204 Immortal Bulma

There was a reaction, Gine grinned, Naruko smirked smugly at Shiro who only rolled his eyes, but a smile was on his face.

Hinata smiled widely, and Hela just looked confused.

Shiro chuckled, "I am glad you finally got yourself a mate son," Shiro could see Hela's eyes widened in recognition, before a small smirk made it's way onto her face.

"How did you too get together..."

Goku smiled sheepishly in the back of his head, "Well... we went on a lot of adventures together trying to find the dragon balls...we kind have fell in love over time, so Bulma, who wanted to wish for the perfect Boyfriend didn't needed it. I saved her life multiple times, and she fell in love with me..."

Bulma rolled her eyes, "I already knew this idiot loved me the moment he laid his eyes on me...he wouldn't stop staring at me, he called me an angel.... At first I thought he was just trying to butter me up because I was Bulma Brief's Heir of capsule corporation, and when he said he didn't know what that is...I asked him if he lived under a rock..."

Shiro nodded, "Well don't be mad at Goku Bulma-san. He was raised in the mountains, so he doesn't know much about what's going on in the city..."

A Smirk made it's way to his face as he stared at them, "Have you too had sex yet?"

Goku and Bulma blushed bright red at that question, Shiro couldn't help but laugh.

"So, you did...didn't you..." Shiro smirked, "So, how was it?"

"Are you sure you should be asking that in front of your kids!?" Bulma asked embarrassed, and slightly horrified, knowing there are children in the room.

"Shiro raised an eyebrow, "Hasn't Goku-kun told you already?" A smirk slowly formed onto his face, "My kids, already know what sex is, i made sure they new..."

Bulma's eyes widened, and Goku nodded his head, "Yeah, Dad taught us about sex at a young age so we can be protected from Manipulators."

Bulma's face grew thoughtful...before nodding, "yes, that is actually a great move..."

Shiro smirked, 'System, will Bulma-san be loyal to Goku?'

[Bulma will indeed stick with Goku forever]

[Alright system, transfer the atomic regeneration, Saiyan bloodline and the eternal youth perk to her, '


Shiro's form glowed brightly followed by bulma's a few seconds later..Goku and Bulma's eyes widened in shock, as there body glowed, Hela and Shiro's children looked on in a mix between curiosity and fascination.

Before the glow stopped,

Bulma was shocked and confused, she glanced down at her form, "Uh what...." she stared at her now moving tail with a look of slight confusion and horror, she looked at Shiro in confusion, and slight anger, "What did you do."

Shiro smiled, "I gave you my blessing to be together with Goku, this is not because of Capsule Corp, Goku does not need it. But now, you can live happy forever young with the same race as us..."

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