1 Escape from Hydra

Last mission. 

I will get myself caught. Time for me to take off for Wakanda. I need to help Sergeant Barnes. I won't take him back to Siberia like I'm suppose to, so he will get his mind wiped again. I must find where they are keeping him. 

"Who are you, and why are you here?" Captain Rogers gasps when he sees the symbol on my chest. "You work for Hydra! You're here for Buck, aren't you? I thought we put you all behind bars." He decides to fight me. I struggle to push past him. He ends up slamming me through a door.

I stumble upon Barnes's cryo cell. Next, I work quickly to free him. Then he slams me against the wall. He chokes me with his only hand. "I'm done with Hydra. I didn't even want to be a part of their plan." I explain to the two soldiers. 

The rest of the fugitives pop in. "Who are you?" One of them asks.

Barnes eventually puts me back on the ground. "Why are you here then?"

"I came to help you. Trust me when I say; you are going to need all the help you can get." 

"You won't find anything inside, Wanda. I can feel you poking around in my head." Everyone looks at me perplexed.

Seconds later, a phone goes off. Steve answers it. "It's Tony. There is a problem; he needs our help." Steve informs the group. 

I teleport everyone to the Avenger's Compound. A cup is thrown at me, but I fly it right back before it makes any contact. Tony's confusion about the cup makes my powers seem more like a blessing than a curse. 

Tony says, "How the hell did that cup hit me and not you? Who the hell are you, and how did you all get here so quickly?" Everyone watches me intently as I go to explain everything I feel comfortable telling. 

"My name is Juliet, and I'm a hybrid. Unlike Steve and Wanda, I wasn't experimented on. And to answer your question, Tony, I can teleport; I also can control the elements, which is why the cup hit you." My eyes turn completely white as a vision comes into sight. 

Christmas morning, Mama and папа are actually happy for once. The tree shines so brightly with only a handful of presents underneath. Dad calls me by the nickname he gave me, Бабочка. He tells me to open my presents. As I move toward the tree, the door slams wide open, and the big scary metal-armed man, that killed my grandpa, comes into the room.

He pulls a rifle out of nowhere and shoots my parents. I am so scared he is going to shoot me next; I slowly hide behind the tree. I pick up on the sound of him leaving. I run to my parents; they are already dead.

My sight comes back. I look at everyone's scared faces. I tell them that it was a vision of the past. "How do you know it was from the past?" Tony asks. 

"I was nine years old, and it was Christmas. A Hydra agent broke into my house and killed my parents." I inform them. "I spent the rest of my life in a Canadian forest up until Hydra found me."

 Looking everywhere but the people in the room, "They forced me to join them. They gave me two options, either join them and only a select few die or get my brains shot out of my head and the whole world dies at one time." 

They stare at me in shock. I didn't want to tell them Bucky was the one who murdered my parents. I don't blame him for doing it, since it wasn't his fault.

"What is the problem?" Steve questions. Tony and Steve begin to argue over whether or not the problem is important enough to call them over. They are about to start throwing punches when I get in between them.

"How about we all grow up and act like adults here. Hydra is an important issue. We need to take them down, but Sergeant Barnes shouldn't come with us. It's too risky." I tell the two men, but neither of them heed my advice. No one ever listens to the seventeen year old girl.

At the underground Hydra base, Steve takes the lead and gives the orders. Everyone has their earpiece in. 

Fifteen minutes later, I hear from Clint *Winter Soldier is back. Everyone be careful; he is going after everyone on the team. Steve, Tony, Scott, and Nat are down. Never mind, I'm the only one left.* I can hear Clint scream in pain. Well, now I'm the only one left. 

I round a corner; I see everyone on the ground unconscious. I can feel the anger radiating off Barnes's body. I watch him run towards me. He throws punches and kicks at me, but I am able to dodge most of them. He gets a few good cuts in. 

I say his trigger words in reverse. He stops dead in his tracks; he looks around. I can feel his anger turn into that of sorrow and guilt. I can still feel the pain from his attack. I stare in amazement at the fact that the wounds haven't healed yet. 

I listen to him apologize to me; I try to tell him it is okay, but he won't listen to me. Everyone's pain overwhelms my senses. I watch Barnes move towards the team; I follow his lead. I pick Steve up and place him on my back as Barnes helps wake up everyone that he can. 

I teleport everyone back to the compound, seeing as the base has been taken down. I go about healing everyone's wounds, even Barnes's. "You are more than welcome to call me Bucky. No one calls me Sergeant Barnes."

He pulls me to a seat as he grabs a first aid kit and cleans my injuries. Why does he care about me? No one has ever cared about me. "What wrong?" he asks me. 

"I'm sorry; I'm kinda new to being taken care of. The last person to actually care about me was murdered in front of me when I was six." I tell him.

"Hydra did awful things to me because I resisted them. They couldn't erase my memory because if they did I would have no control of my powers whatsoever." I move my line of sight to my old bloody combat boots.

Steve asks, "What kind of awful things did they do to you if you don't mind me asking?" I grimace up at him. I don't want to burden them with what can't be changed. But they deserve to know.

"They would experiment on me to find the extent of my powers; they used me as a rag doll. They tried extremely hard to break me."

No longer wanting to stay in the chair, I move to look out the window. "I 'd much rather not talk about their torture methods anymore. Rumlow's methods were the worst of them all." I explain to them.

I try to tell Tony I'm his cousin, but he doesn't want to believe it. So I show him the letter my mum wrote to me before she died. "She told me if something ever happened to them, open the letter and find Howard Stark. I guess, she didn't know he died a few years before I was born."

Tony still can't believe he has a family member left, but he's just as happy to know that Hydra didn't kill everyone. 

I watch everyone talk in groups, while I decide to keep to myself and observe my surroundings. Bucky is the only one to not be in a group. Steve and Sam are talking about someone named Sharon. I wish I don't have super hearing. I hate unintentionally eavesdropping. 

Tony was talking to Natasha and Wanda about having a celebratory party Tuesday. They were talking about whether or not it should have a theme.

A second or two later, the tower shakes as thunder could be heard. The next thing I hear is a blaring voice. I look over to the door to find a gigantic guy standing next to a smaller guy. I hear everyone but Bucky, Wanda, Scott, and Sam gasp.

 "Thor, why is Loki here?" Tony asks. Thor explains that it is his punishment for taking over Asgard. 

Two hours later, everyone comes back to the main room. Tony asks me why I didn't change out of my suit. I tell him I can't, since I don't have any other clothes to wear. After he gave me some, I quickly change in the closest bathroom.

Dr. Bruce Banner is in the room by the time I get back. He and Natasha talk among themselves. Tony gets everyone's attention. 

He says, "I'm having a party Tuesday. It is going to be different than usual. It will be a masquerade party, and everyone has to come. I have a reason for the masks, but I won't tell you until you show up."

"The reason is something lovey dovey, isn't it? Seeing as Tuesday is Valentine's Day." I ask him, but I got my answer by the look on his face.

I mentally ask him if it is mandatory for everyone to go. He stares at me in shock. He nods his head. 

Everyone looking down at the mid-thigh length Black Sabbath shirt and the barely holding up jeans, thought about me definitely needing to get some clothes that fit better.


Бабочка is Russian for Butterfly

* means what someone says in a headpiece. 

Italicized words means Juliet's thoughts

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