1 Arc 1: War (1)

So I landed in the world of Naruto!

Hello my name is Irin and I am 18 years old this year, one day I died in a car accident and I arrived in a cleanroom. In this room I was told that I was going to go to the world of Naruto, I had 3 wishes that could be fulfilled, I asked to become immortal but I couldn't, so I thought of something else. I asked to have an enormous talent to create all types of Jutsu from the world of Naruto. He agreed, then for my second wish I asked for a much higher than average chakra reserve, and for my last wish I asked for a huge talent for chakra control but he told me that this wish was the same as my first wish and this one was almost the same so there would be no point in wasting a wish on that.

Finally, for my last wish, I asked for all the chakra natures with Yin and Yang, of course, I don't have complete control over them, I just want to have them all and be able to use them all. Then I was sent directly to the world of Naruto, when I woke up I was in the middle of a big battle camp.

I was surprised when I saw all the dead people around me, but suddenly memories came to my mind. These memories did not belong to me but the former owner of this body. I was no longer surprised now because I quickly understood my current situation and where I was. It is very simple, I am on a battlefield between two clans. The two clans are...

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