeks while looking at this rather cute creature. The creature in front of me start to blush as the smile grew even bigger.

"Aw, shucks! Me, cute. . .? Heh, thanks Master!" The goat creature thank me with a slight blush on it face.

As I was thinking how cute it was I realize I have no idea why I am being called master by this cute creature. The creature must have noticed the change in my expression as he looks at me with a curious look on his face.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Ah, I know! You've got no idea what's going on! Don't worry, I get you. It's a lot of crazy stuff to take in. But leave it to me! I'm a Level Three Butler, So I know what I'm doing!" The creature told me proudly as he puffed out his chest. "Uh. . . Ahem. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm your familiar and in-game assistant, Salomon! Just tell the ever-adorable Lil' Salomon whatever your heart desires!" Salomon introduced himself with a cute little bow.

"Uh. . . Lil' Salomon?" Even thought I was enjoying how cute Salomon was I still called out to him as I realize I still had no idea what was going on.

"Yes! What is it, Master?!" Salomon looked at me with a serious expression on his face as he waited for me to speak.

"What am I doing here? Also what is this about a Summoner and a game?" I tilted my head in confusion as I got even more confused about my situation.

"Geez! Don't play dumb. When I say Master, I mean Master. You were invited by the App, so maybe someone summoned you?" Salomon laughed at me like what I just asked was a silly question. ". . . Hm? Wait, huh? I don't see the Summoner anywhere. . . I wonder if they went off to pick flowers or something. Anyway, next topic! Master, do you know what summoning is?" Salomon brief confusion about the location of my summoner disappear rather quickly as he jumps to another topic.

"You mean like what they do in fantasy stories? I rather like those types of stories. . . I mean I think I do. . ." My eyebrows draws together while I think on this but Salomon just ignore this conflict of mine and continue the conversation.

"Yeah! That's right! You sure know your stuff, Master! I love manga and anime. They're such a unique part of human culture. But I digress! Lemme get back on track. Alternate worlds, lands, dimensions. . . They're identical but distinct, parallel worlds born from infinite possibilities. For example, in another world you might've been born as something other than human. But this you can never meet the you other worlds. Though you're the same existence, your worlds are separate. But, there is one way! Through the awesome power of Summoning, you can connect to the you that exists in an alternate world! Summoning connects worlds through gates. It identifies the ties that bind souls and manifests them. And the ones who wield that power are called Summoners! Yes! Drumroll, please. . . That means you're a Summoner, Master!" As Salomon talks and explains all this to me it feels like my head is getting overloaded with so much information.

"Me? A Summoner. . . ? This must all be a dream." I feel unsteady on my feet as I try to figure out what to do with all this brand new information. This really isn't helping me figure out why I have no memories.

"M-Master?! Don't fall asleep! Wake up! Please!" Salomon start to panic when I lay on the ground in the forest and close my eyes mumbling to myself, "This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. . . ."

"Are you sure about me being a Summoner? I mean I don't remember becoming a Summoner." I slowly got back up and just look at the ground trying to remember anything that could help me understand what is happening to me.

"What? You have no idea? But the proof is right there in your phone! Take a look at the home screen. Master, you downloaded the App and registered as a user, didn't you? That App is a handy tool that helps the many Summoners connect with one another. Normally, you need both innate talent and rigorous training to become a Summoner. . . But with this App, none of that is necessary! I'm sure a Summoner somewhere called you here as their familiar. Does what I've explained so far make sense?" Salomon look at me with a proud look on his face as he finishes explaining to me how I am a Summoner.

"So the reason why I am here in this forest at night by myself is due to someone summoning me? So they can just call me here without my permission and expect me to be their familiar. That is rather selfish if I am being honest with you" I don't know what expression I am making but it cause Salomon to look concerned at me.

"Please don't make that face, Master! Are you sad. . .? Happy? I'm getting mixed signals." Salomon get close to my face as he poked me with his golden staff but he stop after I flick him on his forehead.

"Anyway, as a Summoner, you'll be able to harness an amazing power. . . ." Salomon slowly grow silent as he looks around the forest like he is looking for something.

"Why so quiet all of a sudden? If you've gotta go, the bathroom is that way." I assume the reason why he grew quiet was because he needed to use the bathroom.

"Th-That's not it!" Salomon shout with a flustered look on his face but he got a serious expression again when he once again look around the forest. "This presence is abnormal. . . It feels like it was summoned! It's speeding towards us! Please protect me, Master!" Salomon jump behind me as he said this looking over my shoulder to see what was coming. I grew tense as I heard a voice screaming out.

"Get away! Stay back! What did I do to deserve this?!" A male voice scream out from the forest as he quickly got closer to me. I try to move out of the way when I started to see the figure come closer to me by didn't move quick enough causing them to bump into me roughly.

"Oof! Ow. . . What did I bump into? Ah, s-sorry! I don't know who you are, but are you okay?!" The body that was on top of me got up quickly as he apologized to me. I just look at him blankly feeling like I met this beautiful chubby male made from heaven before but I was quickly draw away from my "innocent" thoughts when another figure came out of the forest.

"Human. . . Human. . . Flesh. . .!" A half naked red oni with huge muscles carrying a metal kanabo spoke with a low voice looking at the male next to me with hunger in his eyes. But I couldn't help but look at the cloth that is barely covering his lower half. I could feel something about to come out of my nose.

"Ack! We've got better things to worry about right now! Let's get outta here!" The beautiful chubby male who I just notice was wearing a school uniform told me as he started to run again causing me to snap outta my "innocent" thoughts making me realize this situation is pretty bad.

"Why are there monsters in the middle of Tokyo?!" I yelled out as I start to run away towards the male student who was far ahead of me as I make to avoid tripping over any stray tree roots or rocks as the oni behind me start to chase after us.

"This way! Once we get through here, we should be clear. . . Oh, no! It's under construction?! It wasn't like this yesterday! O-Okay, let's try this way! Follow me! . . .Ahhh!" As the male student start to go in another direction the oni was behind us causing him to scream out in fear.

"Heh heh heh. . . Eat. . . Flesh. . .!" The oni laugh as he slowly got closer to us blocking off our escape route. I could see drool coming out of his mouth as he looked at the male student next to me.

"Ugh. . . There's nowhere else to run! I was just trying to take a shortcut to the station and I had to run into a Stray Transients! I knew I should've listened to the class rep and not gone to the Gate side!" The male student begin to have tears form in the corners of his eyes as he backed away from the oni.

"GRAAAAAAGH!!" The oni yelled out as he charged towards us with his kanabo raised over his head to strike down at us.

"EEEEEEK!" The male student scream out as the oni got closer to us with his weapon. "Stay back! If you're not a Transient yourself, you don't stand a chance against one!" The male student shout out to me as he tried to get me to run away.

"GRAAAAGH!!" The oni got closer to us with that metal kanabo glinting under the moonlight as he looked at us with hunger filled eyes.

"Oh no! It's coming right for us! I should've eaten those snacks I hid under my bed!" The male student shouted out as he covered his head with his arms.

"Get behind me!" I yelled out as I jumped in front of the male student and protect him with my body. "Huh. . .?!" The male student behind me called out in surprise when I got in front of him.

". . . ! You get in way? Then eat you first! Geh heh heh! GRAAAAGH!" The oni yelled out as he change the target of his attack.

"If one of us has to live. . ." I softly said to the male with a smile on my face hoping it would give him ease. "Uhhh. . . . AHHHHHHHH!" The male cried out as the oni directed his attention on me.

"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!" The oni swung his weapon down at me with a crazed look in his eyes.

"Now's your chance! Make a run for it!" I yelled out to the male behind me who was crying and closed my eyes tightly bracing for the impact.

As I keep my eyes closed waiting for the pain to come I realize it was taking a rather long time. I slowly open one eye to see what was happening. I see Salomon in front of me with a smile on his face as he looked at me looking rather calm despite a oni being behind him.

"Looks like we're in a pickle Master. Huh? Why am I so calm? Not to worry, Master! Ta-dah!" Salomon then turn to the oni who wasn't moving behind him causing me to look at Salomon with a confused look on my face. "I just accelerated subjective perception, and. . . Well, let's just say I stopped time! Hehe! Ain't I great? I may be a rookie, but I'm still a demon. This is no sweat! Well, unfortunately you can't move either. For now, just calm down and listen to what I'm about to tell you. Master, it's time to fight! Take a good look at the enemy one more time!" Salomon then gesture towards the half naked red oni again with a serious expression on his face.

"It looks pretty tasty, if you know what I mean. . ." I slowly look over the muscles that was on the oni and my thoughts get rather detail when I think of all the things I could do with the oni. I felt something dripping from my nose as I taste metal in my mouth. Well I got a nosebleed now. . . .

"Now that you mention it, that outfit is a bit alluring. . . I wonder what's going on under that cloth." Salomon then lift the oni cloth up a bit and I tried to see what under that cloth of his too. "Wh-What? Oh myyy!" Salomon gasp in delight in what he saw causing me to want to see what was under there even more. Salomon then clears his throat as he turned serious again.

"A-Anyway. . . Please take this a bit more seriously, Master! Look at that club! And those thick arms! It certainly is a pretty scary-lookin' fella! Yup, it sure looks tough! I'm shakin '' in my hooves! But not to worry! You've got a way to fight back, master!" Salomon looked at me with an excited look in his eyes after he finished talking.

"Fight back? It is time for me to unleash my secret power!" I said excitedly shocking Salomon after I said this. "Whaaaaaat?! You have hidden powers?! Wait. . . You don't, do you?! This is a matter of life and death! Please focus!" Salomon hit me on the head with his book causing me to flinch at the slight pain.

"As I was saying before. . . Master, you were summoned by someone as their familiar. And since you can use the App, you can also become a Summoner yourself! That's right! You can be someone's familiar and also call your own familiars! In other words, you're a Hybrid!" Salomon told me excitedly with a bright smile on his face.

"Got it! Let's try it out! But I don't know who or what to summon. . ." I slowly draw off as I think what I should summon when Salomon cut my thought off with a cheerful voice. "Level the details to me! I've got a Level 3 Certification in Summoning Apps! I knew something like this would happen, so I used the App's auto-match function for you! Here's a strong entity with a profound bond with your soul. Summon them to gain their aid! Heh. Aren't I a great butler? Now let's do that summon. . ." Salomon got cut off by a loud yell from the oni who was supposed to be frozen in time.

"GRAAAAGH!" The red oni move toward us with an intent to kill causing Salomon to move back in shock to this new development. "What the-?! No one else should be able to move right now! I did everything according to the Familiar Textbook I have here. . ." Salomon looked at the book in his arm that he opened up and then he stopped talking when he read something in the book.

". . . Oh. Looks like I messed up the order. Whoops! I'm such a klutz!" Salomon look at me with a cute "I'm sowwy" face but I could only look at him with a blank face when he basically told me he screwed up something.

"GRAAAAAAGH!" The oni yelled out again in anger and annoyance causing Salomon to jump and hide behind me with tears in his eyes. "EEEEEEEK! Master! Save meeee!!" Salomon cried out as he clung tightly to the back of my shirt.

"Get off me! Hurry up and do the summoning! How can I save you with no summon!?" I grab at Salomon on my back with an annoyed tone. "Gragh?" I heard the oni cry out in shock as the male student threw a rock at him distracting him.

"O-Over here, you Stray Transient, you!" The male student called out his voice wavering in fear as he tried to distract the oni. "That human. . .look tasty. . . But this human. . .look tastier!" The oni turn his attention from me to the male student again with hunger in his eyes.

"G-Guess it's really gonna come for me! If I make it out of this alive, maybe I should go on a diet. . ." The male mumble to himself as he backed away from the oni who was moving towards him. "Guts. Flesh. Butt. . . Tasty. . . Eat. Now!" The oni charge toward the male student causing them to run away in fear"

"Now's our chance, Master! Let's get outta here while it's distracted!" Salomon told me as he finally got off my back not crying anymore and started to leave but stop when he notices I wasn't following him.

"We're running away? We're not going to help him?" I asked Salomon my lip pulled down in a frown when guilt start spreading through my guts. This doesn't feel right to me. I can't just leave him. . .

"You can save yourself if you make a run for it while the Red Oni's eating that guy! Come on! I'll teach you how to summon later!" Salomon tried convincing me to run away but I just stand right here looking at him.

"I suppose that's one way to look at it. But he came back for us! And I hate owing other people." I told Salomon sternly and turn in the distance the male ran in but was stopped by Salomon voice.

"B-But. . . I can't allow you to put yourself in danger, Master! Besides, that fat guy is a total stranger. You just met him! There's no reason for you to help. But if you won't take no for an answer. . . Then you're either too nice, or you're planning on using him for something." Salomon told me with a serious look on his face. I look at him over my shoulder and gave him a small smile.

"You say that, but. . . I only just met you, too, Lil' Salomon. And he looks more trustworthy than you."I told Salomon with a smirk on my face causing Salomon to back away in shock at my words. "M-M-M-Master! I can't believe you'd say that! These tears won't stop! You're breakin' my heart!" Salomon cried out with tears forming in his eyes at what I just told him. But the tears stop once he heard the male crying out deeper into the forest.

"Doesn't sound like things are going well for the big guy. . . Come, Master. We need to go before the monster comes back." Salomon raised his hand in another direction in the forest motioning at me to go that way but I just turned and ran towards where I heard the screaming. "Master?! Master! Please, wait! Stooooooop!" Salomon cried out in the distance but I didn't stop running.

I was running blindly in the dark forest hoping I was going the right way when I heard heavy breathing. I ran over to that direction to see the male and the oni. The male was out of breath as the oni got closer to him with drool coming out of his mouth.

"Mine now. . . Mine now!" The oni said as he got even closer to the male raising his weapon slightly. "If I knew it would end like this, I would've eaten all the candy I just bought!" The male said to himself backing away from the oni who was getting closer to him. I look for something to throw at him when I found a big rock. I picked it up and threw it as hard as I could at the oni. The oni called out in surprise making him distracted for a while.

"This way! Hurry! While he is distracted!" I called out to him urging him to run toward me. The male move quickly away from the oni and towards me out of breath and covered in sweat.

"Y-You saved me! But what are we gonna do now?" The male asked me out of breath and his legs trembling from how much running he did. But I got distracted by his appearance once again. He look rather attractive with that brown spiked hair with an undercut. And his light skin tone make he seem even more appealing.

"Yeah. . . What to do, indeed. . . You're a lot plumper up close." I said with a wide smirk on my face as I got closer to him breathing heavily from my nose. "Yeah, I gained some weight recently. . . That Stray Transient earlier also. . . Wait, why are we talking about this now?! What's my body type got to do with anything?!" The male shout at me and back away when he notices the strange look in my eyes. I back away from him and cough into my hand to calm myself down.

"Uh, more importantly, you want to know why I came back for you? Well. . . I was super scared, and I was almost eaten alive. . . But if I just ran away, I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I'd remember that I abandoned you for the rest of my life. I wouldn't be able to enjoy a good meal anymore! Isn't that also why you came back to save me?" The male looks at me with a small smile on his face as he question me.

"I. . . ." I started to answer but the yell of the oni stop me before I could say anything else. "I-It caught up to us!" The male next to me jump back in fear when he notice the oni coming toward us again.

The oni yelled out again causing the male next to me to scream out which also made me scream slightly too. The oni then hit us with his weapon causing both of us to hit the ground with our backs. I could feel myself trying to gasp for air while I am on the ground. It hurts just breathing.

"Must. . .eat. . .fat human. . . No. . .escape. . .now!" The oni mumble to himself as he picked up the male next to me. It looks down at me like it is telling me that it has won. I look at the male in his hand and wonder why I am trying to help him anyway.

He's not my friend. Nor is he my family. He's just a stranger whose name I still don't even know. It should be so easy abandoning him. There's no reason for me to be risking my life for him.

. . . .

But I know his voice now. I've looked into his eyes. I've spoken with him. And now, I can't just forsake him. He's already became a part of my world. No matter how little it is.

". . . . Stop!" I slowly got off my back ignoring the pain I was feeling. I had to save him. I could hear the oni growl above me but I didn't care. I got to save him. I could hear the oni moving to attack me again and I brace myself for impact.

But it didn't come and I looked up to see him not moving again. I looked around in confusion at this then realize this must be Salomon doing.

"Oh, Master. . . You're too soft! Softer than a baby's bottom! If it weren't for me, you've ended up a bloody pulp!" Salomon scold me with a frown on his face. But I just smile at him happy that he came back for me. "Thank you. I'll pet you as a reward later." I told him happily despite being in a lot of pain right now.

"Y-You tempt me so! I-If you insist. . ." Salomon blushed happily at the reward he was going to get later but switch back into his serious mode. "Master, I respect your decision. And. . . I don't want you to die, either. I'm a bit nervous about how this'll go down, but. . . Let's defeat that thing right now!" Salomon said while nodding his head at me. The oni growl behind Salomon but he ignored it.

"There's no time, Master! It's do or die! Begin the summoning! Speak the words with me! With voice recognition, the App will do the rest!" Salomon told me then light begin to shine around us. "Um. . . Role of the Wanderer. Rule of Rending. . . Now you!" Salomon point at me motioning at me to repeat the words.

"Role of the Wanderer. Role of Rending." The light surrounding us grew even brighter. "Here we go! Forged Reification! Thou who art nameless in this world and powerless to claim this world. . . Deceive the world, hinder the world, and by thy false name, manifest in this closed domain! Avatar of the Serpent's tail, severed by the Wanderer! Bare thy Rule of Rending and cleave all power and authority! Engrave mine name unto thee and come forth! Boundless Tail! Go ahead, Master!" Salomon told me with a smile on his face. I could feel the light grow brighter as I spoke the words.

"Engrave mine name unto thee. Come forth! Boundless Tail!" After I said this something appear in my hand it was a sword. The sword in my hand in my hand was light brown with a string holding half of a yang sign on the end. The male being held in the oni hand gasp out in surprise when the light disappear. The oni also shout out in surprise when the sword appears in my hand.

"A sword?! Okay this can work! I can fight with this!" I yelled out gripping the sword tightly in my hand and holding it in front of me. The sword felt familiar in my hand but I just ignore that feeling and focus on the oni in front of me.

"What?! This power is. . . a summon?! It can't be! Are you. . .a Summoner?!" The oni question me looking at the sword in my hand. The male in his hand look between the oni and me in confusion. "I. . .look. . .for you! Always. . .since. . .I come to world! You. . .unseal me. . .from Kumano Shrine! I challenge you. . .to fight! I win. . .I eat you! You win. . " The oni slowly draw off as he drops the male in his hand.

"Just who are you. . .?" I heard the male mumble from the ground looking at me but I just focus on the oni in front of me getting ready to fight. "This is where the fun begins, Master! Other monsters are being drawn to the power of your immense summoning, but I know you can do it! I'm rooting for you, Master! You got this, Master! Give'em heck! So, uh. . . Don't die! Got it?" Salomon told me and I ran towards the oni.

He swung his weapon down at me but I block it with my sword pushing back at his weapon. The oni stumble on his feet causing me to slice across his chest. The oni yelled out and try to hit me with his weapon again.

I dodge away from the swing getting nicked in the shoulder a bit but I ignore it and charge at him again. This continued for a while me attacking and dodging the oni attacks which was working out for me. I was slowly getting out of breath but so was the oni.

After another slice from my sword the oni stagger when I heard Salomon called out to me. "Now's your chance! Get 'im, Master!" Salomon cheered me on causing me to grip my sword tightly as I spoke the words again.

"Role of the Wanderer. . .! Role of Rending! Engrave mine name unto thee. Come forth! Boundless Tail!" I shouted as a bright light came out of my sword cutting the oni. The oni yell out in pain as he fell to the ground.

"That power. . .! You really. . .are Summoner. . ." The oni said as he let go of his weapon showing his defeat. "Flawless victory! We can rest easy now, Master. It seems like the monster has used up its remaining powers. Its connection with the world is becoming unstable. If left on its own with no Summoner, it will soon vanish." Salomon told me cheerfully but I ignore him and look at the oni on the ground.

"I wanted. . .serve. . .master. . . Even. . .at cost. . .of sanity. . . But now. . .I die. . .in unknown land. . ." The oni said with a voice filled with sadness and loneliness. I reach my hand out to him with a smile on my face. " I know I am not your master but why not come with me?" I said with a gentle voice as I see at this oni. The oni look at me and smile at me.

"Very well. . . I let you. . .be master. Summon me. . .whenever. My new master. . . Ah. . . I finally go. . .back home. . . T-Thank you. . . Master. . ." The oni said this as his body slowly start disappearing in a light.

"D-Did that Stray Transient just. . .disappear?" The male who was a few feet away from the fight look at the spot the oni used to be in with surprise on his face. "Huh? You made a pact with it?! That easily? Seriously?! Normally, the connection to one's original world can be weakened, but never fully severed. I wonder how this connection could've been cut so easily. Hm. . . ?" Salomon mumble to himself deep in thought when he notices me staring at him with confusion.

"Well done, Master! You sure proved that you're the real deal! A Summoner needs strength; otherwise your familiars won't obey you. That one accepted you as their master, and the pact was successfully completed on both sides Now you can summon it as a familiar!" Salomon told me with a smile on his face but I look down at the sword still in my hand.

". . .Is something wrong? You don't look too happy." Salomon question me with confusion in his voice. "Hey Lil Salomon, what's with this sword?" I looked up from the sword curiosity on my face. "No idea." Salomon told me proudly with a big smile.

"No idea?!" I yelled out annoyed at Salomon answer pulling his cheeks roughly. "Oh, please don't be mad, Master! Stop pinching my cheeks! Mwragh!" Salomon escape from my hands and rub at his cheeks. ". . .I've heard of items called Sacred Artifacts. They're the vessels of divine beings." Salomon told me with a serious expression despite his cheek being slightly red still.

" So what do these Sacred Artifacts do anyway?" I asked him while holding my sword up and looking at it. "What exactly do they do, you ask? They can be used to impose their Rule upon others and the world. However, not everyone can use them. Only those who're meant for the Role are allowed to wield them. I'm sure that Sword is a Sacred Artifact that's tied with your Role and fate. That's why you were able to summon it. Yup! . . .I think. The textbooks for the first year familiars don't say anything more than that. I'm here only to support you with summoning. I'm actually not good at dealing with situations outside the box." Salomon told me waving his arms around in a flustered state.

I just give him a cold stare at his lack of information on the sword in my hand. "Argh, stop! That cold glare of yours is gonna freeze me over! A-Anyway, I'll excuse myself now!" Salomon started to leave avoiding my stare. "Hold on." I raised my hand up to stop him from moving causing Salomon to jump in fear.

"Ack! I-Is there something else I can do for you?" Salomon question me looking at me warily. "Good Work. I'll give you a good petting next time." I told him with a smile easing up on my cold stare.

"Th-Thank you, Master! Hehe! You were so awesome! That's my Master! You did great! Call me if anything happens! Buh-bye! Oh, that's right! One more thing. . . I added some people to your contact list in the App who can help you boost your summoning power. You can also use the loot you got earlier to help enhance your abilities as a Summoner. Try contacting the people on your list for help. Catch ya later!" After saying that Salomon disappear in my phone.

"Whoa. . ." After a moment of silence I could hear the male speak in the quiet forest. "That. Was. Awesome!! What was that?! A sword?! How'd you do that?! You totally defeated a Stray Transient! That was amazing! Oh, sorry. I gotta thank you first. Thanks for saving my butt!" The male told me with a smile on his face. 'I would save a butt like that anything!' I thought to myself with a small smile on my face.

"I'm Ryota. Ryota Yakushimaru! I'm a student at Shinjuku Academy, right smack in the middle between Shinjuku Central Park and Shinjuku Station. What's your name?" Ryota asked me tilting his head at me with a smile.

"I'm Masato. It is really nice to meet you Ryota!" I told him while grabbing and shaking his hand. Lingering longer than I had to. "That a nice name you got Masato! Let's head someplace safe for now. It's kinda dangerous here, Masato. Come on! Follow me!" Ryota then lead me through the forest to a safe place.

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