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"Young master, please wake up. Don't scare Ya, wuu …

At midnight, in an old room lit by a candle, a young girl around thirteen or fourteen years old could be seen crying uncontrollably on a wooden bed. Her eyes were red from crying.

Lying on the bed was a young man of about fifteen to sixteen years of age. He looked pretty handsome, but his face was pale and sickly. There was not the slightest trace of blood on his face.


As if he had been woken up by the young girl's crying, the youth on the bed could not help but open his eyes in pain and let out a low moan.

"This sovereign has been reborn?"

A wisp of Spiritual Sense appeared from the youth's mind and swept through the surrounding situation of the room. After confirming that there was no danger, he retracted the Spiritual Sense.

He was the Demon Dragon Ruler, Loong Hao, one of the three great rulers of Devil World. His original body was a unrivalled Nine-headed Devil Dragon, and just his dragon body alone was a hundred thousand miles long. In the battle against the other two great rulers of Devil World, the Abyss Ruler and the Darkness Ruler, he was besieged by the two great Rankers and was seriously injured.

In the end, he had no choice but to destroy his own draconic body and perish alongside the two Chief Sovereigns. He hadn't thought that he would survive, and his soul had been reborn into the body of a mortal of the lower realms.

"Looks like it's because of the" Devil Dragon Indestructible Martial Art"."

The cultivation technique he had previously cultivated was the Devil Dragon Clan Holy Mantra "Devil Dragon Indestructible Martial Art", which had a total of nine levels. When he cultivated to the seventh level, he would be able to guarantee that his soul would not perish, and when he cultivated to the eighth level, he would be able to ensure that his physical body would not die. Furthermore, once he cultivated to the ninth level, he would also be able to reach the legendary realm of undying.

This cultivation technique was found on the body of the previous Devil Dragon Lord after he killed him. However, that trash spent a whole 30 million years to cultivate the" Devil Dragon Indestructible Martial Art" to the sixth stage of power, it was simply a waste of heaven's property.

And after he had cultivated the" Devil Dragon Indestructible Martial Art", in less than a thousand years, he had cultivated the" Devil Dragon Indestructible Martial Art" to the seventh stage, where his soul was indestructible, and with the power of ten million dragons, he swept across the entire Devil World.

It was precisely because of this that the other two Chief Sovereigns of Devil World were afraid, and joined hands to encircle and kill him.

"This is too useless. This body is truly too useless. It is simply damaging the might of this sovereign!"

After sensing the strength of his body, Loong Hao frowned slightly. Was this the body of an ant?

To think that a dignified Devil World master like him would actually be reborn in the body of a piece of trash.

What was even more laughable is that although this body's identity is obviously the Loong Family's Young Patriarch, in terms of its position in the Loong Family, it isn't even comparable to a servant.

As the Young Patriarch of the Loong Family Clan, Loong Hao was originally a dragon born with Loong Family, but at the age of six, he had already become a genius with the First Sky of the Mortal Martial Stage.

But ten years ago, when Loong Hao's parents returned from training, they met with the attacks of unknown experts on the way. Loong Hao's position dropped by leaps and bounds, and even the place he stayed in was driven to an old residence.

The Loong Family cultivators from earlier years were still considered to be peaceful. But as time passed, the Loong Family began to gradually target Loong Hao, purposely deducting Loong Hao's cultivation resources.

This caused Loong Hao to be sixteen years old right now, and even though he held the title of Loong Family's Young Patriarch, but his realm was only at the third level of the Mortal Martial Stage, making him a trash that everyone despised.

And as Loong Hao gradually grew older, he even learned by chance that his parents did not die by accident, but were murdered. The one who murdered his parents, was the current Clan Master of Loong Family, Loong Tianhee.

This caused him to be filled with hatred towards everyone in the Loong Family. It was precisely because of this reason that even if the owner of this body died, he never had the time to relax and cultivate. Unfortunately, in the end, he still died at the hands of another.

Loong Hao's heart burned with hatred as he thought of Loong Tianhee after merging with the original memories of the owner of this body.

"However, since this noble one has occupied your body, I will definitely take revenge for you and your parents!"

Loong Hao knew that this was caused by the original owner's memories. Thus, he thought to himself that the hatred in his heart calmed down.

At the same time, Loong Hao turned around and glanced at the sobbing girl beside him. Her name was Ya, and she had been accompanying the original owner of this body for the past ten years, never leaving him.

Even though she was only thirteen or fourteen years old, she was extremely beautiful. Like a flower bud, she was slender and graceful.

Her figure did not seem to be inferior to an adult girl at all. It was hard to imagine what kind of beauty a young girl would have when she reached adulthood. At that time, she would definitely become a beauty that would bring disaster to the world.

To have such a figure at such a young age, even in Loong Hao's previous life, he had rarely seen someone with such a physique.

"Young Master, you're finally awake. Even Ya is worried to death …" "Ahhh!"

Sensing that her young master had moved, Ya couldn't help but exclaim in delight.

When he looked up, he saw Loong Hao's bloodshot eyes staring straight at him.

However, before she could finish, Loong Hao had already lifted her up from under the bed with one arm.

"Less... "Young master, what do you want to do …"

Ya was shocked by Loong Hao's actions. Her heart was beating faster and faster as two red clouds flew over her face. She looked to the side and avoided Loong Hao's burning gaze. Her voice was as soft as a mosquito.



The next morning.

In the room where Loong Hao was, Ya looked at Loong Hao with a hidden bitterness. Her two soft and white hands held the quilt tightly in front of her.

Loong Hao had already stood up and put on his clothes. He was looking at the beauty on the bed with an evil expression. His complexion had also recovered quite a bit.

"Young master, you're bad …"

Ya complained. She wanted to get up, but her body wouldn't allow it.

Was this still the young master of his family, who never stepped out of his house?

Even those aristocratic young masters who roamed the land of fireworks all year round might not know much more than their young master.

How could she bear Loong Hao's tormenting? At this moment, she couldn't move a muscle. She could only look at Loong Hao with eyes that were filled with spring water, causing others to feel pity for her.

"You can rest well in my room today. With this young master here, not only will you be forever beautiful, but your cultivation speed will also increase by leaps and bounds, ten times or even a hundred times faster than an ordinary person!"

"Hmph, the young master only knows how to make me happy."

Hearing Loong Hao's words, Ya curled her lips. Her talent was too low and she was unable to open up her meridians to cultivate. But even so, she was happy.

Loong Hao didn't explain this to him. Although he was close with Ya last night, in reality, it was still a secret technique.

During this period of time, she had long since opened up Ya's meridians and helped her awaken her spiritual roots. Before long, that little girl would naturally understand.

After leaving the room, Loong Hao couldn't help but take a deep breath. His eyes lit up as he looked at the empty air.

"Master of Darkness, Master of the Abyss, the two of you better not die, or else, when I return to the Devil World, who should I find to settle this score with?"

Loong Hao sneered in his heart. Although he was risking his life to destroy the dragon's body and the two great masters, with their strength, they shouldn't die, but they definitely wouldn't be in a good mood.

However, the three Chief Sovereigns of Devil World were heavily injured at the same time. During this period of time, their Devil World would probably be in chaos for a very long time.

"And you, all of you clansmen, just wait to bear this sovereign's wrath!"

In addition to the two Chief Sovereigns, there was another person he had to kill, and that was the person he hated the most.

Only one person knew of the route he had taken through the Void, but the Chief Sovereigns of Darkness and Abyssal Blade had set up ambush for him.

The reason for this was obvious.

In the entire Myriad Heavens, there was no one who could survive after betraying me!

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