118 Leaving Konoha {2}

Shiro and Naruko both walked forward together to the gate. People were crowded at the gate, looking at us with hateful expressions, yes, the news leaked out, and everybody thought that Naruko was the Kyuubi, well except for a few people, the rookie nine, torn, Some treated them like they were traitors, especially Shiro, because he was walking out with Naruko, whom they know she was the only one that was banished.

Naruko wasn't weak, Shro had shielded her from them, she ignored whatever hateful thing was said to her, and when she had objects thrown at her, it was easily blocked by Shiro who sent a wave of energy around them like a bubble into a protective shield much to the villagers shock, and anger, they were so confused at first, until they came up with this ridiculous theory that Shiro was being controlled by the demon...

"Ino and Sakura were among one of those lost, but the other rookie nine that truly knew them, and were smart enough to realize this, that they were not the demons that the village made them out to be...were in shock at what was happening...why the villagers were behaving like this...

"I mean this is just crazy!" Kiba exclaimed, "they didn't even do anything to be called a demon for..."

Shino nodded his head, a frown on his face as well, "Yes, I believe that it is highly illogical that Naruko is the Kyuubi, why? Because the village would have been destroyed...."

Shikamaru frowned, as he gazed at the villagers reaction, he gazed at Shiro at Naruko, She was leaning on Shiro's arm, holding it tightly, as the crowd were throwing stuff at them but was protected by a bubble of strange energy...it felt like it was half chakra.. but he could feel the power coming from that alone, and he saw what happened with the Biju, he agrees with Shino, As troublesome as they are, they are not the kyuubi, nor are they controlled by the kyuubi... otherwise..what Shino said.... they both would have destroyed the village.

Chouji, who would normally have a bag of chips in his hands at all times, he didn't h have any his hands were to his side, and he was gazing at the scene with a grim expression on his face

Hinata she had seen the light when Naruko had smashed her face into the ground at the tournament, she still loved Shiro, and it hurt to see them leave, yes, even she refused to see that Naruko was a demon, the idea was ridiculous, the village, there is no one left for her, everyone either fears or is scared of her, and yes, she admits it's her fault, but Shiro and Naruko, without them, Konoha,...would be nothing but a hollow shell.... she would have nothing

Hinata clenched her fist tightly....but if she leaves, she will be branned a traitor as well, and everything she ever knew...but Shiro...and Naruko....

She knew this was a tough decision, her family and her titles, or Naruko and Shiro...

It was a long moment, before she made her choice.

They made it to the gate....


"Hey brats..." A voice said softly, Naruko scowled, as she found that voice very familiar

. "I don't want to hear anything from you Godfather!" she sneered....yes, the person was none other than Jiraiya of the Sannin.


"Jiraiya-sama-please leave them be." A voice said and to everyone's surprise, it was Kakashi, who was looking at them with a sad expression.

Jiraiya was about to object, when he saw many people glaring at him, he relented with a sigh,

"Very well..." he nodded to them,

Naruko looked at Kakashi and nodded with a grateful smile, Kakashi nodded to them back and smiled sadly under his mask, but his guilt feeling never left. 'Sensei, I truly failed you...I'm so sorry..'

"Naruko-cahn, Shiro-kun..." Haku walked forward along with the rest of team 11, Anko was also there, who had a guilty expression on her face.... "I am sorry...I should have done something when I heard..."

"We all should have..." Yamato said with clenched fist... "the council...danzo....those bastards....."

Naruko brought them all into a big hug.... before you let go, "We don't blame you....so don't blame yourselves."

Shiro nodded and placed a hand on her shoulders, "yes, I will have to agree with Naruko-chan here..." He looked at each and one of them...Keep training and get strong, do not swallow yourself in depression from guilt, that is all I ask."

They all smiled.....

they turned to leave but before they paused as a familar voice shout out!


Everyone turned, and slowly everyone's eyes began to widen at the figure that was running towards them.


Her voice echoed throughout the entire area


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